Want to Try Little Caesars Bacon Wrapped Crust Deep! Deep! Dish Pizza? Gift Card Giveaway Time

Thanks to Little Caesars, we’ve got some gift cards to give away.  I’ve got 3 Little Caesars gift cards valued at $15 each.  If you haven’t tried the new Bacon Wrapped Crust Deep! Deep! Dish Pizza, here’s a chance to get it.  Leave a comment on this post a pizza related memory from your childhood and I’ll draw 3 winners after the magic number of entries has been hit.  Good luck!

Bacon Crust Little Caesars

Little Caesars proudly introduces their HOT-N-READY Bacon Wrapped Crust Deep!Deep! Dish Pizza, for just $12 bucks. That’s a large, 8 crunchy corner slices of Deep!Deep! Dish Pizza topped with pepperoni and bacon, then wrapped in over three and a half feet of crispy bacon. No calling ahead or waiting for your pizza, because it’s HOT-N-READY everyday between 4 & 8:00PM, only at Little Caesars, world’s fastest way to pizza. Available for a limited time at participating locations, $12 plus tax.

262 comments on “Want to Try Little Caesars Bacon Wrapped Crust Deep! Deep! Dish Pizza? Gift Card Giveaway Time

  1. M Shelton says:

    My fingers being too greasy and oversteering while playing Pole Position. Would always blow up on corners.

  2. I remember Domino’s cardboard crust. It was my favorite and I may never love another pizza more.

  3. Megan says:

    Growing up in small-town Indiana, a highlight was hitting up the local Noble Romans after the high school basketball game. As a kid it was fun to watch them make the pizzas through the glass, as a teenager it was a place to hang out with friends. That location is long gone but I can still vaguely remember the garlic smell when you first walked in.

  4. chad says:

    Please pick me! And thanks for a great blog.

  5. Nathan says:

    My favorite pizza memory was family movie nights with Pizza Hut. I thought I was sophisticated because I liked mushrooms and olives.

  6. Brad says:

    I remember going to Pizza Hut with their stained glass lamps above every table and the awesome jukebox.

  7. Devin says:

    I remember going to a Little Caesar’s as a little kid and I had to tell them the “secret phrase” in order to get a toy. Well, being little and stupid (not knowing the “secret phrase” was “PIZZA PIZZA!”), I began to cry . I do not really remember if I got the toy or not but, I was traumatized and now I never go anywhere without preparing first… thanks Little Caesar’s???

  8. Kara says:

    I remember going to our neighborhood pizza place and spending hours there while my dad played Keno.

  9. BGeezy says:

    I do!! My first meal as a baby was Lil Caesars pizza…I think.

  10. Whitney says:

    Most memorable pizza moment was on my 10th birthday where my Dad figured it would be best the celebrate by watching Planet of the Apes (with Heston) and a pizza with anchovies on it. Not the best meal I’ve ever had… but notable.

  11. David says:

    I grew up on Mazzio’s pizza in Tulsa, OK. Greasy but really good pizza.

  12. MP says:

    I remember the first pizza I ever tried. It was on my 9th birthday at a place called Connie’s Pizza. I grew up with this stigma that “white cheese is gross” because all the cheese I ate was orange. I finally decided to give in to my parent’s [annoying] peer pressure. I had no idea what to expect. It was a deep dish, cheese paired with a Cherry Coke (this is what I would always get). It had no spices on it but it tasted great. The first words out of my mouth were “Don’t say it.” Thus began a Saturday night ritual of pizza for dinner, which has continued ever since.

  13. CC says:


    I started reading so many books and writing reports in 3rd grade in order to eat personal pan pizzas.

    I read lord of the rings and so many other books then in order to get my fix.

  14. Brian says:

    When I was a kid, we didn’t get pizza too often because we lived too far from nearest pizza place. It was a treat to go to Pizza Hut and get a pizza with my brother.

  15. Corey says:

    On my 9th birthday, I had a party at a local sports complex. My Mom hired some guys to dress up as Power Rangers. I was incredibly happy until the Red Ranger stole the last slice of pizza from me. I cried.

  16. Tracie says:

    I loved it when we got the two pizzas from Little Ceasers and their crazy bread. When I finally got my driver’s license I would go and pick up an order of crazy bread just or myself!

  17. Devin H. says:

    One of my favorite childhood pizza memories is actually from Little Caesars. Before they had this Hot N Ready stuff, they use to have ‘Customer Appreciation Day’ where you could get medium pizzas for $3 each. I loved getting out of school on those days and going to Little Caesars to get a bunch of pizzas to take home.

  18. Josh says:

    Eating Little Caesars as a kid while my parents shopped at K-Mart.. totally made the shopping trip worth it for 6 year old me.

  19. Everette Melton says:

    Please pick me! I have had a horrible childhood with uncaring parents,sometimes I feel it was a mistake for me to be born into this family.. Never once was I ever loved as a kid my mum always bonded with,my older sisters and me feel like the black sheep…

    The only thing, that made my life worth living was saving enough money up to eat a Slice of Pizza after School.

  20. Dean says:

    not related to little caesars…but i remember a sleepover i had with my friends and my mom had gotten us the pizza hut steak lovers pizza. it felt so fancy as a pizza with the A1 sauce. we still talk about it today.

  21. Dave P says:

    Getting to eat Pizza Hut for breakfast before school, and microwaving it until the cheese became liquid fire.

  22. nocode says:

    I remember watching Little Caesar’s commercials of the 80’s and 90’s. Bacon, Bacon!

  23. Lily says:

    Well, I’ve never had pizza until I moved to the states in my tweens! And my first was a Supreme from Pizza Hut! While not memorable for any true pizza lover, Pizza Hut will always have a special spot in my heart!

  24. David Webber says:

    Way back in the day… Small pizzeria in Missoula, MT with stained glass lamps hanging over all of the tables, brick walls and an amazing smell that my brother and I couldn’t WAIT to visit. At least once a month, it might as well have been Disneyland!

  25. Enrique says:

    The Pizza Hut Book It program. Read books and get free Pizza, yes please.

  26. Mike H. says:

    I guess my best Little Caesar’s memory is probably all those awesome Bigfoot pizzas my mom ordered for Friday nights. I really miss those.

  27. Zach S. says:

    The funnest thing of my parents shopping at K-Mart was getting to eat Little Caesars!

  28. DuhMe says:

    I remember in elementary school we took a walking field trip down the street to the Little Cesears that was really near and got to make our own personal pan pizzas. Well put the toppings on them anyway. It was all because someone in my class had a parent who was one of the managers.

