Giveaway: Thank You For Reading, McDonald’s Arch Cards Up for Grabs

I’ve got 3 McDonald’s Arch Cards that I’d like to give away.  Each card has a $10.00 balance.  Leave a comment with your $10 grub order and I’ll draw 3 winners on Sunday.  Good luck!

McDonald's Arch Card

UPDATE: Thanks for participating everyone… and the winners are:

  • Fox McCloud #63
  • Squires #114
  • Steven P #250

273 comments on “Giveaway: Thank You For Reading, McDonald’s Arch Cards Up for Grabs

  1. Ray says:

    Thanks for doing this. Would love me some McNuggets and fries.

  2. Kevin says:

    Big Mac combo, Shamrock Shake

  3. Brant F. says:

    10 Piece McNugget (with Buffalo sauce, of course!), a sweet tea and some cookies!

  4. CJ says:

    Yum! I’ll take a Quarter Pounder, 6-piece Chicken Nuggets, Apple Pie and Hot Fudge Sundae! 🙂

  5. Darrell Martinsen says:

    2 Sausage Egg and Cheese McMuffins a large OJ and 2 Cherry Pies and a Sweet Tea 🙂

  6. JoeyF says:

    Triple Cheeseburger
    Large fries
    sweet tea
    Oreo McFlurry

  7. dietrich duke says:

    Arch cards are good for mcrib 🙂

    yes please

  8. E.J. Pray says:

    Three triple cheese, and a huge Coke. Mmm…

  9. Sascha says:

    Clubhouse Grilled Chicken combo and probably a 20 piece nugget for the rest of the family.

  10. Matthew Patel says:

    50 McNuggets with a ton of sweet and sour and a lifetime of regret after.

  11. Margaret says:

    Love you guys! Big Mac meal and a mango pineapple smoothie please!

  12. Andrew says:

    I was just talking with some friends earlier today about a local McDonald’s promotion, $1 Big Macs after Broncos wins, which ended after the embarrassment against the Colts last week. A Big Mac combo with Coke and a 10-piece Chicken McNuggets with Ranch and Hot Mustard sounds pretty good right now!

  13. Kevin K. says:

    I’d get a Bacon Clubhouse Quarter Pounder before they discontinue them. The one I had was easily one of the best McDonald’s sandwiches I’ve had.

  14. stacey says:

    fries, choc shake, fries, choc shake…

  15. CB says:

    20 pc mcnugget, small fry, mc double only pickle add mac sauce and shredded lettuce, and a large diet coke to wash down the 2500 calories!

  16. Raymonster says:

    Double Quarter Pounder, made to order with extra Onions (Does that make it a 1/2 Pounder?), Large Fries, and a Large Strawberry Milk Shake! And that should be my entire caloric intake for the day! *^_^*

  17. peter says:

    2 mcdoubles with mac sauce small fry vanilla shake

  18. Philip says:

    Double Quarter Pounder w/cheese meal, 4 or 6 piece nuggets, Vanilla cone

  19. john d says:

    9 ice cream cones and an apple pie

  20. Mary says:

    Iced coffees every day for a week.

  21. Dan says:

    Double cheeseburger, FIlet-o-Fish, Shamrock shake

  22. Raph says:

    2 McChickens, 2 double cheesburgers and a Coke/

  23. cruella says:

    getting your emails, to me, are the prize! my son lives in CA and have to eat cheap, so I forward him your grub grade posts! he love them!! his order would be 1/4 pounder, fries, and chocolate shake

  24. Miles says:

    A 20 piece with some spicy buffalo…too good

  25. Sandy says:

    Bacon Clubhouse Burger w/ Fries. Lg Ice Sweet Tea w/ lemon. Finish off the meal with an Oreo McFlurry ^^

  26. KW says:

    Quarter Pounder meal and a mcflurry, please

  27. John says:

    8 mcchickens please

  28. robert says:

    #4 with large fries and an apple pie please

  29. Eden says:

    I would have gotten all holiday pies, but they didn’t have any in my area this year 🙁

    Guess I’d have to drown my sorrows in 40 chicken nuggets then. Or I saw someone post shamrock shake. Never had one before- might have to try it. Minty sounds good…

    You know what? Going to get the Shamrock shake this year even if I don’t win the card and have to buy it win actual money.

