Wendy’s New Creamy Sriracha and 10-Piece Nugget Combo for $4

The latest promotion from Wendy’s is the $4 10-piece Nugget Combo which comes with small fries and a drink.  To kick off the combo promo, Wendy’s has introduced new Creamy Sriracha to their dipping sauce line-up.  Prices and participation may vary.

Feast Sized Meal. Snack Sized Price.  Grab 10 nuggets, small fries and a drink for just $4! Any sauce will do, but our new Creamy Sriracha makes this a deal worth sweating for.


34 comments on “Wendy’s New Creamy Sriracha and 10-Piece Nugget Combo for $4

  1. Joe says:

    Not much of a deal really. You can get a value fry and a soda for $2 at my local Wendy’s, and a 6 piece of either type of nugget is $1.49 & $1 for a 4 piece. So about 49 cents off, though I guess your drink and fries are slightly larger as well.

    • evan says:

      For me this is a steal! My Wendy’s has 4 piece nuggets at 1.19 and the 6 piece are like 1.59 or 1.69 now. I wonder if my Wendy’s will even stick to the $4 price point, they jack the prices up on everything!

    • Bubbsy says:

      …. soooooo 50 cents off further beyond the already ridiculously cheap prices, plus larger drink, plus larger fries…. and this clown comes here and poo-poos it. You must be the type of person who would complain about how long you have to stand in line at a charity food bank.

      • Joe says:

        Meh, I’m not saying it’s bad or anything, it’s just not something I see as some big promotional deal. Wendy’s is extremely overpriced for a fast food in the first place, if it’s lunch hour you can get a burger and fries at cheaper sit-downs (Applebee’s/TGI’s/Chili’s) for less than what they charge for a small double cheese combo here. I make that comparison because the sit-downs have 1/2 lb patties, while Wendy’s are 1/4. The fact they even charge $1.79 now for a small chili full of old hamburger crumbs says it all about this chain and its decline over the years.

        Their value menu keeps creeping up in price, but that’s standard these days I suppose. I know we’re in a period of high inflation, but I’m pretty positive it hasn’t been 100% over the last 5 years when we’ve seen $0.99/$1 sandwiches starting to show up for $2 everywhere now. If anything, the Olive Gardens of the world with their $6.99 lunches are the real value now.

    • Gi says:

      I love it when tards like you end up questioning your own statement

  2. SPM79 says:

    Wendy’s needs an overhaul from top to bottom, there is not an ounce of innovation coming from this chain and their prices are too high for what they offer.

    • Raiders757 says:

      I have to say that the last several times I have gone to Wendy’s, I felt the food was too expensive and was underwhelmed with what I got. Something has changed over the past few years, and it’s not for the better. They’re starting to remind me of Burger King. Sub-par fast food at a premium price. Even the once great Spicy Chicken Sandwich has become a sad representation of what it once was (Kind of like the Whopper). I’ve noticed that the only time I eat there anymore, is when my wife or kid requests it, and even they have been asking for it less and less.

      • SPM79 says:

        I think they give a little too much autonomy to their franchisees in determining prices. The locations near me are known for prices that rival places that clearly are of better quality. In another words, there isn’t a combo meal to be had on the menu for less than $9. I was in Harrisburg, PA a few weeks ago and the combo meal prices were much more reasonable, I understand you price to market but the disparity was a good 20-25%.

      • MP says:

        Luckily I haven’t had this experience with Wendy’s – yet. But I always get value menu stuff & full size BOGOF sandwiches or $2 off with receipt coupon. I never bother with combo meals. But their LTO stuff has been pretty disappointing (something is always missing or wrong) with some terrible buns.
        It’s not nearly as bad as BK is.

  3. Justin ST says:

    I’m over Sriracha. YUCK.

    • raiders757 says:

      I like Sriracha, but yea, it has become extremely overrated. Funny how something like Texas Pete can taste so much better, yet “meh” Sriracha becomes the hot sauce of “foodies”. Texas Pete gets a bad rap considering it blows Franks off the map, tastes better when mixed Carolina style BBQ than any other hot sauce, and creates a superior chicken wing sauce than every other brand on the market.

    • rodney says:

      Can you get creamy sriracha at any stores or is it only made for fast food places? I love it on the meatball sub at Subway, it turns their most meh sandwich into one of their best ones.