  29. matt says:

    caesars was great back in the day, but we only ever got it when my cousins were in town. it came wrapped in paper

  30. Stephen Z. says:

    Caesar Land! I had birthday parties there numerous times. Way better than that rat Chuck E. Cheese. Good to see them make a comeback, but with a different approach. Been dying to try this bacon pizza!

  31. peter says:

    I remember going to little caesars when they opened inside tne new zayres and they had the pizza pizza deals two in the same box.thanks again good luck too all

  32. Sean B says:

    Our small town pizza joint was called Guido’s. It was the go to destination for video games, friendly gatherings and end of season youth sport celebrations. Photos lined the walls of events of the past and it was always fun to search for those photos of friends and family. On top of all that the pizza still some of the best I’ve ever had. Unfortunately the owners retired and have long been out of business. Wish it was still here.

  33. Jason says:

    My favorite childhood pizza memory is my parents ordering the Bigfoot pizza from Pizza Hut. They hated it, so I got it all to myself. My tiny belly was able to eat those square slices for days!!!

  34. justin g says:

    I’ve never had Little Caesar’s before… it’s time.

  35. Rosie says:

    Pizza Hut’s Book It program! I loved getting the button and then going and getting my free personal pan. 🙂

  36. Daniel nysveen says:

    Pizza pizza. When I was growing up little caesars was very popular and then all of the locations closed and disn’t have any nearby little caesars for about 15 years but now they are back in force. I really miss the baby pan pan deal with breadsticks and a cookie. Please please let me win

  37. Libby says:

    I remember getting pizza from Bono’s in our little town and was thrilled. It was a special treat.

  38. Mike N. says:

    When I was a kid I used to buy a pizza slice while the other kids were buying candy and ice cream; always loved pizza more than anything!

  39. keith says:

    I remember eating pizza

  40. Roger says:

    The eastside Little Caesars makes a good pizza! Would like to add the bacon version too. A shout up the comment list to Megan. Ages ago I worked for a year and a half at a Noble Romans in Indiana (one of the many in the state). I remember the older hands always saying how NR copied the ideas from Little Caesars. Yes, same mozz/ munster blend, corn meal under the hand tossed, etc.

  41. Sophie says:

    Ate a whole bag of Totino’s pizza rolls when the LOTR Return of the King extended edition came out.

  42. Tom says:

    There wasn’t a lot of good pizza in England when I was a kid, but there was one local place owned by an Italian which made the best pizza. I guess you’d call it New York style because it had that characteristic taste. They had an open kitchen where you could watch them work the dough and that was always the best part of the experience for me, watching how they shaped it out and spread the sauce and sprinkled the cheese. Every day they had a half price happy hour where a large cheese pizza was £3.60 (about $5). Now I live in the US and every so often I’ll try a locally owned pizza place and it will taste much the same and it will bring back memories of all the times I watched them making pizzas as a kid.

  43. JayMelo says:

    I remember in the 80’s when the commercials had 2 pizzas for $8.88, Pizza, Pizza! We didn’t have a Little Ceaser’s for many years, I was missing out.

  44. Angela W. says:

    Going to Pizza Hut with my family every Friday night. I remember when they had cool promotions to get us kids to come in. Pizza tasted alright but mainly went to get the items.

  45. Joe says:

    The Book It program by far! Honestly begging to read more books to have a crack at my own personal pizza!

  46. Justin ST says:

    I used to remember getting pizza from this place called Shakey’s as a kid. It was awesome. Also, the school I used to go to as a kid had pizza days. They were awesome.

  47. Christina J says:

    At my boarding school, the Papa John’s delivery guy used to come by my school at 10:00 pm and sell personal sized pizzas for $6. Only people who got down to the dorm lobby in the first 5 mins would get a pizza, because he would always sell out. It was delicious.

  48. Erik says:

    I remember driving with my dad to Sonny’s to pick up our extra cheese pizza, and holding it on my lap for the drive home. He took one turn too fast and half the cheese spilled off the pizza and into a corner of the box…doh

  49. Andy says:

    when I first moved to los angeles we bought pizzahut pizza and enjoyed the dodger game sitting on the floor since we moved into our new house

  50. Max I says:

    After school, I would go to andolini’s pizza to get their cheese pizza. The cheese was really crispy and the slice was bigger than my head.

  51. melissa says:

    When I was in the 4th grade I decided to become a vegetarian but I didn’t like vegetables. For the next several years my diet consisted of nothing but pizza and french fries. I now live in NYC and while I’m definitely not a vegetarian anymore (mmmm, bacon) I still have a diet mostly of pizza and french fries.

  52. Smrick says:

    I remember my parents making those terrible chef boyardee pizza kits for me and my sisters. They were pretty lame, but I guess decorating the pizzas with pepperoni and sausage was fun.

  53. Lamar says:

    Basically last year I turned 24, and celebrated my birthday having Pizza Hut pan crust pizza. Just my family (my mom and my aunt) and I. I didn’t go out or anything. But the pizza made it all worth it for me!

  54. Susan Christy says:

    Growing up in the 60’s, pizza wasn’t readily available in my small Kansas town, but Chef Boyardee pizza kits in a box were and it was really a treat when we got pizza. Even though I eat out a lot now, I still think of pizza as a special meal.

  55. Courtney says:

    When you come in from being outside playing with your friends at your bday party and their are like 5 extra extra large pizzas on the dining room table and your mouth starts watering with excitement.

  56. Pimousse says:

    No lie, as a small child (>5) – I would sneak out my room at night and head to the kitchen and eat an entire package of pepperoni slices. Course my mom kept them in the “bottom” where I could reach it. Circa 1980-something!

  57. Austin K says:

    Little Caesars and Dairy Queen were weekly road trips for my family. We had to drive for 45 minutes to the closest locations so it was a rare time for us to spend together. Crazy Bread and Blizzards were what I lived for.

  58. Emily J says:

    We used to pick up Little Caesar’s at the K-mart down the street from our house every Halloween! We would yell “PIZZA PIZZA” when we opened up the boxes, and would fight over the little white tables that keep the cheese from hitting the top of the box. 🙂

  59. Joshua says:

    I remember every Friday night my mom would go order pizza and we would watch TGIF on ABC. BEST NIGHT OF THE WEEK!

  60. Beefonstick says:

    Getting taken out of school to pizza hut sit down buffet for lunch in a limo courtesy of magazine sales.

  61. John D says:

    My mother and father to me to Miami in 1975. On the way to Disney we found a place that advertised “Worlds best pizza…2 for $3” I was about 6 years old and carried my pizza sideways into the motel room. After my mom frantically rescuing it thinking it would of all been slid to one end…she opened the box to see the pizza……intact. That was the first warning. We each took a slice and a bite . We immediately threw the slices in the trash. It was worse than any frozen pizza I ever ate or would ever eat in my life. “Worlds best pizza” continues to be the bar set in my family to this day for horrible pizza.

