Half Price Cheeseburgers July 21st at Sonic

Sonic is promoting half price cheeseburgers all day on Thursday, July 21st.  Includes single-patty Sonic Cheeseburgers only. Offer only valid on July 21st, while supplies last.  Add-ons cost extra.Sonic Cheeseburger

3 comments on “Half Price Cheeseburgers July 21st at Sonic

  1. Cress says:

    Picked up two today. Less than $4.50. I combined them to make a double, which is still cheaper than their normal double price. Sonic’s burgers are only good as doubles; the singles have too thin of a beef patty to satisfy a burger craving.

    • Dan says:

      If their half price price is $2 or so, they are grossly overpriced at full price. They’d be pretty small for a ~$4 burger.

      • MP says:

        I liked the two I got but I had to wait in the drive thru for 15 minutes because so many cars were there.
        It is a 1/4 pounder & just as big as the Whopper bun – generally the same price as a Wendys Dave’s Single & McD QPwC.

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