  30. scram says:

    Breakfast: Suasage gravy biscuit
    Side order of bacon
    Large sweet tea
    Lunch: JALAPENO Double
    Small fries
    Medium Coke

  31. Jared Kernop says:

    20 Piece Chicken McNugget
    Large Fry
    Sweet Tea would make my day complete

  32. Jared Kernop says:

    20 Piece Chicken McNugget
    Large Fry
    Sweet Tea would make my day

  33. scram says:

    Uhhh….make that sausage instead. 🙂

  34. Ben says:

    Two quarter pounders, large fries and a mcflurry

  35. Brian says:

    $10 is baller at McDonald’s! I’m serious, I haven’t spent $10 there in a long time 😀

    I’ll take a Quarter Pounder with minced onions (not sliced), a 10 piece McNugget, a value fry for the wife (she’s vegan) and a small Coke.

  36. Justin says:

    20pc McNuggets with Lg Fries, Lg Coke, and chocolate chip cookies.

  37. kris says:

    I’d go for breakfast. Sausage egg cheese muffins and some hash browns.mmmm

  38. Rebecca says:

    Sausage biscuit, hashbrown, and large coke.

  39. Manavee says:

    10 Large Diet Cokes.

  40. Pilar says:

    Two McChicken meals and an Oreo McFlurry!

  41. AC says:

    5 Mcdoubles and 2 large fries 🙂

  42. Enrique L. says:

    I’ll go with a classic Big Mac meal and throw in some hot apple pies!

  43. Beefonstick says:

    6 mcdoubles large fry

  44. Adam says:

    2 20 piece nuggets for snacking during football!

  45. Jon says:

    Quarter Pounder combo with an extra order of large fries. Love McD’s fries!

  46. ROBERT P. says:


  47. Rebecca says:

    Fun! Fries with barbecue sauce, diet coke, and then I make them make me a grilled cheese because I’m a vegetarian haha

  48. Rob says:

    Buffalo Ranch McChicken x10 (I’ll cover the sales tax)

  49. Devin says:

    I’d get a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese combo along with a Reese’s McFlurry.

  50. Ric Flair says:

    10 Mcdouble chins for Dusty Rhodes.


  51. Kevin says:

    McNuggets and sweet tea 🙂

  52. emily says:

    mmm a big mac and a 10 pc chicken mcnuggets.

  53. Kevin says:

    20 pc mcnuggets, 2 mcchickens, medium dr pepper!

  54. Amy J says:

    Thanks! I’d take a premium crispy chicken sandwich, fries, sweet tea, hot fudge sundae.

  55. Taesha Baker says:

    Grilled chicken club,medium fry,large chocolate chip frappe

  56. James says:

    1 McChicken, 1 Bacon cheddar McChicken, 1 Mcdouble large fries, and a large coke.

  57. MP says:

    McPizza & a McDLT.

  58. thischucks says:

    Thanks to reading your site, it made me aware of the guacamole burger.. I’d use the arch card to try the guacamole chicken this time around.

  59. Austin says:

    Steak and cheese mcmuffin with hash browns and milk is my favorite breakfast of all time.

  60. Ande says:

    McChicken all the way with fries!! Can’t wait for shamrock shakes!

  61. K says:

    Clubhouse Grilled Chicken combo and maybe an Iced Coffee.

  62. Eilish says:

    Large fries and an oreo mcflurry!

  63. Fox McCloud says:

    Thanks Grubgrade!!! I’ll order a large fries, jalapeño cheddar and a load of nuggets in your honor.