  62. Tony F. says:

    Friday nights were special for two reasons. It was the only day, no matter what else was going on, that my entire family would sit around the table and share a meal, that meal would always be pizza. Most of my family is now gone but I can never have pizza without thinking about the fun and warmth shared during those meals.

  63. Craig Boldman says:

    Favorite local pizzeria in Hamilton, OH — Chester’s Pizza. As a kid, they were my introduction to the bizzare concept of pizza cut into squares!

  64. Diane says:

    I loved pizza from school even if it had that cardboard feel. It was still the best pizza ever at the time. Pretty sure if I ate it as an adult it would be a whole different story hehe

  65. scram says:

    I remember one time when I was 10-11 years old, I went with my best friend and his family to a local pizza place. They ordered pizza with anchovies on it. I ate some of that vile, wretched, pie from hell, then proceeded to vomit on the restaurant floor. An ambulance was called, and took me to the hospital. I passed away later that night.

  66. Starkzilla says:

    Favorite memory of pizza was getting McPizza from McDonald’s at the local mall and then going on a cheese and carb-fueled rampage through the play place they also had.

  67. Mark Furman says:

    Fantastic! Pizza memory from childhood making grandma drive all the way back across town because she forgot to get crazy sauce with the crazy bread at little caesars!

  68. nick says:

    getting big rectangular pizzas that came in the paper bags like old school little Caesars or pizza hut big foot pizza. good stuff.

  69. Alek says:

    I remember a local pizzeria right across my home. I was in pre-school at that time and always after school I would come home to find my freezer with a treat in it. It was a screwball cone! Cherry ice with gum on bottom oh it was delicious. The pizza was really good! Sadly that place is now a weird jewelry, bedding, and cash checking store now. Miss it

  70. Alek says:

    I also remember Pizza Hut book it!

  71. Holden says:

    Tried anchovies for the first time. Better than I thought. Now I order it whenever it appears on a menu.

  72. Kat!W! says:

    My parents always bought Little Cesars for us. To us kids, there was never a bad pizza. Would love to try the bacon-wrapped deep dish!

  73. Will says:

    Our “go-to” pizza joint when I was a kid was Pizza Hut. I loved the greasy pan pizza. They just dont make it the same anymore. I also loved getting a pitcher of coke and pouring it into the old school hard plastic cups. Our local Pizza Hut always had a jukebox cranking and a line at the sit down Ms. Pac Man machine. My how I loved eating pizza after playing in a little league game!

  74. Missouri says:

    Going to Pantera’s pizza after soccer games and devouring a deep dish pepperoni pizza with cheese so gooey and thick. Afterwards if we’d won, we’d get 2 whole quarters to play Toobin’ or Roadblasters – if we lost we only got one. Those were the days…

  75. Ashley S says:

    I just remember hanging out with my friends and getting pizza. Oh and had some at class parties all through school. 🙂

  76. Rachel says:

    We use to get Little Caesers all the time when I was a kid. The delivery guy would sometimes have balloons or toys. They were awesome! I still crave crazy bread.

  77. John D says:

    In 1975 my parents took me on vacation to Disney. Near a motel we saw a pizza shop advertising “Worlds best pizza….2 for $3” We each took a slice….a bite and dumped both in the trash. Worst pizza I have ever had in my life…still. 40 years later we still use the title “Worlds best pizza ” when describing an awful pizza.

  78. UniversalJuan says:

    Back when the Bigfoot pizza was still a thing (BRING IT BACK PIZZA HUT!), I was given an entire one ust for me! My aunt was with me to pick it up. I was so excited!

  79. Sarah says:

    The bigfoot pizza from Pizza Hut and their commercials….growing up in the 90s was great. Looking back at the commercials, they seem so much more comical compared to today’s where it’s let’s see how many times we can bash the other brands. Meh, I miss the 90s

  80. John says:

    My sister thought she was being clever by writing the toppings on the outside of each pizza box. 20 years later, we still like to remind her about the delicious “pepporeni” and “sasage” pizzas from that night.

  81. Shirosynth says:

    Friday night. Rent two videogames from Blockbuster with a Big Foot pizza from Little Caesars. Beat Sonic 2. Childhood nostalgia overload.

  82. mike says:

    There was nothing more exciting in the school lunch world, other than holiday meals of course, than the fridays once a month when we would get papa gino’s pizza. $2 a slice but it was so worth it!

  83. Rob says:

    Never liked pizza but if I win this my kids will love me.

  84. Kim says:

    Once, when I was in high school, we had a chemistry problem that involved a person eating 4 slices of pizza. My group members were all like “Ew, who does that?” That night while I was over my friend Austin’s house this tiny, little 5’0″ girl who weighed less than 100lbs ate 4 whole slices of pizza. Let’s just say that I have always enjoyed a good challenge x3 haha.

  85. Seokwon says:

    we always got papa murphys when I was a kid. Best bang for your buck then. Pizza is the best thing ever. Nom nom

  86. GL says:

    I remember a place called Shakey’s Pizza many years ago in Arizona that let me make my own pizza. Also remember playing with a yo-yo that lit up when I used it.

  87. Brian says:

    I had a big sleepover party for my birthday during my middle school years and we order so many pizzas to feed all of my friends and me. The meatball pizza that we got that night is one that I never forgot. It was probably a combination of both the event and the pizza itself, but it was simply amazing. That is definitely my favorite pizza memory.

  88. Adam says:

    Getting personal pan pizza from pizza hut for reading books

  89. Robert says:

    All of my childhood pizza memories revolve around Little Caesar’s. My favorite is probably when my very skinny dog jumped up on the table while we were out of the room and helped himself to an entire large LC pepperoni pizza. But back in the day, you got TWO pizzas when you ordered. So we also had a sausage pizza right next to it. It was unscathed.

  90. Jacob G. says:

    Getting free pizza for reading books (Book It!). I loved to read, so it was not difficult to get one.

  91. Joe P. says:

    I loved the old little Caesars that came with two pizzas wrapped in a white paper sleeve. Book-it was pretty cool too, other than having to beg my parents to go to Pizza Hut to claim my pizza.

