Burger King Adds New Jalapeño Chicken Fries and Two New Shakes

Well we just posted a sighting of Burger King’s new Jalapeño Chicken Fries yesterday and the official wide release happened today.  Jalapeño Chicken Fries are made with white meat chicken and coated in a jalapeño seasoned breading.  The new Jalapeño Chicken Fries come with a recommended price of $2.89 for the nine piece order.  Check out our reviews of the original Chicken Fries, Fiery Chicken Fries and Buffalo Chicken Fries.Jalapeno Chicken FriesBK has also introduced two new shakes to the menu… the Dr. Pepper Shake and the OREO Irish Mint Shake.    The Dr. Pepper Shake is described as a “rich and creamy treat, hand spun with the one of a kind flavor of Dr. Pepper”.  The OREO Irish Mint Shake is described as “a spin on the Classic OREO Shake already offered at BK restaurants but with a minty flavor, hand spun 🙂 to perfection with OREO cookie crumbles.”

33 comments on “Burger King Adds New Jalapeño Chicken Fries and Two New Shakes

  1. Esther says:

    Not once in my life have I been drinking Dr Pepper and thought “wow this would make a good shake.”

  2. Javier Moreno says:

    Are Cajun Chicken Fries next where the mascot will be in stereotypical blackface? Disappointed in this racist imagery from BK.

    • Guest says:

      Lighten up, Francis. It’s food.

    • Bubbsy says:

      Feel free to read my reply in the first Jalapeno Fry posting from yesterday Javier! Food for thought, as it were.

    • JoJo says:

      Having a mariachi as the logo for a Jalapeno food product is racist? *Dios mio….

    • Robert says:

      Nothing is “like” blackface. Study history a little bit and you’d know that. A sombrero and a guitar isn’t racist just because it’s a cliche.

    • axel21x says:

      Let’s see what happens if they decides to do Asian Chicken Fries.

      • Raiders757 says:

        That idea reminds me of when McDonald’s had their Shanghai McNuggets promotion in the early 80s. At my local McDonald’s everyone was forced to dress in Asian themed outfit with one those Asian conical hats. You had a choice of Asian themed sauced and got chopsticks with your meal. I imagine in today’s day and age, the PC police would blow their lid over such a promotion.

    • Jonathan Wayne says:

      Umm, there are Mexicans that are in Mariachi bands, today, right now as we speak so not sure how it is racist? In fact I watched a video online today from this girl in Cabo and there was a Mariachi band playing for her at her birthday and she was wait for it, Mexican, Mexican-American, but still Mexican and she didn’t seem to be offended.

      • Blousey says:

        Right but what you have to understand, Mr. Wayne, is that a Mariachi is in fact cherished and held sacred by the indigenous peoples of Mexico, in the same manner as the cows of India. They are not to be looked directly in the eye, never photographed, and certainly never depicted as an animated fowl mascot for a processed chicken product. To mock the holiest of beliefs in Mexican culture in this manner is racist to the core. The white hood-adorned fast food industry is guilty of complacently allowing for this euphemistic racist display and I for one will be eating healthy food in protest.

    • Javier Moreno says:

      I’m glad everyone here is telling me how they see my culture interpreted and how their outside view qualifies them to say it isn’t racist. Thank you for that insight into my culture and my people. It is offensive, but please, don’t let your privilege interfere with how the represented culture feels.

      • Sascha says:

        Well sure, anything can be offensive if you’re simple minded enough to be offended by Burger King marketing. I’ll say this, if BK brought out bratwurst flavored chicken fries and put the chicken on the box in lederhosen, I won’t be offended. So, maybe, lighten up, eh?

      • Caz says:

        And you don’t speak for your people. You are but a single individual.

        When my Mexican sister in law sees this she said, it looks like my brother’s moustache!

  3. Sascha says:

    Well, after once trying the 10 nuggets special and realizing how inedible they are (I had fresh ones right out of the oil and they still tasted horrible) the fries would be the only dippable chicken at BK I’d consider. I’m guessing the fiery were pretty good, but words like jalabeno, buffalo and sriracha (undoubtedly coming soon) leave me running the other way. But since they’re starting a trend, I’m sure they can have these things rolling out like XL cheeseburgers in no time, and let me put a request in for more savory flavors like Garlic Parm or Jerk or something involving Mangoes.

    As for the shakes, Mint Oreo has obviously been done ad-nauseum and is nothing more than competition for the Shamrock, but the other one’s sounds different, and interesting.

    But Ryan, I’m guessing that the shake was not spunk, though we never can be sure when discussing BK these days.

  4. Brian says:

    “hand spunk to perfection”

    As if I needed more reason to avoid Burger King …

  5. michael says:

    I am one of the few who tried Whataburgers ROOT BEER shake (seriously why did no site review this).

    The initial flavor was amazing. This is root beer spot on and creamy.
    Then it got sick. It was probably the first time I did not finish a shake (I got too large a size). Made my stomach hurt. Flavor was just not right. No thanks.

  6. Farf says:

    *insert random Burger King hate here

  7. Tony says:

    I think the reason BK invites so many haters is because their food used to be good and now it sucks. Out with the taste and in with the shapes. It’s a winning strategy that management has adopted to much success. The Whopper used to be beefy and flavorful; now it’s a pallid, bland piece of meat topped with anemic produce served with remarkable inconsistency

    • Jonathan Wayne says:

      Could not have said it better myself.

    • Raiders757 says:

      Exactly. They used to be the best fast food had to offer back in the 80s. Well, at least when it came to national chains. it seems sometime in the late 90s they lost their way and have been spiraling down the toilet bowl ever since.

  8. Snackeroo says:

    Yeah, they really need to revamp their flagship Whopper. These Jalapeno Chicken Fries are pretty good though, had them last night.

  9. Dlo says:

    Scientifically speaking, racism doesn’t exist…racism is made up by society so if you believe in it, your racist

  10. Darrell Martinsen says:

    Had the Dr. Pepper shake. The flavor is a bit muted but I liked it. Nice change from the usual flavors. Next time I’ll try it without the whipped cream, since they ask if you want it, and see if that makes the flavor stand out better.

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