  4. PT says:

    I had this on Monday night. It’s an excellent deal in my opinion, especially with the Coke Freestyle machine. I was really excited for the creamy sriracha sauce, but it actually tastes more like horseradish than anything else, in my opinion.

  5. Matt says:

    10 Nuggets are a FEAST now? I know I’m fat but..c’mon.

    • MP says:

      10 nuggets is more than enough. We’re all eating way too much today.

      • Justin ST says:

        If you’re going to complain about having too much food, take your first world problems somewhere else.

        • MP says:

          This entire comment section is a complaint fest. You ever look a pics or film of people pre-1990s? People were actually skinny. It’s because they didn’t eat 20 nuggets or drink 48 ounces of soda in a meal. We’re all a bunch of fat tards now. My suggestion? We all need to go on diets & institute portion control. How do you like that? In the 1980s, this would be a super sized meal.

          • Joe says:

            It’s true. It’s a bit much for me to even think of getting a quarter pounder at McDonald’s or something. Either two cheeseburgers or one with a small fry and unsweetened tea is enough to fill you up (not feel stuffed) and not lay on too much of the fat and sugar. I guess you could also go for a diet coke if you need your fizz and don’t have any issues with aspartame though.

          • medwards says:

            Oh please. 10 nuggets at Wendy’s is 450 calories. That’s not a huge amount of calories by any stretch. But fast food has always been unhealthy. People need to stop blaming the restaurants and start taking personal responsibility for their own health, and that means getting off their smartphones and laptops and going for a run. Americans have had high calorie, high fat diets for decades, but the percentage of people living a sedentary lifestyle has definitely increased in the last 20 years. Young people are generally less active than they were pre-internet and that tends to lead to similar habits in adulthood. There’s no doubt that that type of diet and a lack of exercise leads to obesity. People do need to eat less fast food, sure, but they also need to go outside!

      • SPM79 says:

        I think he is trying to point out the fact that the word feast is a bit of a stretch.

  6. Beefonstick says:

    An appropriate price and portion, in my opinion.

  7. Jonathan Wayne says:

    Yawn another non-deal deal.

    • SPM79 says:

      If I recall correctly you were all over those 10 for $1.49 BK nuggets like a pitbull on a chihuahua whether they were piping hot or ready for the bin.

  8. Kendall says:

    I love me some spicy nuggets from Wendy’s so I’m all about this deal. But can anyone tell me if their spicy chicken sandwich tastes similar? I’ve always been curious but never wanted to spend the money to find out.

  9. Sascha says:

    People are actually complaining about this price? Seriously? What’s a 10 piece combo cost you at McDonald’s, cause around here it’s $5.99-$6.39. And while the nuggets are basically all the time, I would definitely prefer Wendy’s over McD’s and BK, especially if the spicy nuggets are also an option. And if the fries and drink is as big as that picture indicates, what’s the problem?

  10. Mike says:

    Oh wow, look at that picture! The combo comes with a side of cash.

  11. brad h says:

    its funny how all the hipsters douchebags are jumping ship on sriracha since all the big corporations are offering it now.

  12. MP says:

    I hope the crummy fries & nuggets don’t end up on that dirty money.

    • Cs says:

      Why would you insult the customers for liking some new trend, such as sriracha? The chains are offering it cause it’s popular and it sells. That means there is a big demand for it. Maybe you don’t like new things but this is a fast food site that typically reviews new things that come out of fast food chains that are usually corporate/franchised chains.

      • MP says:

        I was bashing their terrible oversalted, overhyped, no-interior-fluff or cold-oily-soggy Earth-dirt-tasting Natural Cut fries that have sucked since 2011 & their mediocre tiny TV dinner nuggets. Never said a word about the sriracha sauce. You know I’ve been coming here for years, right? I think I know how the blog works. Please use comprehension. Plus paper money is filthy; this is a well-known fact & I LOVE new food items, goddamnit.

  13. livia says:

    Im 5 montha preggo and boy cann i put down some food!! I think 10 nuggeta with a frie and drink is a steal for $4 and it actually makes me full..i might add a jr cheese in their but heyy $5? Who can.beat that.im not always a bitch but when i ask for chicken of any kind from any fast food i ask for it fresh..might take a little longer but i know its HOT and FRESH.ill be going to wendys this whole week for my lunch breaks! Id eat at wendys before burger king anyydayy!!

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