  92. Sheila says:

    I lived in a small town growing up where the Pizza Hut was considered a popular dining destination. This was back when there were still numerous “sit-down” Pizza Huts (now I see many that only offer take-out/delivery). Even though the food may not have been the best, I loved it as a kid since it was only for “special occasions” that I’d get to eat pizza (I am Asian and my family didn’t eat pizza very often). We might have birthday celebrations, sports teams celebrations, school parties, etc. at Pizza Hut and I’d be ecstatic! I also loved the BookIt club, since I was an avid reader anyways and earning free pizza was just an added bonus for me!

    I know my post doesn’t really have to do with Little Caesar’s, but I don’t think we had a Little Caesar’s where I grew up. I’d love to try the new Bacon Deep Deep dish though!

    Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  93. Damon T. says:

    I never was the biggest fan of Little Caesar’s, however bacon wrapped pizza?! I’d give it a whirl. Growing up the one thing I did enjoy from them was their Crazy Bread…mmm I’d add that to the order if I won to bring back the nostalgia 🙂

  94. Roberto says:

    I remember one time with family we got breadsticks and I saw a blueberry baked right into the breadstick. I thought wow that’s weird. Turns out it was a fly. PIZZA! PIZZA!

  95. Naz says:

    Not my childhood, but the combination of it and pizza always makes me think of Home Alone. Kevin: “Did anyone order me a plain cheese pizza?” Buzz: “Oh yeah we did. But if you want any, somebody’s gonna have to barf it up, cause it’s gone.” The pizza in that movie looks so good too!

  96. Josh K says:

    You knew it was a real birthday party when you were a kid if pizza was being ordered with all the fix in’s, standard pepperoni and cheese, 2L of coke/pepsi, breadsticks & wings, and cinnastix. Unhealthy? yes, Nostalgic? oh yeahhhh

    I also remember how good Pizza Hut’s deep dish was when I was a kid, i miss those days.

  97. E.J. Pray says:

    Me, my ex, and a carload of friends eating Little Caesar’s after our high school graduation ceremony. Ah, the good ol’ days.

  98. Dan says:

    Ahhh pizza….so many memories, so little space. Obviously the tabletop arcade games and the buffet at Pizza Hut….the small arcade @ Sbarro’s at the mall…birthday parties at Circus Circus….driving 20 minutes each way to get Papa Johns for a party because there wasn’t one in our town yet….hitting up the video rental store and Little Caesar’s on a Friday night….im sure I have many more but those are the ones off the top of my head.

  99. Jeremy P. says:

    I remember as a child, Little Caesers had a lot of cool promos. One was a thing called Prize!Surprise! which featured small sport-related toys that were actually a lot of fun to play with. My brother and I also really loved another promo they did where they gave out 6FT posters of NFL players to hang over the back of a bedroom door. I must have had a life-size Herschel Walker poster for a couple of years in my room. I also liked their pan pizza, so, it was a win-win.

  100. Eric says:

    Definitely those totinos “party pizzas”? Definitely NOT pizza (in the same way kraft blue box isn’t mac and cheese) but one of those food products you need to go back to every once in a while for nostalgia.

  101. Bryan K. says:

    The Domino’s Dominator 30″ long pizza!! Also I really miss the old Little Caesars crazy bread. The new dough they use just doesn’t hold a candle to it both texture and taste wise.

  102. Jonathan Wayne says:

    Yeah, I’m not ready to die yet.

  103. Cam says:

    When I was younger, every Monday in the fall meant football and Little Caesars. Their Crazy Bread was and still is off the charts good.

  104. imaydasong says:

    I used to only eat pizza from MacDonalds when they had it. Now pizza rules everything around me. Dolla dolls bills y’all.

  105. Tom says:

    My favorite pizza as a kid was the Big New Yorker from Pizza Hut. It was unbelievable, and if they brought it back, I would throw a pizza party for myself and order 10.

  106. CB says:

    I remember pizza day in elementary school. So good back then but I bet now it would taste terrible!

  107. Eric says:

    I remember going to Little Caesar’s with my mom and always playing the Simon game they used to have to win random free stuff. For those unfamiliar, this game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGwqyjyc7no

  108. Alex C says:

    pizza at chuckie cheese

  109. Alfred says:

    I loved the free pizza and free buffet coupons I would get all the time when I was young. Nothing better than free pizza ;).

  110. Mark P says:

    Defintely the Pizza Hutt Book It! Personal Pan Pizzas were my go to as a kid anytime I got to pick which pizza place we ordered.

  111. Chyrl says:

    We ate pizza out as a reward for good grades on our report cards. I remember a large wonderful hot pepperoni pizza and a pitcher of cola. One of my favorite childhood memories!

  112. Robert S. says:

    I remember growing up we would hand-toss pizza dough at home. Nothing quite compares like building a pie and adding ingredients by hand.

  113. MR. Gnarly says:

    My school had the best homemade pizza. Mmmmm pizza.

  114. Chris W says:

    My pizza memory from childhood centers around Little Caesar’s Pizza. My birthday is in the summer and we would get the Pizza!Pizza! deal every year while having a pool party. With the Pizza!Pizza! deal there was plenty for everyone!

  115. Patrick Bateman says:

    Bigfoot pizza

  116. Daniel says:

    Every time I eat a Chicago-style deep dish pizza, it’s always a great memory. Lou Malnati’s, Giordano’s, Uno’s, Gino’s East… *drools*


  117. Nate says:

    Tony’s meat and cheese pizza every Friday through elementary school, except during lent when they forced pain cheese on everyone.

  118. Steven says:

    I got the shrimp pizza in Korea all the time and it saddens me that shrimp is not a popular topping in the US.

  119. I used to love little Caesars back in the day. Used to always get a deep dish with anchovies. Sauce had more flavor back then, but still would like to try this

  120. Ben says:

    I remember when the noid was a thing for domino’s and I always thought if the pizza was late to us for delivery, then the noid must have got it. Jerk noid.

  121. Sue says:

    Local pizzeria pizza was usually what we got and always plain. Family with 4 kids my parents were on a strict budget so we rarely got toppings. Pizza hut was a little pricier than the local place so that was a rare treat.

  122. Holly says:

    I remember that BookIt program Pizzahut had to get free personal pans as a kid. I read so many damn books, I thought I’d be able to have pizza every night, except the damn Pizza Hut was 30 minutes away and I relied on my parents to take me there. Didn’t plan that one out.

  123. Whitney says:

    I went to Catholic elementary school and about once a month they would serve mexican pizza in the cafeteria. It was AMAZING. I haven’t had one in about 30 years but I can still taste it!

  124. Alcoholic Mike says:

    This pizza put me to sleep. I’ve found it to be a very reliable sleep aid lol. That said, it tastes good too.

  125. Brad H says:

    I got a free personal pan pizza from the instruction manual of Ninja Turtles 2 for NES. That was the first pizza memory from my childhood that came to mind when thinking about it.