  64. Bill G. says:

    Bacon Clubhouse Burger Combo with a Chocolate Shake

  65. Kathy says:

    Big Mac, large fries, iced vanilla coffee w/ an oreo McFlurry. 🙂

  66. Mark says:

    20 piece mcnugget, 2 double cheeseburgers, and a hi-c orange

  67. snuff says:

    sausage mcgriddles aplenty

  68. Curtis says:

    Double quarter pounder with fries and a Coke. Any extra would be put toward a Shamrock Shake.

  69. Matt says:

    Would love a few of those triple cheese burgers.

  70. Sue says:

    2for $5 Big Macs
    Large fry and 2 apple pies

  71. ruckus says:

    I’ve been looking at that 9.99 meal box for the past week and wondering how big of a dent I could make in it.

  72. Shannon says:

    5 dollar 20 piece chicken nuggets
    medium sprite
    white cheddar mchicken

  73. Todd Barrett says:

    I would go with one of my new regular orders of the deluxe quarter pounder combo meal with a coke. Top it off with a shake.

  74. Taylor says:

    Steak egg and cheese bagel, large sweet ice tea & cookies 🙂

  75. attgig says:

    nugget kids meals, and hope the toys are good

  76. Ashley S says:

    Crispy chicken sandwich with small fries and a small pack of nuggets!

  77. ashley says:

    Sausage mcmuffin with egg and breakfast burritos. And strawberry smoothie

  78. April says:

    Premium Hot Chocolate for me and two Happy Meals for my kiddos.

  79. Roger says:

    Several triple cheeseburgers with added shredded lettuce and mayo (someones recent suggestion). Excellent.

  80. Bianca says:

    as many big macs as i could or 6 snack wraps

  81. Page says:

    20 mc nuggets, one cheddar onion burgers, medium fries and one strawberry cream pie.

  82. dallas says:

    spicy mc chicken with cheese
    strawberry pie
    diet coke of course

  83. Rob says:

    Big Macs all the way.

  84. Allen says:

    chocolate chip frappe, egg white delight, and a snack wrap

  85. Kate W. says:

    I’ll make it a date. Grilled chicken classic sandwich, Filet-o-Fish and an order of fries to share. Thanks!

  86. Rachel says:

    2 mcchickens, large fry, sausage muffin.

  87. Jerry says:

    Two double cheeseburgers and a large fries, please!

  88. Joseph says:

    Clubhouse Chicken combo And mcdouble with mac sauce

  89. Sofia says:

    m&m McFlurrys, a big ol’ sweet tea and hopefully one of those guacamole burgers they’re testing…

  90. Mister Herd says:

    I’m lovin it.
    Quarter pounder meal (add Mac sauce)
    BBQ Chipotle grilled wrap
    Sweet tea

    Pick me =)

  91. Rosie says:

    20 piece mcnugget, large fry, vanilla shake

  92. Jeremiah says:

    Crispy Chicken Club, Fries, and a Shamrock Shake. Those things are awesome!

  93. ZackMpls says:

    former McD’s employee and huge GG fan here. Med Shake (half shamrock half chocolate mix), small fries no salt (then ask for salt packets) so you know they’re fresh, McDouble add lettuce & light mayo, ten piece nuggets with habanero ranch and sweet n sour, apple pie McFlurry, side salad with southwest dressing. Chop up the nuggets and serve them on the salad.

  94. Brandon says:

    10 piece nugget with a side salad

  95. McMehu says:

    Big Mac or vanilla cone.

  96. Eva Chu says:

    oreo mcflurry, fries, and i’ll go back and forth between getting a big mac and trying something new

  97. Ryan says:

    I always get the classic, Combo #1, Big Mac (With Extra Sauce) Fries, Dr Pepper. Can’t get much better then that!

  98. JN says:

    I’ll get 20 nuggets,bacon mcdouble, large fries, and a large drink.

