Big Flavor Dipper Pizza and New USA Edition Dipping Sauces from Pizza Hut

The Big Flavor Dipper Pizza is back at Pizza Hut with four USA Edition dipping sauces – California Ranch, Texas Honey BBQ, New York Buffalo sauce, and Marinara. ┬áThe Big Flavor Dipper Pizza features 2 feet of pizza with one topping of your choice and cut into 24 strips that are made for sharing and dipping. ┬áPriced at $12.99 for a limited time only.Big Flavor Dipper Pizza USA Edition Sauces

21 comments on “Big Flavor Dipper Pizza and New USA Edition Dipping Sauces from Pizza Hut

  1. Joe Cool says:

    What is California Ranch? How is that different than normal ranch.

    • rodney says:

      Well, according to Wikepedia, ranch dressing was created on a dude ranch in California. So I guess that all ranch dressing is technically “California Ranch.”

  2. Steven Kennedy says:


  3. Jay Melo says:

    It looks like Little Caesar’s Deep Dish. For $5 more. They sell sauce cups too.

  4. Lyn says:

    Cannot wait to try this! Love pizza dipped in ranch, have happily used half a bottle at a time.

  5. JoeRogaine says:

    MMM my drunk ass is going to LOVE this

  6. Mike R says:

    If it was football season, I might order this and then end up disappointed in the end, so I guess I’m lucky we are 6 weeks away.

  7. John Schnatter says:

    Who uses a dipping sauce with pizza? I guess when your product tastes like ass you need a dipping sauce to make it palatable.

    • Sascha says:

      Every time I’ve had Papa John’s, for example, they put a garlic dipping sauce in every box. Problem is, the sauce has always been the best thing in said box.

      • John Schnatter says:

        My sauce is meant solely for the crust. No pizza should ever be dipped in sauce.

        If you want a real treat try dipping our cardboard box in the sauce. That is like having your cake and eating it too!

    • Johnnyboy says:

      Hey John, great to see you here. You still look so young after eating Pizza all those years. LOL!

      FYI: I used to see kids put ketchup on their pizza in elementary school, I copided it and love it for some time. Maybe Pizza Hut should provide some ketchup as a dipping sauce.

      I wonder WHY Pizza Hut doesn’t give us a garlic dipping sauce?

    • rodney says:

      I always dip the crust in ranch or marinara.

  8. karubah says:

    I guess I will get this for the wrestling pay-per-view on Sunday. And I guess this is as close to a Big Foot pizza that Pizza Hut will get to.

  9. Josh says:

    Ordered one last night. I think it’s odd that they call it pizza but it comes with no sauce on it. It’s fully dependent on the dipping sauces for it to not be dry.

    • Matt Brown says:

      They must have made yours wrong, because aside from the shape it should be a normal pizza with sauce. At least it always has been in the past iterations, and the promotion says nothing about a new recipe, just that “It’s Back”

      • Jessoca says:

        Matt, this pizza has -never- had sauce on it. It has the dipping sauces as your sauces and for you to “dip” your pepperoni bread sticks in said sauces. I order this every time it comes around and it’s always been sauceless (the way I like it lol) I do wish they would bring back the cheese dip they had when they did the twisted crust pizza last fall, because a cheese dip would be awesome with this.

  10. Mama Weegee says:

    You know what they say: real bosses eat sauces.

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