New Smoky Garlic Chile Chicken from Popeyes

New at Popeyes is Smoky Garlic Chile Chicken with Garlic Herb Dipping Sauce.  The $4.99 combo includes four chicken tenderloins marinated in a blend of smoked garlic and Morita chile peppers, plus a side, buttermilk biscuit and the new dipping sauce.

Popeyes New Smoky Garlic Chile Chicken

8 comments on “New Smoky Garlic Chile Chicken from Popeyes

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    had this today. Chicken definitely had a smokey flavor. The real surprise was the sauce though… The sauce… THE SAUCE. I was not prepared. Take some ranch, pour in some Papa Johns garlic butter, and then a fistful of savory spices. Easily the best sauce of theirs I’ve had.

  2. scram says:

    Had it today. It was good. It had a great aroma as I drove him with it. Definitely taste the smoky chiles subtly; I enjoyed it and will order again.

  3. Dustin says:

    Get in my belly!

  4. Snackeroo says:

    Popeyes today? Yes. This item sounds great.

  5. SPM79 says:

    I went to the Popeye’s nearest me on Sunday for the $5 deal. There was no such deal there. I drove down to the next nearest one (same town) and they did honor the deal. Really getting sick of these little games that certain franchisees play of not honoring company deals.

  6. Franklancer says:

    Tried them yesterday, didn’t get the sauce so had to run back to get some, kinda annoyed because it’s refrigerated and they had to run to back to get more, so the drive thru chick just hadn’t wanted to go that extra mile to do her job right when I came through the first time. Sauce wasn’t to my taste, chicken had flavor but didn’t really do anything for me, would rather have had redstick or ghost pepper tenders.. I won’t pick it up again, and neither will my wife..

  7. Ian K says:

    I thought these were pretty good! The new Garlic Herb Diiping Sauce really made it for me. I just posted my review to my Youtube Channel, which you can find by searching “peep this out.” Love the pricepoint and the quantity that you get for the money.

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