  126. Sean Gilmour says:

    The Pizza Hut Book It! program when I was a kid. One of my local Pizza Huts that offered a lunch buffet actually had the option to redeem your certificates for a free lunch buffet instead of the pan pizza. Those were the days.

  127. Joan says:

    Uhm. My most memorable pizza experience happens everytime I have it. Cause I hate it! Unless its specialty (white sauce, BBQ, buffalo etc). Which it appears everyone around hates/is unwilling to try specialty pizzas.

    Im super trapped in the minority of people who just ain’t into pizza.. Unless it doesn’t taste like actual pizza.

    I love wings n things (if you’re down south like myself, im not talking zaxbys) so when people want pizza, I memorably always wish more people would go for chicken. I just don’t dig classic pizza!

    It should also be noted, how memorable it really is, because my daughter hates me everytime she wants pizza.

    Everyone loves pizza. So sometimes I’m sad that I honestly can say I. Just. Don’t. Period

  128. Jessica says:

    Best pizza memory? Probably getting to eat at Mystic Pizza. Crappy movie but darn good pizza!

  129. Andre says:

    I remember having my 8th birthday party at Little Caesars pizza parlor back in the day. They had a big dining room with a stage, the tall shiny pizza stands, and Spy Hunter in the game room. Pizza Pizza!

  130. jeremy says:

    My memory is eating little caeser’s at kmart with my family growing up

  131. Warcat G says:

    When I was a lot younger my older sister had a birthday pizza party at Pizza Inn (remember those places??). Well after making a very strong case to sit at the “big kid table” (aka threw a hissy fit) I was allowed to sit with them… Let’s just say I squandered my opportunity when I got sick from their soup and threw up all over the place. My sister still has never fully forgiven me for it do this day.

  132. Karen says:

    slowly picking apart every.single.topping and pulling apart the crust bit by bit until I’m left with one of the best parts -the crust! Wait…I still do that

  133. Marges 9AM Hair Appointment says:

    Yum. I would to try this. Pizza & bacon are 2 of my favorite things! Only thing was my beloved potatoes did not receive an invite so I can have loaded potato pizza bites. Mmmmm….loaded pizza lhrgglllll.

  134. Dean says:

    Trying Ledo’s Pizza for the first time…What a game changer for people in the DC/MD/VA area. Every piece is a square and with the best pepperonis ever!

  135. Marges 9AM Hair Appointment says:

    Wow I did not read directions. So I remember eating a whole large pizza & 5 bread sticks by myself when Pizza Time opened up in our area. I used to go in & watch them make it. Cost about $10 for both items. I also remember big foot pizza for the nerdy reading group I was in. I loved the square pizza in the lunchroom. It was the only day I bought school lunch. Ok I love pizza mum mom!

  136. Andrew K says:

    I remember as a kid always getting Little Caesar’s. Back then, all their pizzas were square/rectangular. But they still haven’t changed the crazy bread which is what all the kids loved.

  137. Adam says:

    A pizza place in the college town I went to school in would sell $1 slices after 1 am, and would yell “Hot cheese up front!” to all the hungry, drunk college kids, miss that place

  138. Justin S says:

    1995, stuffed crust had just been released. I was in second grade. Pizza Hut brought in stuffed crust pizzas for my whole school for lunch that day. Best school lunch ever.

  139. Bryan says:

    Playing WoW while eating pizza and getting grease all over the mouse and keyboard caused me to wipe a raid.

  140. Scott says:

    Getting good grades in elementary school and got to eat little Caesars on pizza day…. compared to the kids who had to eat square cafeteria pizza!

  141. Eagles409 says:

    As a kid there was nothing better than getting Little Caesars for dinner. Of course it was always two pizzas and instead of a box, it was a cardboard tray with a paper cover. I loved ripping open that paper and getting a whiff of that pizza. Good times.

  142. Matthew says:

    Ohh man!!! Reminds me of when I used to take Pizza Rolls and wrap them in bacon before putting them in the oven.. Ate this at least 3x/week growing up haha!

  143. JF says:

    Not much of a fan of LC but would definitely try this if it were free. In fact not much of a fan of any pizza chain. That brings me to my childhood memory and why I dislike most pizza nowadays. I was born and raised on Long Island, NY, so I know a thing or two about great pizza. When living there, you never order from a chain and even the smallest shop had some of the best pizza. Whenever I head back to NY one of the first things I do is get a couple slices of pizza and some garlic knots.

  144. Ed H says:

    Alright, here is a Little Caesars’ pizza story that repeated throughout the summer in the late ‘80s. My longtime high school sweetheart (future wife) and I with what little money we made from part time jobs would buy season passes to Six Flags. Then as often as possible when we had enough money for gas, parking, ice, a 2 liter of Coke and a Little Caesars’ pizza would head off for a day of fun. I would buy the pizza late at night the day prior to our trip. Then we would load up my crappy old black Plymouth with all of the items, placing the ice and Coke in a cooler. The pizza would remain in its original packing on the back seat of the car. When the afternoon rolled around we would head out to the car to a steaming hot Little Caesars’ pizza and a cold Coke. Little Caesars’ pizza is cemented in my youth and always reminds of great times with my wife and an old beat up Plymouth that smelled like pizza for most of the summer.

  145. Chris says:

    I fondly remember eating pizza with my dad out on the beach in Myrtle Beach, SC as a kid

  146. Clay says:

    I grew up in a small town in west Texas, and believe it or not, I never had pizza until I was in high school. I’ve been making up for lost time ever since!

  147. DANNO B says:

    MMMMMMMMMMMM. Bacon. Pick me!

  148. Yum Yucky says:

    Every Friday when I was a kid, my Grandmom would order me & her a pizza. She would eat 2 slices and I would eat the other 6. Ya, I was being greedy, but the memory still warms my heart (and stomachs). Thanks for the giveaway! I wanna winnnnn.

  149. Max says:

    Pizza is the bomb

  150. Kristy says:

    I remember being in Kindergarten being surveyed which topping we wanted on our pizzas. Only one type of topping was allowed. I had always thought that in order to get cheese on your pizza you had to order it along with another topping if you wanted it. But I only had one vote, “a pizza isn’t a pizza w/out cheese…but I really want pepperoni…” So for about 5 years after that I always voted cheese even though I wanted pepperoni….

  151. Michael Flory says:

    I remember Vincenzo’s Pizza in Canyon Country. That was our special treat, and we always got a large – which was 20″ at the time! I was so mesmerized by it.

  152. Richard says:

    I remember as a kid going to the pizza place and playing the arcade games they had.

