French Toast Dips are Back at Carl’s Jr.

For a limited time only, French Toast Dips are back on the menu at participating Carl’s Jr. locations.  French Toast Dips feature five French toast sticks sprinkled with powered sugar and are served with syrup.  Priced at $2.29 as an entree or as a combo meal with hash rounds and a drink for $3.99.  Prices may vary by location.French Toast Dips

2 comments on “French Toast Dips are Back at Carl’s Jr.

  1. kikurage says:

    ~1st post~

    althou i whish hardees didnt go owt of busyness near me

  2. Mike says:

    $1 for BK sticks or $2.29 for CJ sticks? I’ll get two 5-pack BK sticks and still come out cheaper.

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