Sonic Hot Dogs for $1 on National Hot Dog Day

On Thursday, July 23rd, Sonic is celebrating National Hot Dog Day with their 6-inch Chili Cheese Coney and 6-inch All-American Dog for $1.  Available all day.  Add-ins cost extra.

Sonic National Hot Dog Day

4 comments on “Sonic Hot Dogs for $1 on National Hot Dog Day

  1. Brandon says:

    Nice try sonic’s, but I can go to sheetz and get 2 hotdogs for a dollar any day.

  2. Foodie32 says:

    If you honestly are willing to put Sheetz hot dogs into your body that tells us a lot about you as a person!

  3. joy marie says:

    Hot dogs are cooked on hot dog roller. Two choices Thursday are all American and ćhili cheese dog

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