  153. Bryan K. says:

    The Domino’s Dominator 30″ long pizza! That pizza was just imposing to look at as a kid. I also used to love going to Showbiz pizza (now Chuck E. Cheese) and playing skeeball.

  154. Ames says:

    PIZZA PIZZA!!! When I was a kid I could eat pizza everyday… yum

  155. Bryan K. says:

    I forgot I posted last night… I may have had too much to drink 😉

  156. Mike c says:

    Loved the baby pan pan from little caesars!

  157. Alex K. says:

    Oh, Little Caesars. Before I moved when I was six, there was a Little Caesars by my old house. I always wanted it because it had a gigantic Caesar on top of the building and my parents never went because they said “That place is awful.”

    …ten years later I had it for the first time (to my knowledge) and it was the best pizza for the money I ever had.


  158. Jenny Loveridge says:

    When I was growing up in Fairbanks, AK the best pizza I ever had came from Pizza Pete’s. Another contender was Shaky’s that had a unique taste I’ve never come across again.

  159. Jason says:

    I remember going to pizza Hut near me when it still had the buffet line and an original pac-man low boy arcade cabinet for two people to sit at. That was when they still made their take on “Mexican pizza” with lettuce even….

  160. Anne Sutton says:

    I have three childhood pizza memories: (1) square Tony’s pizza in the cafeteria at my school. The kind with diced pepperoni on top (2) Pizza Hut (when they were good, had an awesome pan crust), gave you a free mini pizza on your B-day, and (3) the Noid at Domino’s! Fav character ever!

  161. Andy says:

    growing up eating pizza with my friends on Friday nights!

  162. Devino says:

    I saw this same offer on Marvo’s site theimpulsivebuy.com, maybe this makes Little Caesars an unofficial sponsor of The Nosh Show? Appropriate for the 50th episode.

    Side note: I think it’s cool to see so many Devin’s enter.

  163. well versed says:

    I remember eating Little Caesars when I had a high school group project to reenact Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. I need some bacon wrapped pizza in my life.

  164. Petey says:

    I remember saving up extra allowance money and then pitching in with a couple of friends so we could get 2 large LC pizzas. We’d take our bikes a few miles down the road, pay with some ones and a lot of change then bike down another mile or so to eat at a picnic table near where we used to swim. Pizza Pizza, swim!

  165. Kyle S. says:

    I remember having a memory of remembrances of pizzas past. I want bacon on my pizza.

  166. ANGELA SIMS says:

    I remember my Dad used to go to Little Ceasars to get us pizza and it came 2 in a long box. We used to love pizza night!

  167. Matt says:

    Why not?? I’ll try anything once!

  168. Melissa says:

    My favorite pizza related childhood memory is ordering pizza with my family on Friday nights

  169. Raymond says:

    Going to Pizza Hut with my parents when Pizza Hut was still a walk in and sit down restuarant, I was 5 or 6, we were living in Hawaii at the time. Thin and crispy pepperoni pizza, every single time.

  170. thien says:

    Pizza from Book It!

  171. adam says:

    Discovery Zone. 8 year old birthday part. Cold lifeless imitation cheese.

    Yes, you can really have bad pizza.

  172. Velcro says:

    Pizza after little league games. I played right field. It’s important, ya know.

  173. Elizabeth says:

    Taking the little plastic white thing that held the middle of the box away from the pizza and attempting to use it as a table for Barbies and Ninja Turtles.

  174. Josh Fisher says:

    I remember one time as a rebellious child, I was angry at my mother for the “healthy” dinner she prepared for the family. So I ran up to my room and ordered ten dominoes pizza to my house. I figured I could sneak this from my parents and enjoy all the pizza i could possibly want. Bad news was I didn’t factor in the cost, and thus my plan crumbled like the pizzas that went to waste.

  175. Thistle says:

    Friday night was always pizza night.

    Mmm, I can’t wait to try this bacon-wrapped pizza! I still haven’t had a chance yet.

  176. stacey says:

    driving to 40 miles to go to chuck e. cheese. best pizza i can remember plus PacMan!!!!

  177. Gene says:

    enjoying Godfather’s Pizza buffets every few weeks or so. Awesome.

  178. Colby says:

    Mmm.. Pizza Pizza!

  179. Darrell Martinsen says:

    The Priazzo stuffed pizza pies from Pizza Hut. Best childhood pizza memory ever!

  180. Craig says:

    I wonder how I could add more bacon this? Maybe wrap bacon around the whole thing, go for the heart attack surprise?!

  181. Matt says:

    I have to say, as far as pizza & childhood memories, Little Caesar’s is it. I grew up in Farmington Hills, Michigan where Little Caesar’s is from. I was a huge fan long before Hot-n-Ready was their thing! When I moved to Colorado, the only Little Caesar’s nearby was in the food court at a K-mart – I used to ride my bike when my parents were at work to have lunch at the K-mart Little Caesar’s. Now Little Caesar’s have popped up all over town! The Deep Deep Dish and crazy bread have always been some of my favorites!

  182. dallas says:

    the only pizza we had growing up was casey’s taco pizza. umm cardboard pizza.

  183. Brent says:

    I remember getting pizza with my brother once a week when he would come home to my parents house to do laundry. Our choices varied, but we always tried the newest gimmick pizza put out by Pizza Hut (stuffed crust, triple decker), Monster (Noble Romans), or the Little Caesars Bigfoot which was my favorite.

  184. Philip says:

    Ironically, my pizza-related childhood memory is that I didn’t really ever eat pizza until I was in my teens due to my hatred of tomatoes, ketchup, and sauce. Countless birthday parties where I chose to only eat cake.

    Now however, I have learned the awesomeness that is white pizza so I’m all good.

  185. Kayla says:

    I remember the day I invited my best friends now of over 10 years over to my house for the first time, playing video games and eating pizza until 4 AM and thinking it was the best thing to ever happen.

  186. Chris D says:

    It is definitely a unique concept for pizza and I do love bacon!

  187. Nick says:

    My favorite pizza memory was when I first tried Papa’s Pizza in Milford, Ct. A lot of people think Pepe’s is the best in the state. Not so!

  188. Justin says:

    As a kid I remember going to Cicis pizza after going bowling with my uncle and cousin. Haven’t been back in years. Little Caesar’s has become an occasional thing of mine since they have these new pizzas.

  189. snuff says:

    one of the ninja turtles would say “pizza, pizza” as a baby turtle in the first ninja turtles movie circa 1990. the baby turtle said it in a way that communicated that he was both new to pizza and liked it. i am not old to pizza and love it.

