Baskin-Robbins $1.31 Scoops on January 31st

Baskin-Robbins celebrates months that have 31 days with a promo on the 31st day.  On January 31st, scoops of ice cream are $1.31.  Scoop offer good on every size scoop.  Participation may vary.Baskin-Robbins-31

2 comments on “Baskin-Robbins $1.31 Scoops on January 31st

  1. Samlub says:

    Can’t wait until they charge $8.31 for a scoop in August and $12.31 for a scoop in December…

  2. stclaire says:

    Worst, promotion, ever.

    Run adds all year for something that’s only good what, seven days out of 365?

    It couldn’t be more insulting.

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