Introducing The Del Taco from Del Taco

New at Del Taco is… The Del Taco. The Del Taco is a classic taco inspired by the original Del Taco taco from over 50 years ago and is loaded with more seasoned beef and hand-grated cheddar cheese, plus lettuce and chopped tomatoes in a bigger, crunchier shell.  The Del Taco has a suggested price of $1.39. Participation may vary.The Del Taco

7 comments on “Introducing The Del Taco from Del Taco

  1. TehBuLL says:

    Wait…what? A joint with “taco” in their name never thought of making a taco?

  2. BigBelly says:

    Sounds good, but I hope “crunchier shell” doesn’t equate to thicker

  3. JJJ says:

    I would rather just have the return of the Macho Taco, the best thing on their menu.

  4. BBB says:

    i dont get it. isn’t this just the “classic” del taco or whatever? they have always had a taco with extra meat, cheese, and tomatoes. i think they are $1 on tuesdays.

  5. Bubbsy says:

    Not being funny here – cheese that they grate on-site vs the stuff that comes pre-shredded & dusted (to reduce clumping) really does instantly stand out as fresher and more delicious.

  6. MP says:

    Remember when crunchy tacos were 6″ across & Taco Bell fried them on site?

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