Hot Dogs Coming to Burger King Starting February 23rd

On Tuesday, February 23rd, Burger King will be adding new Grilled Dogs to the menu. There are two choices of Grilled Dogs… the Classic Grilled Dog and the Chili Cheese Grilled Dog.  BK Hot DogsThe Classic Grilled Dog has a recommended price of $1.99 and features a flame-grilled hot dog made with 100% beef topped with ketchup, mustard, chopped onions and relish.  The Chili Cheese Grilled Dog has a recommended price of $2.29 and is topped with chili and shredded cheddar cheese.  Grilled Dogs are a permanent menu item.  Price and participation may vary.

39 comments on “Hot Dogs Coming to Burger King Starting February 23rd

  1. Josh says:

    This is Burger King, so I’m surprised it’s not an “Extra Long Hot Dog Sandwich.”

  2. Darrell Martinsen says:

    I’m finally going to get to try these! I’ve wanted them so bad since you posted these last year. They just never made their way to Ohio in their limited release.

  3. popwar says:

    Ill try the classic , even though i hate BK.

  4. Axel says:

    This is the only thing that should have been Extra Long and yet it isn’t

  5. Dank meme bro says:

    My sides.

  6. Jonathan Wayne says:

    Not a terrible idea, couldn’t be worse than anything else they have.

  7. Robert says:

    I only eat hot dogs if they’re grilled and 100% beef, so I’m kinda interested. In how BK will mess this up, that is.

    • M-Logan says:

      PREACH on the all-beef only. Pork and mechanically separated chicken?? Hell no. Yes there is a slight cost difference, but it’s such a small price to pay for satisfactory living. Like how I won’t drive a car with hubcaps. Or how KFC charges a little more for all white meat.

      • Sascha says:

        Not sure what’s wrong with chicken being mechanically separated. I almost prefer it that way over separated by people, who knows when they washed those things last. Machines tend to get cleaned on the regular, plus it would keep the product cost down thanks to faster production times. But, I am also on the all beef hot dog boat.

  8. True Story says:

    These should taste good… *fart

  9. Robert says:

    You know, I’m not sure they’ve mastered the burger yet.

  10. Booze says:

    I can get 3 dogs for a buck at the gas station with any fixins….

    • Ryan says:

      I was thinking the same thing.

    • Joe Cool says:

      I don’t eat gas station food, but you can seriously get 3 for a $1? Somehow I doubt it.

      • Booze says:

        Kwik trip…Wisconsin

      • Joe says:

        I can see it, they’re likely the cheapest of cheap like Bar-S that you see 8 for $1 in the stores. That and a pack of buns probably costs them $0.25 each, with the other $0.08 making up any condiments people toss on. A lot of gas stations out there will make their convenience food and drinks on par with their cost to bring people in to their station in the hopes they’ll buy a few other things – same strategy as dollar menus and the like. The 69 cent 32 oz drink cups you can get at many of them probably isn’t much more than the price of the cup.

        The gas station by my house sells 2 dogs and any size fountain drink for $1.39, so I’d believe the 3 for 1. I’d never go near it though, and there’s a big difference between those things and an all beef at BK.

  11. sandy says:

    Price seems a bit high, it’s just a hot dog after all. If they through in fries, I could see this as a good deal. Chicagoans will be offended with the ketchup. LOL I’m interested in seeing how well these sell.

    • Bubbsy says:

      I would think the only Chicaganders who will be offended are the ones who are so shallow that they forego individuality in favor of defining themselves by shallow regional food traditions. Probably among the lamest and most superficial forms of peer pressure. 🙂

  12. Sascha says:

    Looks good, wonder how long before they have a XL version. Problem is, i can get a good chili dog for 99 cents every Tuesday at A&W or at Rallys for about $1.50. These look pretty high quality (100% all beef Oscar Mayer), but don’t know if they’re good enough to warrant the price difference.

  13. Richard says:

    If I want a REALLLLY Good hot dog I have to go to my local butcher shop. Sorry BK.

  14. Chuy Vega says:

    They said on TMZ that Snoop is in the training videos lol

  15. Hmmm says:

    I can’t for their inevitable extra long hot dog on their long bun stuffed with two hotdogs….

  16. Justin Heard says:

    Can chili cheese fries be next? Please?

    Or chili cheese chicken fries..

    Or chili cheese bacon cheeseburgers..

  17. JJJ says:

    The important question is, will I be able to get a chili cheese Whopper now?

  18. T.A. says:

    It’s amazing this hasn’t happened before, what with the possibility hot dogs have of being a low quality mish-mash of meat, and BK’s historic plethora of food that barely qualifies as food.

  19. Darrell Martinsen says:

    Sonic’s chili cheese dogs is 1.99 so these are 30 cents more. But I’m willing to pay the difference since Sonic and countless other places like convenient marts or gas stations rely on boiling them or warming them or having them on rollers. A flame grilled hot dog just sounds better and more like something from a family bbq. Hopefully they will be as good as they sound and sell well enough to drive a special like 2 for $3 or include as someone else mentioned a cheap chili cheese fries add-on.
    And I’d definitely be down for chili cheese Whoppers!

  20. Seth says:

    Going to BK for hot dogs? I mean if your standards are THAT low you might as well get hot dogs at a gas station for way cheaper, as people have mentioned already.

    The chance of getting terrible diarrhea is equal for both options.

    • Blousey says:

      Considering the lack of veggies, and that the protein comes fully hyper-cooked and ultra-processed and packed with nitrates from the Meyer factory… it’s probably among the safest sandwiches you can buy there to ensure you don’t get a tummy ache or food-borne illness.

    • Joe Cool says:

      Dude, I get terrible diarrhea from just about any fast food meal.

  21. Sascha says:

    Coming in March, the chili cheese XL. I’d be down.

  22. DD says:

    I’m surprised they aren’t doing corn dogs unless they have already tried? It seems like it would be one quick dip in the fry-o-later with less components. Hot dogs makes sense for summer I guess. I agree! Bring on the chilli cheese fries, if these hot dogs pave the way for that by all means!

  23. True Story Aider says:

    I’m leaving a burp from these chili cheese dogs…BUUUUUUUURP

  24. CC says:

    Just found out employees of BK watch a series of videos where Snoop Dogg teaches them how to make hotdogs…

    Reality sometimes is way more entertaining than fiction.

  25. Rebekah says:

    Have you heard the Snoop Dog commercials – they’re funny.

  26. Shannon says:

    The quality of the burgers at the local BK is so low. I can only imagine what they will do to the hotdogs to render them inedible.

  27. Joe Kirkpatrick says:

    I stopped by a local BK at around 11:30 AM today to check on the availability of the new hot dogs. Officially not on sale until tomorrow (2/18/16), they gave me a sample of the classic version. There was minimal onion and mustard along with an abundance of catsup and relish. The bun tasted a bit stale. The hot dog itself tasted slightly of the grill BUT it was shriveled up and not plump at all. Typical BK crap. My verdict – not worth $1.99; not worth .99. Worth at most .79.

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