Taco Bell’s New Cap’n Crunch Delights and the Return of the Bacon Club Chalupa

New Cap’n Crunch Delights are now available at Taco Bell.  They’re described as warm, light pastries, coated with fruity Cap’n Crunch’s Crunch Berries™ cereal and filled with creamy, sweet milk icing. Capn’ Crunch Delights are available in 2, 4, and 12 packs.  My local Taco Bell in Maryland has the 2-count priced at $1.00, the 4-count for $1.89, and the 12-count for $4.99.  Nutrition info for 2 Cap’n Crunch Delights: 170 calories, 11 grams of fat (2.5 saturated), 105 milligrams of sodium, 15 grams of carbs, 7 grams of sugar, and 2 grams of protein.

Cap'n Crunch DelightsReturning to the Taco Bell menu for a limited time is the Bacon Club Chalupa.  The Bacon Club Chalupa features bacon, grilled chicken, avocado ranch sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, and a three cheese blend in a chalupa shell.  My local Taco Bell in Maryland has the Bacon Club Chalupa priced at $2.99.  Nutrition info: 470 calories, 29 grams of fat (6 saturated), 870 milligrams of sodium, 30 grams of carbs, 4 grams of sugar, and 21 grams of protein.

Bacon Club Chalupa

10 comments on “Taco Bell’s New Cap’n Crunch Delights and the Return of the Bacon Club Chalupa

  1. Aaron says:

    So you guys want the BCB and lava sauce back in the lineup? We hear you, and we don’t give a damn. At least their corporate customer service matches the service you receive at an average Taco Bell.

  2. popwar says:

    Well, i know what im getting next time at tb

  3. Caitlin says:

    I tried the Cap’n Crunch Delights this morning and unfortunately I was really disappointed. The texture was amazing since they’re fried, but in regards to taste they don’t even come close to their Cinnabon Delights cousin. They’re surprisingly not really that sweet, and they have an artificial taste to them, perhaps from all the food coloring. Very disappointed; I really wanted to like these things, they look adorable!

  4. Baja says:

    No, we want the Baja Sauce back.

  5. Michael says:

    Give me the Quesalupa already.

  6. Ken says:

    Love the the BCC. Hate avocado anything.

  7. Pimousse says:

    Ohhh hells yeah! Time to hit up Taco Bell tomorrow!

  8. Mark says:

    I never tried one last time they were out, but got one for a working dinner today. It was underwhelming. The chicken is pretty good, but the bacon has zero flavor or texture. You might as well just get a chicken chalupa. And the sauce stinks. Bring back baja. I might just opt for sour cream over that watery, tasteless ranch. It’s definitely not worth $3, but then a regular chicken chalupa is probably the same price.

    And has anyone else noticed the chalupas taste way more floury/less crunchy/less fried lately? Last two times I had one it tasted more like a gordita than a chalupa and wasn’t browned at all, still looked like a gordita too.

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