New Snapple Lemonade Freeze Coming to Taco Bell on Thursday

Taco Bell has teamed up with Snapple for a new drink coming Thursday, February 26th… the Snapple Lemonade Freeze.  Fans of the Dr. Pepper Vanilla Float Freeze… say your goodbyes now, the Snapple Lemonade Freeze will be taking your spot on the menu.

Snapple Lemonade Freeze


10 comments on “New Snapple Lemonade Freeze Coming to Taco Bell on Thursday

  1. Robert says:

    Love lemonade, but shouldn’t this be a summer thing? Unless this is gonna be permanent, which I doubt.

  2. Ande says:

    I was thinking the same thing Robert…

  3. Snackeroo says:

    These freezes are great and only $1. Can’t go wrong with that.

  4. SaveFarris says:

    It’d make more sense to replace the Starburst Strawberry Freeze, because you’re swapping one fruity flavor for another.

  5. 4x4, Animal Style says:

    They’re releasing this as a refresher, to cool off (remember, a $1.99 freeze is only $1 with the app!), and to pair with the more exciting line of Sriracha items that come out tomorrow, that might be in an effort to replicate the old Volcano menu, which I personally loved. It’s not straight Sriracha though, a bit more like Subway’s: Buttermilk base, but Sriracha’s chiles and vinegar, for a creamier taste, like a ranch. Hottest item on their menu, too, which means good for the masses who don’t like it as hot as say, me or Scott Roberts.

    This menu has the following:

    Sriracha Quesarito ($2.49; same as original, but with Sriracha rather than chipotle ranch)
    Sriracha Nachos Supreme
    Sriracha Scrambler Burrito (with eggs, potatoes, nacho cheese, Sriracha, and pico de gallo), Sriracha Loaded Griller
    Sriracha Taco

    Of course, if you’re like me, you could get this on anything and everything. I for one think it’d be good on a crunchwrap, like Canada did with lava sauce, a few years back.

  6. Jonathan Wayne says:

    I love the Mountain Dew Baja Blast freezes from Taco Bell so this should be good too. Can’t beat them too at their Happier Hour for $1.

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  8. Ricardo Hernandez says:

    Just tried it. A bit tart for my taste, almost neon yellow. Prefer the old lemonade freeze.

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