Another Look at New Double Stacked Tacos from Taco Bell

A GrubGrade reader sent over some pics and first impressions of the new Double Stacked Tacos being tested in Toledo, Ohio.  He sampled all three… the Spicy Sweet, Cool Habanero, and the Nacho Crunch.  Take a look:
Double Stacked Tacos
Here are some pics of the new tacos.  They all come in the same wrapper. The spicy sweet and cool habanero both have a spicy sauce and a smattering of shredded cheese between the taco shells.  It’s similar to the chipotle sauce they use on the spicy tostada – but seemed a brighter orange – could be the same.The spicy sweet one has a sauce over the meat that tastes like many places’ sweet chili sauce.  It had quite a few pepper bits in it. The cool habanero has sour cream with the meat instead of the sweet sauce. The nacho crunch one differs from the others with nacho cheese and a scant amount of shredded cheese between the shells, and red tortilla strips (the non spicy ones) inside.  The nacho cheese was a bit uneven.  One side had little and the other a lot.  The tortilla strips combined with the hard shell was too much crunch / fried corn, and made for a somewhat dry taco without sauce.With all the cold toppings, these did not hold temperature well and should probably be eaten soon if desired warm.  I did not find these particularly revolutionary, but a decent value at the $1 LTO price.

5 comments on “Another Look at New Double Stacked Tacos from Taco Bell

  1. kyle b says:

    $1 each? I’m ordering 9!

    • Coulson says:

      Nothing ever advertised on TV for $1 is ever actually $1 at Taco Bells in my area. Gotta be a franchise thing. The latest “Cravings Box” is advertised as $5 on TV, yet it’s $6.99. Annoying.

  2. Johnnyboy says:

    Let’s hope the workers are not lazy and make it like it was supposed to look like. I hate when I order stuff from Yum Brands and Wendy’s and get a lazy version of the food.

    • harald says:

      You actually feel hatred at overworked fast food employees who make minimum wage, because they aren’t passionate about what they do? At what Michelin-starred level of detail and finesse do you expect these people to operate at? 2, 3 stars?

  3. Bubbsy says:

    LOL @ “overworked”. Further, if these clowns can’t even put in the effort to assemble a sandwich when they have a 3-step diagram right in front of their worthless face, they can expect to enjoy min wage for the rest of their life. But as you say, don’t bother them to better themselves or drop the aspiring-rapper act, and demonstrate that they have any value to their employer, … because your logic will keep them stuck in a crappy job because of a chip on their shoulder 🙂

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