  99. Albert says:

    nuggets nuggets and more nuggets

  100. Sheila says:

    I’d get the Clubhouse Grilled Chicken Combo with a large Diet Coke and a Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad! Thanks for this chance to win! I love reading this blog! 🙂

  101. Dan says:

    jalepeno mcdouble and large fries

  102. Heather Hurley says:

    All your Big Breakfasts are belong to us.

  103. Steven L. says:

    Bacon Habanero Ranch Quarter Pounder combo plus a Cheddar Onion McChicken!

  104. Will says:

    Bacon clubhouse burger, large fries and a shamrock shake

  105. Michael says:

    Quarter pounder, fries, and coke for me.

  106. Liv says:

    4 jalapeño doubles, small fry and 3 Choco chip cookies 🙂

  107. Angela W says:

    I would get 2 Big Macs (my local store has a promotion 2 for $5), large fry, 2 apple pies, and a large sweet tea. Don’t judge me I’m eating for 2 lol 🙂

  108. Chris Honeycutt says:

    Large iced mocha, two country ham biscuits.

  109. Michael says:

    A couple quarter-pounders and a shake would be nice.

  110. Brian G. says:

    I’d love some McChicken and fries, maybe a pie or two 🙂

  111. Brent says:

    20 pc. Mcnuggets, med. fry, med. drink

  112. Lucy says:

    Just so many fries.

  113. Squires says:

    Mmm… 20 McNuggets, McDouble, McFlurry. Maybe a couple of those chocolate chip cookies too.

  114. Courtney Grover says:

    Give me them hot fries! 😉

  115. Andre says:

    Double Bacon Clubhouse Value Meal – hold the tomato – with a Sweet Tea, 4 piece nuggets, and parfait.

  116. Curtis P. says:

    Big Mac Extra Value Meal with Sprite. Chocolate Shake and 3 Chocolate Chip Cookies. Thanks.

  117. Chuck says:

    McRib and more McRib.

  118. Jason M says:

    I would like a Big Mac, Triple Cheeseburger, 10-piece Chicken McNuggets, and a medium drink.

  119. Steve says:

    I had a double jalapeño burger tonight and plan on having a few more in the near future. Thanks.

  120. Jeff D. says:

    Big Mac, Buffalo Ranch McChicken, Jalapeno Double! Yes Please!

  121. Laura says:

    Crispy premium chicken bacon ranch Blt sandwich (extra ranch sauce!), fries, and some mcnuggets 🙂 that ranch they use on the sandwich is different than their dipping sauce ranch…. Oh so much better! Not healthy but hey it’s mcds!

  122. Sean B says:

    Wanting to try the new guacamole burger when it hits the market.

  123. Dean says:

    Man I wanna win. This would bring me jalapeño double bliss.

  124. Raj says:

    Two Premium Crispy Chicken CLUB Sandwiches MEALS for me (i’d pay the difference).

  125. Axel says:

    2 Triple Cheeseburgers & 20 pc McNuggets.

  126. Chris W. says:

    I would order a 20 piece Chicken Mcnugget, a large Sprite, large fries, and an M&M McFlurry.

  127. Zack says:

    Crispy Chicken bacon clubhouse, a Big Mac, and a value-sized Coke. Takes care of dinner and next day’s lunch.

  128. Bj says:

    Three mcdoubles, large fries, bbq sauce, large drink.

  129. Josh K. says:

    20 nuggets, 1 large coke, 2 double cheeseburgers, vanilla cone.

  130. Calvin says:

    10 vanilla cones, all at once, because I live dangerously.

  131. Anthony says:

    A Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese combo, a sweet tea, and two apple pies!

  132. matt says:

    find a mcdonalds that still has hot mustard, but 10.00 worth of hot mustard

  133. Jessica says:

    Chicken McNugget meal with habanero ranch sauce and a mango smoothie!

  134. ashey1024 says:

    I would get six mcdoubles and two small fries. Sounds good!

