New $1 Double Stacked Tacos from Taco Bell

Earlier this year we brought you a first look at a test item from Taco Bell called Double Stacked Tacos.  Starting today, Double Stacked Tacos are available nationally for a limited time only.  Priced at $1 each.Taco Bell Double Stacked Tacos

  • Cool Habanero: A crunchy taco with seasoned beef, sour cream, lettuce and cheese inside a soft flour tortilla with melted cheese and habanero sauce in between.
  • Nacho Crunch: A crunchy taco with seasoned beef, crunchy red tortilla strips, lettuce and cheese inside a soft flour tortilla with melted cheese and nacho cheese sauce in between.
  • Sweet & Spicy: A crunchy taco with seasoned beef, new sweet chili sauce, lettuce and cheese inside a soft flour tortilla with melted cheese and new habanero sauce in between.

16 comments on “New $1 Double Stacked Tacos from Taco Bell

  1. Esther says:

    Does this mean that I can start getting habanero sauce on my food again?! Creamy jalapeno sauce isn’t nearly as good.

  2. Robert says:

    YES. Considering a plain crunchy taco is like $1.49 now, this is a very welcome promotion.

  3. holly says:

    dear taco bell…i don’t comprehend your pricing at all…these are basically double decker tacos just with different sauces and roughly a buck cheaper? does not compute.

    • Jay Melo says:

      You could call this the cheapo version of the Double-Decker tacos. They replaced the more filling and healthier beans with their cheap and nasty liquid cheese. The beans and rice are my favorite stuff at Taco Bell and they are using them less and in new items. I have gone over to the Del Taco side.

    • holly says:

      yeah…it would makes sense if these were completely new and original to the already offered items. Also, actually makes more sense to upcharge for “specialty” items as they can make money off of the hype.

  4. Johnnyboy says:

    I bet these are like $1.49 or 1.89 in my state of Maryland. Damn cheapskate franchise owners.

  5. Sandy says:

    For $1 I’m in!

  6. DANNO says:

    I had the Nacho Crunch yesterday. It was really good and a great value for $1.00. IMO.

  7. Ryan D says:

    The Sweet and Spicy one is really good.

  8. Sam says:

    I tried the Habanero and the Sweet & Spicy this week (although swapped in shredded chicken for the Sweet/Spicy). I was a little disappointed, because I felt the fillings were very meager…so it seemed like I was eating 2 taco shells full of lettuce. The flavor was good from the sauces but the lack of meat & shredded cheese ruined the balance. I might try the habanero again just to see if maybe it was a bad night at my local TB.

    Price point is great, though, obviously…

  9. Mike says:

    THe nacho crunch is better than a regular and for only $1.00 – Great deal and a really go Taco from TB

  10. Coach Jacobs says:

    ff*** you mike youre a fake a phony a stand take it somewhere else you phony industry rep.

  11. T.J. says:

    Tried all three today. Loved the Spicy & Sweet version. Definitely my favorite LTO item from Taco Bell in a very long time. I’m a huge fan of sweet chili sauce on my chicken wings. Wasn’t sure if it would work on a taco but it absolutely does. Hope they keep it around. Price was $1.99 each here in central Connecticut. That was a little disappointing considering that’s double the suggested price, but with minimum wage rising to $10.10 in a few days it wasn’t a surprise.

  12. doctorx0079 says:

    I wish they ACTUALLY HAD THESE at my local Taco Bell.

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