MTN DEW Kickstart Introduces Four New Flavors

Mountain Dew has four new flavors coming to its MTN DEW Kickstart lineup on Monday, January 25th – Midnight Grape, Watermelon Hydrating Boost, Blueberry Pomegranate Recharge and Blood Orange. The drinks contain 60 calories per 12 oz. serving and have real fruit juice… and of course the kick of caffeine.  The new flavors join the six previously released flavors of Orange Citrus, Fruit Punch, Black Cherry, Limeade, Pineapple Orange Mango and Strawberry Kiwi.Man Dew Kickstart

7 comments on “MTN DEW Kickstart Introduces Four New Flavors

  1. Alex K. says:

    I don’t understand this crap’s popularity at all. There are plenty of things I dislike but can see why people like them … with this? I’m lost. My only assumption is that people blindly buy it and drink it because it says “Mtn Dew” on it.


    • Hungry Guy says:

      It’s just for anyone who likes fruity energy drinks. There are other energy drinks that have different flavors as well. I personally liked the Pineapple Orange Mango one and that was my go-to energy drink whenever I (rarely) drink one. It’s not something I would start my day with though, more so something sweet to keep me awake at night every now and then. But I do think these drinks aren’t that popular though.

    • joey armstrong says:

      They’re usually half the price of other energy drinks, with half the sugar and half the caffeine. Not everybody wants to drink a giant Monster drink and stay up til 5 am

  2. Jimmy James says:

    Thanks for the heads up! I’m looking forward to trying some new favors, the others were getting kind of boring.

  3. Jonathan Wayne says:

    I like the Kickstarts, they are a decent energy drink if I am going on a trip. I usually buy the one in the orange can.

  4. tony satchiano says:

    I have been a fan ever since they rolled out the small cans with the better flavors.

    The 16oz orange and red flavors are way too sugary and are pret ty much just soda.

    The small ones do taste a LOT better and like actualy sparkling juice and not soda. Don’t know if they actually hydrate better but I drink them in the morning and it is good times.

    Can’t wait to try the new flavs.

    -the satch

  5. Brad K Porter says:

    Tried the watermelon one & the watermelon one is the nastiest Mtn Dew Kickstart flavor I tried so far.

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