  135. Andrew says:

    8 hamburgers with extra pickles and a couple large cokes

  136. Tony pham says:

    4 Big Macs when drunk

  137. Colin says:

    Ten bucks! That’s a whole lotta free doubles. Thanks for doing this excellent site.

  138. Dennis says:

    That would get me breakfast for a week on the way to work with the Dollar Menu!

  139. Liz C. says:

    I would order the two cheeseburger value meal and a holiday pie.(I’m sadly addicted to those things, haha 🙂 )

  140. kayla says:

    double quarter pounder.

  141. Libby says:

    Quarter pounder no cheese, fries, 2 pies, vanilla shake

  142. Whitney says:

    Big Mac Combo with Coke plus a sweet tea and cookies

  143. Greg says:

    I need a double fish sandwich…the best out there.

  144. Sherry says:

    I love Big Macs but lately I’ve been getting the Jalapeno Double, McChicken, Grilled Onion Cheddar Burger, and the Bacon MacDouble. For $10, I could probably get almost all of those with a Big Mac and I would probably have to toss in some change. Or take off the Grilled Onion Cheddar Burger which would put it under the $10 limit.

  145. Keith young says:

    Two of the $4.99 Big Mac meals for me and my mommy

  146. Richard says:

    southern style chicken!!!

  147. Melissa says:

    Sausage egg and cheese biscuit, hash brown, and an orange juice! McD’s breakfast is one of my faves!

  148. alek says:

    10 Pieces nuggets, med fries, a diet drink, strawberry sundae with extra strawberries, and 2 yogurt parfaits

  149. Troy says:

    We have the new create your taste burger thing around here. I’d go try that out.

  150. Whitney says:

    As many vanilla shakes as I can get!

  151. PauL says:

    McNuggets meal, obviously

  152. Erin says:

    Big Mac, chicken nugs, and some holiday pies!

  153. Kayla says:

    A few mcdoubles, some fries, large soda… mmm

  154. Jordan says:

    Triple cheeseburger with no pickles or onions, large fry, and large diet Dr. P!

  155. Sarndo says:

    come in handy for roadtrip to the midwest!

  156. Robert says:

    #4 with white cheddar, large, plus an apple pie

  157. Raiders757 says:

    Quarter LB. combo with a caramel sundae.

  158. Caitlin says:

    Medium plain latte with whole milk, hamburger, apple slices, fruit and yogurt parfait, and a side salad 🙂
    Or if I have more time to sit and eat just a plain latte with a southwest salad w/ grilled chicken or sweet chili chicken mcwrap. I LOVE EVERYTHING HELP.

  159. Courtney G. says:

    10 Fries OBV…

  160. Brad says:

    20 piece nugget with sweet and sour, a double cheeseburger, and a large fries.

  161. Alex says:

    Nothing better to wake up to than 2 sausage burritos, 2 hash browns, and an orange juice!

  162. Tom says:

    Just Big Macs, $10 worth of Big Macs

  163. M says:

    Bacon clubhouse burger and as many cookies as I can get with the rest.

  164. jeffrey says:

    mc double and a mc chicken, bottom bread removed and stacked on top of each other ofcourse 😉 and a nice oreo mc flurry to top it off

  165. Whitney says:

    Egg mcmuffin meal with a large mocha frap.

  166. Long says:

    Jalapeno Mcdouble, Spicy McChicken, Sausage Egg & Cheese Mcgriddle, Large Diet Dr Pepper, Oreo Mcflurry.

  167. Chris A says:

    I guess I’m just a classicist. Big Mac and fries. 🙂

  168. Koni says:

    The two cheeseburger meal is a good standby

  169. Shawn says:

    Fries, Quarter pounder with Cheese, 4 piece of Chicken Nuggets and a Drink

  170. Todd says:

    Bacon and Cheese Quarter Pounder, Fries, Large Coke, and two Apple Pies.

