New 2 for $10 Whopper Meal at Burger King

For a limited time, participating Burger King locations are offering the new 2 for $10 Whopper Meal.  Get two Whopper sandwiches, two small fries, and two small drinks for $10.Whopper Meal Deal BK

7 comments on “New 2 for $10 Whopper Meal at Burger King

  1. Noodlez says:

    BK is always sending out coupons in the mail here that always includes a deal like this. It’s $8.99 for the same items with the coupon here. And the often give you back the coupon. Two are included on the current sheet. I did however just see the TV spot, and I am sure most people just throw out the weekly wad of junk mail without even looking at it.

  2. Robert says:

    This isn’t a deal. But I gotta say the last time I had a Whopper (with a buy one get one coupon) it was the best I’ve had in quite a while. Definitely worth the $4.50 I paid for two, and kinda gives me hope for BK. Ugh, nevermind, it was probably a fluke.

  3. PT says:

    I typically always do the survey found on the receipt. You get a free whopper with the purchase of a fry and a drink. The small fries and small drink are plenty for me, so my entire Whopper “meal” ends-up being something like $3.50. Most of Burger King’s mailer coupons are really good deals but typically unappealing from a product standpoint (to me.) Usually, it’s an excellent deal with way too much food for a single person, or just something without variety, like two cheeseburgers and two fries.

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