Wendy’s Testing Southwest Steak Salad in Cincinnati

Spotted in Cincinnati @phillipdubya on Twitter… the Southwest Steak Salad from Wendy’s.  No details except for the pic, but we’ll let you know if it reaches a national release.

Southwest Steak Salad Wendy's

8 comments on “Wendy’s Testing Southwest Steak Salad in Cincinnati

  1. Kiki says:

    They’re testing this in Austin too. Cold rubbery steak with a cheap lime vinaigrette. $10+ full size for mostly lettuce. Rip off.

    • Richard says:

      10 bucks plus!?!?!?!?! At a fast food joint!?!?!!??! That is like 4 bucks more than a chicken salad at that place.

      • Jeff in Middletucky says:

        Yeah, I find Wendy’s to consistently be the most laughably overpriced of all the fast food chains. They want us all to not lump them in with places such as McDonald’s and BK, but to, instead, picture them on a par with Five Guys or Smashburger.

        Yeah, nice try.

      • Pork says:

        I can’t imagine it was $10. There had to be something else in that order. Picture of receipt, or it didnt happen.

  2. Emily Jackson says:

    I get this salad on a regular basis in San Marcos and it is fabulous. Not all lettuce, and only 7.50 plus tax. Not 10… It’s a great salad. Want gourmet, get out of your car.

  3. Bonne Kenney says:

    Would be a decent salad if they changed the cheese on it and put more greens instead of iceberg lettuce. It’s some kind of grated cheese… looks like parmesan/romano and tastes like it, too. Does not suit the southwest theme of the other ingredients. The steak was good quality and a fair amount of it. Couldn’t tell you about the dressing because they were out of it. Price is too high for the quality. Will go to Chipotle when I want a good southwest salad… much better quality for about the same price!

  4. alice seiple says:

    It was in charlotte, nc

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