  171. PJ says:

    10 McChickens… stay swimming in McChicken…

    but seriously, Filet o’ Fish + Bacon Clubhouse Burger + Buffalo Ranch McChicken + Drink = Surf n’ Turf at its finest

  172. Brent says:

    Fries and iced coffee….repeat…

  173. Joe says:

    10 McChickens please!

  174. Junus says:

    10 nuggets, big mac, small fries!

  175. Jon says:

    Two 20-piece nuggets with hot mustard… and a cup for water. 😀

  176. Frank says:

    I’ve been on a bit of a McCafe kick lately, so I would probably stick with their white chocolate mocha. But I can’t help but splurge at least once a week on some large fries and a Big Mac!

  177. Will K. says:

    um HELLO? 50 pc mcnuggets for $9.99 😀 To share of course… 😉

  178. DJB says:

    20 McNuggets, 2 Triple Cheeseburgers, a Large Coke, and a weekend on the toilet. 🙁

  179. Jessica wagg says:

    I read this blog everyday and use it to for interesting things to buy.please never stop! Thanks

  180. Zack says:

    Crispy chicken bacon clubhouse combo and a extra order of fries for my fiancee.

  181. Lindsey C. says:

    10 McChickens extra mayo, Please!

  182. Erik K says:

    Claissics – McNuggets, Big Mac, Fries and a shake

  183. Richard G says:

    I would love to get two Sausage egg and cheese biscuits with OJ and a medium fries and a burger for my mom who doesn’t have the time to cook for us.

  184. Bj says:

    Two mcdoubles, a large fry, and a large half and half tea.

  185. Pat says:

    Awesome, thanks! Bacon clubhouse burger + 10 piece nugget meal

  186. Jes says:

    QPC meal and a bunless double hamburger for my pooch!

  187. Eric says:

    If I had $10, I’d get $10 of nuggets for my wife and son. It’s by far their (well mostly her) favorite nuggets!

  188. Sam says:

    Gotta go with the 50-piece, right? Take the prize and go down in a blaze of glory…

  189. Tara says:

    Round 1: Breakfast sausage sandwich and a small coffee
    Round 2: Big Mac meal, large with a coke (no ice)
    Round 3: (if there’s anything left) Dollar menu ice cream [or cookie] treat


  190. Justin says:

    Bacon clubhouse combo and a jalapeño double

  191. Bryan says:

    20 piece McNugget with ranch and bbq, 2 mcdoubles and an Oreo mcflurry

  192. Katlyn says:

    A double quarter pounder with cheese with no mustard, large fries, large coke zero, and a caramel sundae.

  193. Kristeen says:

    A big mac combo with extra sauce….and a happy meal for the kid

  194. Aloo says:

    I know better than to come to this site when I’m hungry… I’d like an entire Mcdonalds please. (A 20 piece nugget, mcchicken, and a mcdouble will do I guess!)

  195. Lindsay B says:

    Two Bacon cheddar McChickens, a large fry, and a oreo McFlurry

  196. Bryan K. says:

    Gotta go with 4 mcdoubles add mac sauce and 2 large fries. So good and so cheap

  197. vin says:

    Snack wraps. all day snack wraps

  198. Shawn says:

    a 20 piece nuggets and the 2 Big Macs for 4.99 deal seems like a perfect $10 order.

  199. Dave P says:

    50 McNuggets for me and my room mates! What a time to be alive 🙂

  200. Klee says:

    Buffulo ranch McChicken, double cheeseburger, small fries, medium coke, 3 chocolate chip cookies, hot fudge sunday, and a 4 piece ($1 at my McD’s). Comes out to right around ten bucks and is a damn good value if you ask me

  201. Aks says:

    Yum, thank you! I will take nuggets, a chocolate milkshake and fries! Don’t forget the sweet n sour sauce!

  202. Jessica O. says:

    McNuggets! And maybe a Big Mac for good measure…

  203. well versed says:

    5 McChickens and 5 McDoubles!

  204. Emily J says:

    Chicken McNuggets and McFlurry!!!

