New Sonic Menu Items Include Spicy Super Crunch Chicken Strips and Sonic Spark Energy Drinks

You might remember Super Crunch Chicken Strips from Sonic introduced in 2013.  GrubGrade reader Justin sent me some menu shots of the new Spicy Super Crunch Chicken Strips that were spotted just outside of Nashville.  As of writing this, the Spicy Super Crunch Chicken Strips aren’t on the Sonic website so this is likely a test item or just an early regional release of something we’ll inevitably see go national.

Sonic Spicy Super Crunch Chicken StripsAlso found on the menu are a line of Sonic Spark Energy Drinks which are described as “A Sparkling Surge of Natural Energy and an Excellent Source of Vitamin A, B6, B12 & Antioxidant Vitamin E.”  Displayed are Sonic Spark Purple Rush, Sonic Spark Zero Calorie, and Sonic Spark A.M.  I’ve seen the Sonic Spark A.M. in a Virginia location that was described as an “explosive blend of Fanta Orange, real strawberries, and fresh lemons.”

Sonic Spark Energy Drinks

3 comments on “New Sonic Menu Items Include Spicy Super Crunch Chicken Strips and Sonic Spark Energy Drinks

  1. scram says:

    I tried the Spicy strips today. Oh, they were crunchy alright–extremely dry and they seemed to have been sitting out for a while. Extremely small as well. Very disappointing. The tots were hot, fresh, and tasty though.

  2. Joe says:

    Found them out here in Colorado today, though they were only available as as 4 piece. While the picture shows a dipping sauce of some sort, got nothing in my bag there – maybe a store error or something you have to request, who knows.

    $4.29 for just the strips, relatively thin. As scram said, they’ve got a very thick & heavy bread coating on them. If you think those smaller bits of KFC’s popcorn chicken with not a whole lot of meat on them, it’s a similar breading texture.

    Slight bits of heat, reminds me in terms of spice & flavor of Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich, not a bad thing. where there was noticeable chicken it was pretty tender. They’re served in the same container as their fries, guessing packaging might change if they go national.

    In all they were decent, but at over four bucks it’s not something I will buy again. These should be on their snack menu for two bucks.

  3. Brandy says:

    Tried the Sonic Spark A.M. Love the taste! It’s light and very refreshing! Doesn’t taste like Advocare’s Spark so you don’t taste the vitamins (although I love the actual Spark)! Hope it stays on the menu!

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