Burger King’s Whopper Dog Gets Wide Release

Last week we brought you a first look at the new Whopper Dog from Burger King.  The BK menu on their website has now been updated with the Whopper Dog now so it looks like the national roll-out is underway.  Suggested price: $1.99.Whopper DogThe Whopper Dog is features a flame-grilled hot dog made with 100% beef topped with lettuce, tomato, ketchup, mayo, chopped onions, and pickles on a baked bun.  Nutrition-wise you’re looking at 380 calories, 24 grams of fat, 8 grams of saturated fat, 30 grams of carbs, 1040 milligrams of sodium, 8 grams of sugar, and 11 grams of protein.

29 comments on “Burger King’s Whopper Dog Gets Wide Release

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    I liked the two other dogs but this does not seem appetizing at all.

  2. Snackeroo says:

    Who eats a hotdog with lettuce? Not me.

    • alexG says:

      No one does. It’s just the morons at BK trying to get rid of “old” lettuce.. the same wilted crappy lettuce that they try to put in all their other sandwiches.

      • SPM79 says:

        Take a deep breath dude. Its not even that serious. Very simple logic, if you dont like a restaurant, feel free not to eat there.

        • AlexG says:

          SPM79, relax. This is the comment section and we are allowed to “comment” on the story. If you don’t like it, skip the post. Not too complicated.

          • SPM79 says:

            I am quite relaxed actually, take a look at your comment above and tell me who is the one that needs to calm down.

          • AlexG says:

            Yeah, I guess this “message board” thing is too complicated for you SPM79 where you can’t discern from a simple post commenting on the quality of lettuce at Burger King. The whole point of this message board.

  3. Anthony Cusman says:

    Ketchup does not belong on a hot dog, even when photoshopped and uncannily symmetrical.

    • Patrick Bateman says:

      That is your opinion. My opinion is that you should not make comments about things like this. You sound like one of those people who all they care about is getting an 8:30 rez at Dorsia on a Friday night.

    • ruckus says:

      I disagree. The hotdog is a canvas where anything goes – ketchup, bacon, chili, slaw, onions, kraut, mustard, pickles, relish, etc. The point is the hotdog is dressing it up like YOU like it!

    • ruckus says:

      And on an unrelated note “Made with 100% beef” is NOT the same thing as “100% beef hotdog”

    • MP says:

      I agree completely. Ketchup is a garbage condiment. It’s nothing but sugar & vinegar. It’s basically liquid candy. Would you put ketchup on a steak, fish, fried chicken, sausage or a pork chop? Hell no. Whoever invented it should be ashamed of themselves.

      • Joe Cool says:

        What a garbage comment to make.

        • Blousey says:

          MP makes the same comments all the time… she seems to get upset when people don’t like what she likes, or vice-versa. My sister’s kids are like that. The 4 yr old usually ends up in tears if you want to dip your fish sticks in anything but tartar sauce because that’s how *she* likes it. I think it’s a needing-attention thing.

        • MP says:

          Not cool, Joe Cool! I thought you were cool!

      • SPM79 says:

        Really? Ketchup is nothing but sugar and vinegar? I seem to recall tomato being the top ingredient.

  4. Justin ST says:

    This is just awful, and not as good as the hot dogs I bought for a dollar at the cart on campus back when I went to college.

  5. Jonathan Wayne says:

    No, just no, hell no.

  6. butter says:

    I’m also going to pretend that hot dogs are haute cuisine with strictly-defined rules and etiquette, because it makes me feel important.

  7. ryan says:

    I always eat ketchup on a dog And I’ll be dammed if I let someone else tell me how to eat. I can’t stand arrogant opinions. That being said I never thought to put lettuce on a dog but would never buy a hot dog from bk. I can make my own.

  8. doctorx0079 says:

    Some people still think it’s SCREAMINGLY HILARIOUS to act like hot dog toppings are a life and death matter. Those people have no taste.

  9. Justin ST says:

    People from East Coast cities and Chicago seem to have very closed-minded, backwards attitudes to the sorts of toppings that hot dogs and pizza should have. I’ve never understand the anger they have towards ketchup on hot dogs and pineapples on pizza? A pepperoni and pineapple hot dog is one of the best things you can ever eat. I mean, ok, you don’t like ketchup on a hot dog, that’s great, but why act like a dictator about it? It’s literally none of your business!

    • Ross the Boss says:

      As a Chicagoan, IN MY OPINION, I think ketchup on a hot dog is one of the worst things you can do to it — to me, it simply makes your hot dog taste like ketchup, whereas mustard complements the flavor of a 100& All Beef Kosher Dog (along with the pickle, relish, tomato, onion, sport peppers and the celery salt, of course!).

      With that being said, I do agree that some people (and many hot dog joints, even) do go a bit overboard with the “No ketchup” rule… I mean, if you take THAT much offense to what someone does to HIS or HER tubular meat, then you have bigger problems in your life…

    • raiders757 says:

      A lot of of it has more to do with tradition than it does being closed minded. People in Chicago and New York take their dogs seriously, and grew up having it served to the ma certain way.

      personally, I like ketchup. Especially when I mix it with hot sauce, but I would never put it on my hot dog. On my hamburger, yes, but never on a hot dog, bratwurst, or sausage (…and there are some thet decry anything other than mustard on a hamburger). I prefer the standard/traditional way they’re served in my region. Spicy brown, or yellow mustard with minced onions. A quality hot dog, just as with a good burger or a great pizza, are at their best when taking a minimal approach with toppings and condiments.

      All that said. Many associate ketchup on hot dogs with childhood, so it’s no surprise that it would carry over into adulthood. if you like ketchup on your hot dog, go right ahead. I’ll even hand you the bottle.

  10. Technosquid says:

    Hold the SadLettuce™ and I’m in. I frequently put mayo & tomato or mayo and ketchup on my hot dogs anyway.

  11. One of the things that makes hot dogs fun is that they can serve as a base for almost any topping. Many would say the same thing holds for burgers and pizza. Let your imagination take over, and you may come up with a combo that’s got amazing flavor.

  12. Bubbsy says:

    On a related note: with a traditional dog made from pork/chicken, BBQ sauce is a nice complement… you can even baste the doggies while they grill to carmelize the sauce a touch. Grilled onions give a boost too.

  13. Blousey says:

    Might be a quirky LTO, but hey, at least they’re not just tossing a handful of Cheetos on a hamburger as an innovation.

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