  190. Poyo says:

    Remember having b-day parties at a what is now a Chuck-E-Cheese (forgot the name of the place before they got bought by CEC), the pizza was nasty and there were these huge mechanical puppets that were constructed as a band to play music. Those things scarred me for life.

  191. aj says:

    Two Words: BOOK IT! It motivated me to read, great marketing plan! Loved personal pan pizzas. Man oh man!

  192. JN says:

    five nights at Freddy’s!

  193. Michael says:

    Little Ceasar’s Pizza Pizza! *Orig Buy One Get One* Served on cardboard with white paper wrapping! Loved there pizza in the 70’s ! Our family dinner Saturday night.

  194. Joseph B says:

    I learned how to read at 2 years old. My parents found out when we were driving in Phoenix and at a stoplight I pointed and said “pizza”. They looked at where I was pointing and it was a sign for a pizza place. No pics. Just the word pizza lol

  195. David says:

    I remember as a kid the Little Caesars in our area would occasionally have any pizza, any size, any number of toppings for $4. My parents would get one for them and let me and my brother pick the toppings on ours. Three-quarters of the time we had them put every single topping on there. It looked glorious and tasted the same!!!

  196. Tom says:

    Ordering pizza every Friday night as a family

  197. scottie says:

    Eating Canadian bacon pizza on accident and crying because it wasn’t pepperoni.

  198. Bj says:

    My favorite pizza memories involve Book It and personal pan pizzas. 🙂

  199. PJH says:

    I remember loving Little Caesars when I was a kid, way before they did the hot and ready thing.

  200. Jessica O. says:

    My mom worked evenings, and my dad only knew how to make TV dinners and frozen pizza. My sister and I grew up on frozen pizza, and I still love it!

  201. Dano says:

    Eating this pizza would be a good bazingo on my heart and arteries.

  202. Alex says:

    Enjoying my mom’s homemade pizza was the best!

  203. Pauline says:

    My favorite childhood memory involving pizza is with Pizza Hut. My mom went through a phase when I was in high school where she would crave pizza from Pizza Hut. It was back when they had the deal where you buy three medium 2 topping pizzas for $5 each. So because she wanted pizza and won’t but things unless there’s a deal, we would have to buy three pizzas for my family of three females and one male. We would have way too much pizza for a whole week. Now, I look back and laugh nostalgically.

  204. Jake says:

    Playing arcade games in Pizza Hut in San Jose, California. Getting Pizza at Round Table after a winning little league game.

  205. Technosquid says:

    I remember getting Back to the Future II Solar Shades at Pizza Hut. Only $1.99!

  206. ROBERT P. says:


  207. Jen says:

    Being from a large family, it was a rarity for us kids to have the chance to go out to eat in public without driving our parents completely insane. When we did, it was our local Godfather’s Pizza. It was fun and delicious and yes, we drove our poor parents bonkers with chiding, scolding or soothing 6 children. Ah, memories.

  208. Chris says:

    The best is still the elementary school square cut pizza. pretty sure it is absolutely horrible, but memories man.

  209. Kim C. says:

    Okay so when I was little I HATED pizza. I also hated the carbonation of drinks. So basically I was a nightmare child at birthday parties in elementary school. I wouldn’t eat the pizza or drink the drinks. Soooo…yeah. I don’t know why that was. It wasn’t until I was 17-18 and started to find free pizza everywhere as a college freshman that I finally became a pizza lover haha. Looking back I have no idea how I could’ve hated pizza.

  210. Dallas Floyd says:

    I remember traveling to Bar Harbor, Maine and visiting Rosalie’s Pizza. Such an old school pizza place with the best pizza I’ve ever eaten.

  211. Mark says:

    I would agree with some others that the best pizza is the stuff from school when I was a kid. It was kinda soft, not terribly cheesy and cut into squares, but it was so good!

  212. Jay says:

    One of the my earliest memories that I have with pizza is of being at a friend’s birthday party when I was a kid in the early 90s and seeing the sheer size of the Pizza Hut Bigfoot pizzas. I remember being in awe of them.

  213. Curtis P. says:

    The best pizza was at the drive in theatre when I was a little kid. It was hand made and with a lot of toppings.

  214. Caitlin says:

    I have so many memories! I used to go with my mom all the time with the Book It program in Elementary School and always order the personal pan cheese pizza, it was my favorite (still is of course, only I like veggies on it now)! I also remember driving all the way down to Virginia with my mom after my best friend moved, and we stopped at Pizza Hut for dinner while we caught up 🙂

  215. Sam Tannenbaum says:

    My earliest pizza memories are of my mother making us that super-cheap boxed Chef Boyardee cheese pizza- bottom-dollar dough mix, generic sauce, and powdered parmesan/romano cheese sprinkled on top. Awful, but when you’re a kid, you don’t know what’s good; you just eat what the big people give you. They still make that stuff, but I can’t believe anyone buys it.

    The fist time I ever had ‘real’ pizza was at Showbiz Pizza for some kindergarten classmate’s birthday party. The thick crust, mozzarella cheese, and actual meat-and-veg toppings (combined with the magical lights and sounds of Showbiz) were enough to ruin me for that boxed garbage, as well as to trigger a lifelong love affair with pizza of all kinds.

  216. Lauren says:

    I remember buying lunch at the school cafeteria on Fridays because there was pizza.

  217. Steven says:

    The only pizza my parents would only get us was Little Caesars as kids (I’m guessing it was cheap back then too). We even had our birthday parties in their old dungeon inspired interiors – dimly lit, glowing red medieval chandeliers, and 80’s arcade games. My favorite was mushroom pizza, and i still can’t believe they use canned ones. What was I thinking?

  218. Danny DePietro says:

    I remember going to Little Caesars every Thurseday night with my father… was actually quality time that looking back now I miss slot.

  219. Mark says:

    Easily eating pizza from our local farmer’s market on Satrudays.

    The crust, cheese, and toppings were nothing special, but whatever spices they used in the sauce was absolutely fantastic and still is. Hard to find better sauce on a pizza than that.

  220. Tony says:

    The most memorable pizzas are always the ones had at a different place. I can trace back all of my childhood memories to a slice of pizza

  221. Dan says:

    While Book It is my earliest memory of pizza, the best pizza I’ve ever had is at Wild Tomato in Door County Wisconsin. The perfect blend of cheese, sauce, sausage and pepperoni. A phenomenal pizza.

  222. Seth says:

    My favorite memory of eating pizza as a kid was going to the local pizza joint with our little league team (and every other team in the league at the same time) and pigging out! It was so much fun to not only run around like a hell raiser with all the other hell raiser boys, but also to put greasy fingers all over Street Fighter II in the “arcade” Yup the best!

