$5 Boneless Wing Bash is Back at Popeyes

For a limited time only, the $5 Boneless Wing Bash from Popeyes is back on the menu.  We last saw this combo featured over the summer.  The $5 Boneless Wing Bash features six all white meat Boneless Wings marinated in authentic Louisiana seasonings plus a side, buttermilk biscuit and your choice of six dipping sauces.Popeyes Boneless Wing Bash

10 comments on “$5 Boneless Wing Bash is Back at Popeyes

  1. Johnnyboy says:

    Should come with a drink for that price. Those wings are not wings but like Popeyes nuggets. But I would buy it for that price anyway.

  2. Ray says:

    Bought this on Thursday, and yes, it was grub. Nom nom nom

  3. SPM79 says:

    Walked into Popeyes yesterday, there was only 1 customer ahead of me, an old man. The cashier decided to help the old man use the new Coke machine and then proceeded to talk to him for in excess of ten minutes as I waited on line. I decided to pass on Popeyes and walk right out.

    • stilletkniv says:

      Ten minutes is a long time …, you stood there for 10 minutes while the cashier chatted and you couldn’t even summon up the courage to interject and ask for service?

    • da says:

      It doesn’t sound like you walked right out. Sounds like you waited in excess of 10 minutes and then walked out. Just saying.

  4. stevenp says:

    I just wanna know (really!) why these are called “wings.” They’re not even dark meat.

    • doctorx0079 says:

      For silly people who are afraid of real wings? Little kids who don’t like bones in their meat?

    • Barnaby says:

      Well just so you know, wings are not “dark meat” either. To answer your question – companies will often give their products a trade name that is not to be taken literally, but rather just a variation or reference to something common and familiar, branding is often psychological. And of course they have to rely on a minimum level of social intelligence from the consumer. Bigger than a nugget, smaller than a strip. Fits a niche. Hope that helps you understand this very confusing world! By the way – a “hot dog” is not made of canine flesh.

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