  205. Eric says:

    2 Grilled Onion Cheddar Burgers (add bacon), 2 Spicy McChickens, 1 large fry.

  206. arjun ratnayake says:

    i have an unhealthy addiction to the jalepeno double. couple of those, couple mcdoubles with mac sauce, and a medium fries.

  207. STEVE SCHINDLER says:

    Chocolate milk shake or hot fudge sundae

  208. 20 piece Chicken McNuggets, fries, a dessert pie and a drink.

  209. BJ says:

    Six Piece Nugget w/sweet and sour sauce, Daily Double extra mayo and onions, Medium Fry and Apple Pie.

  210. bob says:

    40 nuggets please

  211. david o says:

    i would order 5 triple-cheeseburgers, give 4 to my friends.

  212. Susan Christy says:

    McDouble, Fries and the rest on their warm, gooey chocolate chip cookies.

  213. Spam says:

    I’ll go for a bacon clubhouse combo, an apple pie, and what the heck, let’s go back in time a few weeks so I can get an egg nog milkshake.

  214. Sophie says:

    Sausage egg and cheese biscuit, hash browns and an apple pie

  215. robert goetz says:

    That would go a long way on the dollar menu.

  216. Eric says:

    50 piece nugget deal. Too good of a value to say no

  217. TL says:

    One Spicy McChicken and as many nuggets as I can for the remainder with sweet and sour to dip.

  218. Jess says:

    Sausage McGriddles and coffee.
    And maybe a hashbrown.
    And maybe an orange juice.

  219. Kristian says:

    Two cheeseburgers extra onions, buffalo ranch mc chicken, small fry, md dr pepper, two four pieces and two Apple pies. Sweet and sour please

  220. Kristian says:

    Two cheeseburgers extra onions, medium fry, ms dr pepper, buffalo ranch mcchicken, two four piece mc nuggets with sweet and sour, and an apple pie or two

  221. Lisa says:

    Big Mac, Fillet-O-Fish, Quarter Pounder, French Fries, Icy Coke, Thick Shake, Sundaes & Apple Pies.

  222. Will says:

    Try to follow me here. I show up at McDonalds right in between when breakfast turns into lunch. I order two sausage mcmuffins with egg which is on special for buy 1 get 1 free. I then wait a couple short minutes for the lunch menu to start. I order two McDoubles. I sit down to eat, take the eggs from my sausage McMuffins and place them on each of my two McDoubles. Two McDoubles w/egg. If i have a sweet tooth I then buy a small fry and a small chocolate milkshake and proceed to dip my hot fries into my cold milkshake for a nice sweet and salty combo.

  223. Vanessa B says:

    I have a newborn baby and have no time to cook. I’d love a chicken wrap, large fries, diet coke, and a white chocolate frappacino for dessert. 🙂

  224. horton says:

    I would get a big mac meal, 3 pc mozzarella sticks, and 4 pc mcnuggets. haven’t had a big mac in so many years, it would be fantastic

  225. Fred says:

    I’ll take a McRib, no question

  226. James says:

    I would order 3 Jalepeno Doubles, 1 triple cheesburger, and a large soda or maybe just 50 chicken mcnuggets since they’re $9.99 right now. Thank you for this giveaway.

  227. Justin ST says:

    20 piece of McNuggets, large fries, shake.

  228. Gene says:

    Two 20 piece orders of McNuggets with Ranch awesome!

  229. Jamie w. says:

    Anything I haven’t had yet. I might even make a McGangBang, add a McFish to it, and eat it on my radio show. Side of fries and a shake. F*CK my New Year’s diet resolution, and do it in McStyle!!! If there’s ANY money left, then some sort of dessert would be in order.

  230. Stew says:

    I would get McChicken sandwiches and McDoubles.