  223. Fred says:

    I remember a place called Nano’s when I was growing up, loved that place 🙂

  224. Eric says:

    There were some friends of my parents that would come over a few times a month. Every time they would come over they would bring Little Caesars (one tomato and one sausage) and a video game. I would always look forward to them coming over because it meant I got pizza and to play video games.

  225. Kiki says:

    I remember the little thing in the middle of Pizza Hut pizzas that looked like a table. I would put them in my dollhouse.

  226. vinny says:

    fondly remember pizza friday every week when i was little 🙂

  227. arjun ratnayake says:

    when we first moved ot the us, the closest place was little ceasers and we’d have it all the time. we later discovered the other major chains and went over there, but always have a soft spot for them.

  228. Brandon T says:

    Tombstone pizza will forvever be the greatest frozen pizza even after eating it for 25 years. If you hate tombstone, you probably hate your life.

  229. Jay Jay says:

    In a small town one of the few places to eat was pizza hut, I remember going there once a week when I grew up with my family. Nothing exciting but I remember spending time together, it stuck with me.

  230. andreas says:

    I remember picking up my brothers from pre school and getting pizza with them at like 7 years old

  231. Evan says:

    What I remember is how awesome I thought flavored crust was when I first learned it existed.

  232. Jeffrey says:

    used to go to litter Caesars every Tuesday night because of soccer practice and it was the fastest and most economically worth place to get food.

  233. Bmgfl says:

    I remember getting pizza as a treat growing up, there was a small local place that had the best pizza ever. Unfortunately they closed up about 15 years ago.

  234. Raymonster says:

    On the eve of my sixth year of existence, our small parish was descended upon by relentless pizza aggressors from beyond the Heavens. A massive struggle ensued that was mostly comprised of pepperoni, malice and blood-shed! All hope seemed abandoned over their endless assault as the emanations of Oregano and tomatoes pervaded the air. However the tide of battle was turned by a tiny curio corner shop that produced various types of artisan processed food spread. I remember raising my glass vial shaker of asiago sprinkles and landed doughy defeat as we consumed their sauce and cheese laden corpses. Now we wait, ever vigilant scanning the horizon, waiting for the next slice to descend.

  235. BKC says:

    I remember the days when Little Caesars was marketed as “Pizza! Pizza!” and the pizzas were served side-by-side in a long box with a paper wrapping. In the summertime, it seems we had Little Caesars pizza just about everyday!

  236. Matt B says:

    I remember growing up in NYC and eating at the Famous Ray’s and the pizza shop around the corner Sal’s. My sister always said they were rubbery. She was always wrong.

  237. Seth says:

    My favorite memory of eating pizza is going to the pizza parlor with the little league team and eating so much pizza and playing street fighter II with really greasy hands.

  238. Shannon says:

    I have a few early memories of eating pizza. I don’t know which came first. One was when I was a kid going to my uncle’s house to get together with my family to watch a movie. I remember when my stepgrandad would bring my cousin and me pizza home and we would run to his car to get it. Lastly, I remember Book it.

  239. Johnny says:

    I was about 4 when I first saw my cousins eating pizza. They had their slices folded, and I thought pizza was a weird sandwich, and they offered me a slice. Flash forward about 15 minutes, you had one stuffed toddler and one empty pizza box.

  240. Begging my dad to order Pizza Hut’s Stuffed Crust Pizzas because they came with a PlayStation demo disc.

  241. Jeff W says:

    My fondest childhood memory has to be Little Caesar’s old deep dish pizza before they changed it to the Detroit style. Seeing a big square deep dish pizza split into 8 triangles and tasting every single bit of it was nothing short of awesome. Detroit style is good too but it doesn’t quite do justice to the nostalgia.

  242. Sparky72 says:

    Having thoughts of Monicals deluxe thin crust pizza with their house french dressing on top…if you are a central IL native you know exactly what I am talking about!

  243. Astrid says:

    watching my parents eat pizza at a restaurant with knives and forks

  244. Nada says:

    kids night at pizza hut with my family in the 90’s, and my muslim dad’s diehard order of pan pizza with ground beef, black olives, and anchovies! or the one time we went to a pizza hut in cairo and got to order the meatlover’s with all beef versions of pepporoni, sausage, etc

  245. tracy says:

    Getting pizza hut personal pizzas as an after school snack! Oh and the lunchable pizzas. nothing can beat that. Too bad I can’t eat that kind of stuff without having to work out for half an hour afterwards. =[

  246. McMehu says:

    Has the number been reached yet? I wanna try one.

  247. Joseph K says:

    When I ate my first square pizza at a Little Caesars in a Super Kmart.

  248. Ben says:

    My earliest memory that kinda stuck with me is the first time seeing a pizza that wasn’t round. Ledo pizza in Virginia. Love the sauce, crust and the thick pepperoni. I always go for the corner pieces.

  249. Holly says:

    Going to Godfather’s pizza with my family. They had a buffet and an arcade!

  250. matt says:

    eating pizza at chuck e cheese with classmates

  251. Whitney says:

    We have a local pizza place where I live called Husson’s. I love that place so much, it’s always been my favorite! It’s what got me addicted to thin crust, and it’s been ages since I’ve had it. I don’t know why! But as a little nod to my favorite pizza place, for some reason I thought it was a good idea to name my town in this game called Animal Crossing “Hussons”. Looking back that was pretty funny, but now in any game I play if I can pick a town’s’ name, I choose “Hussons”.

  252. shirley says:

    Going shopping on Saturday all I could think of was hurry so we can get to Little Caesars, so good.

  253. Sarah Hall says:

    I remember the wonderful smell of the pepperoni and the gooey cheese when I took a bite.

  254. Andre says:

    Catholic grade school, and Hot Lunch Tuesdays: $2.25 got us a French bread pizza (Stouffers-Style), chips and a drink/milk. High school, $1 French bread pizza with lots of garlic served by the Italian grandmas during Lent season Fridays…

  255. Yvonne Appleton says:

    My mom and I used to have a pizza and movie day every Friday!
    Those are some good memories.

  256. Carolsue says:

    Well, this isn’t exactly my childhood, but it was a long time ago. The only place in town that had a pizza parlor was also a bar. At the time, we could drink beer (which is all this place sold) at 18, so at 18 I was excited that I could finally have pizza. Forget the beer!

  257. Soha MOlina says:

    My pizza related memo is of my mom making homemade Baboli pizzas for us.

  258. Dawn Monroe says:

    I remember how good our school lunch pizza use to be. I use to love pizza Friday.

  259. rochelle haynes says:

    I remember going to the fair with my father i had a lots of fun

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