Red Stick Chicken from Popeyes Available Monday, March 30th

Last month we brought you a first glimpse of new Red Stick Chicken from Popeyes.  The officially release date will be Monday, March 30th.  New Red Stick Chicken comes in a $3.99 combo box with 4 TABASCO Pepper marinated tenderloins, fries, a biscuit and new Smok’n Pepper Ranch Dipping Sauce.  Available for a limited time at participating locations.

Red Stick Chicken

4 comments on “Red Stick Chicken from Popeyes Available Monday, March 30th

  1. Justin ST says:

    And it will taste exactly like all their other LTO’s.

  2. Evan says:

    My popeyes had this actually yesterday and I tried it. It was basically a chicken tender but pretty spicy. I actually liked the taste of it BUT the pieces were at least half the size of a chicken tender some were very small maybe 1/3 of a chicken tender from popeyes. So getting 4 pieces wasn’t very filling, but the price is pretty good, my Popeyes actually had it at 4.99 not the 3.99 (mine always has higher prices on all LTO). I definitely wouldn’t get it again though, the pieces should have been bigger, maybe not as big as a chicken tender but at least should be half the size or a little more.

  3. Joan says:

    They had these before, at least where I am in FL. The red stick really is just a red stick that gauges spiciness.. That’s what the Louisiana lady said in the commercial a year ago..

  4. Jim says:

    How about some brown stick biscuits? They are so inconsistent on the cooking of their biscuits.

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