  231. BigBelly says:

    If available, I’d try the new guacamole chicken sandwich, if not, a chicken clubhouse, lrg fry, and a chocolate milkshake

  232. Brian says:

    Jalapeno Mcdouble and lg fries

  233. Vinny says:

    One mcdouble with big mac sauce, one mcchicken, a value fries and a 4 piece…all times two 🙂

  234. SD says:

    Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad, Fries, Kiddie Cone, and Soda.

  235. DuhMe says:

    Double Quarter Pounder meal and a large McCafé Vanilla Shake.

  236. Anthony says:

    I’ve never had one of their Premium Chicken sandwiches. I’d give one of those a chance, probably the Bacon clubhouse.

  237. Raymonster says:

    Did anyone notice that for a while there GrubGrade website was not taking anything beyond 14 entries? (Someone has skillz!) *^_^*

    Can you say “Secret Menu”? Since I never had any luck ordering a McGangBang, maybe I will opt to try for the Mc10:35 with Large Fries and Big Mac Sauce fer dippin’. However if you wait long enough the ubiquitous Shamrock Shake will be here for March Madness!

  238. luke says:

    Bacon Clubhouse chicken combo with an Oreo Mcflurry

  239. MR. Gnarly says:

    I would buy 4 jalapeño doubles,and lick the wrappers afterwards.

  240. Chris says:

    I’d love a 10 piece McNugget Extra Value Meal

  241. Rae says:

    Bacon Clubhouse burger combo and pie!

  242. Mami2jcn says:

    I would have fries and a milkshake…yum!

  243. Mike says:

    Large unsweetened iced tea nine mornings in a row.

  244. Crystal says:

    Chicken clubhouse combo. Extra Mac sauce. Apple pie.

  245. Jessica says:

    Southwest Chicken McWrap combo and a frappe’

  246. ray says:

    Filet O Fish and a Big Mac.

  247. Steven P says:

    QPC meal with a Dr Pep and an Oreo McFlurry… and money leftover will go to a pie for later. Wish they would bring back the strawberry creme pie.

  248. JayMelo says:

    McDouble and 2 Apple pies. Bring back the strawberry cream pies!

  249. Rob says:

    20 piece and filet o fish, extra tartar sauce

  250. ahecht says:

    I’ll wait until summer and get 20 ice cream cones.

  251. Kevin J says:

    One of the new guacamole burgers, jalapeno double, spicy mcchicken, fries.

  252. Jake says:

    I miss the old nuggets :/

  253. Keith says:

    4 mcdoubles 4 buffalo mcchickens mmmmmm

  254. ravy says:

    2 mcdoubles, hot & spicy, large fry, sprite, && of course 2 cookies

  255. Matt B says:

    Bacon Habanero Ranch Quarter-Pounder, a large order of fries, small Coca-Cola and … an ice cream cone, why not?

  256. Bart says:

    mc dlt
    Filet it fish

  257. Kelly says:

    About seven breakfast burritos and a large coke, with hot picante sauce. SOOOOO GOOOD!!!!

  258. Dana Edwards says:

    Hamburger, medium fries, 6 piece McNuggets, and a medium vanilla shake

  259. John says:

    Chicken McNuggets!!!!

  260. EVA says:

    2 McChickens, 2 orders of small fries, 2 yogurt parfaits.

    I just got two breakfasts and two meals AKA COLLEGE SUSTENANCE.

  261. burgundy says:

    I would buy my two kids a happy meal and I would get myself a strawberries and cream pie and mcdouble

  262. Michael c says:

    Big macs and fillet o fish

  263. Jordan says:

    10 regular coffees!

  264. Thomas Casarez says:

    I would get 4 mcribs.

  265. kyle says:

    a mcgangbang, small fry, apple pie & coke!

  266. rachel says:

    2 jalapeno doubles w/extra ranch, large fry, caramel sundae

  267. Ryan says:

    And the winners are…

    Fox McCloud #63
    Squires #114
    Steven P #250

  268. Brian says:

    Big Mac meal and some apple pies!

  269. holly says:

    3 mcchickens and 7 grilled onion cheddar burgers with extra onion!

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