Papa John’s Adds New Garlic Knots to the Menu

Papa John’s has added a new shareable side to its menu… Garlic Knots.  These twisted bread knots are oven baked then sauced with Papa John’s garlic parmesan sauce.  An order comes with 8 Garlic Knots and pizza sauce for dipping.  Get a large, two-topping pizza for $10 with new Garlic Knots for $4 when you order online – $1 lower than the regular menu price of $5.

Garlic Knots Papa Johns

14 comments on “Papa John’s Adds New Garlic Knots to the Menu

  1. Mike N. says:

    I love garlic knots. Papa John’s, not so much. I wonder if these will actually be made fresh in house with existing pizza dough or if they’ll come frozen and thrown into the oven when ordered.

  2. Alek says:

    They could use the pizza dough to make the knots. Use some of the garlic sauce (they need to kick the trans fat out) and sprinkle some of sort a herb blend. Make into knots. Then throw in oven.

    • Mike N says:

      I saw a TV ad after I posted the above comments and they do say they’re ‘made fresh’ and show John tying the knots.

  3. Matt says:

    That has to be an insane profit margin….4$ for an order, probably costs them 8 cents to make

    • Will B. says:

      We got these last night to try since a 50% off code was active in our area, and they look to be the exact same dough used for the parmesan garlic breadsticks, with the same garlic butter topping, but far less per order. When you take into consideration that these are $5 at non-promotional price and the breadsticks are $6, spending $.50 more (after the discount code) to get the way bigger sticks order is a no brainer.

  4. Gr8pimpin says:

    Wonder when people will understand that these places (Papa John’s, Domino’s, and Pizza Hut) are not really cheaper than your local fresh pizza joint. $5 for 8 little nuggets of dough. Seriously ?

    • eric says:

      papa johns pizzas are almost a third of the price of local places thanks to all the 50% off codes they offer in my area. Every Monday is 50% off everything and everyone the local mlb team wins or scores 5 or more points you get 50% off pizzas the following day.

  5. scram says:

    I wonder is if these will be as garlicky as the Garlic Sauce cups they give you with your pizza, which is a cup of STRAIGHT UP LIQUID BUTTER WITH ABSOLUTELY NO GARLIC FLAVOR.

  6. Myra says:

    I ordered these last night and was highly upset. I was delivered a box of bread stick tied into knot…. It was ridiculous. I was really hoping for true garlic knots which should have a different texture and appearance ( similar to the pic) than their bread sticks. I mean they didn’t even use smaller strips of dough… It was a long strip with a knot in the middle. Like wtf…

  7. Joan says:

    Papa Johns.. Hm. My favorite fast food pizza joint oughta the big 3. Garlic Knots dont sound too “new”, though.

  8. Caleb says:

    @Scram; have you tried shaking the garlic sauce cup before opening it? That makes a world of difference in the flavor. It doesn’t pay to be lazy, lol.

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  10. Tony says:

    They’re a straight up rip-off. I got them free with a pizza order, and I would NEVER order these over the standard breadsticks @ $5. You get 8, and they are small. Good for 1-2 people only.
    They do have some flavor, but they are the exact same as the garlic breadsticks (only smaller). Dominoes offers their parm bites in a much larger portion (32 ct) for the same price – if you like bread sides with bread pizza. The parm bites are good for 3-4 people.

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