New Smokehouse Turkey Avocado from Arby’s

GrubGrade reader Jody sent over the following pictures from an Arby’s in Evansville, Indiana.  It’s the new Smokehouse Turkey Avocado sandwich.  Not sure if it’s a test item or just an early release for the next LTO, but here’s your first look.Smokehouse Turkey Avocado ArbysFrom what I can tell from the pictures, the turkey is “Mesquite Smoked for 8 hours”.  If you recall the Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich, that one was 13 hours. The sandwich also features pepper bacon, avocado spread, lettuce, tomato, and possibly smoked gouda and mayo. Priced at $5.49 for the sandwich alone and $7.69 for the combo.Smokehouse Turkey Avocado

7 comments on “New Smokehouse Turkey Avocado from Arby’s

  1. James says:

    Evansville is only a hour away and I go there quite often. I’d like to try this but I can think of so many other better options in Eville. If this comes my way I’ll try it for sure.

  2. Jonathan Wayne says:

    It does not look bad, I still won’t pay that much for it though.

  3. Dean Venture says:

    $5.49?! Who do these clowns think they are, Panera Bread! Why is it that the worst fast food joints are doing everything backwards trying to compete with the fast casual takeover! Instead of jacking up the prices to outragous levels why don’t you try making your sandwiches edible first!

  4. scram says:

    @Dean. Because Panera is hitting out of the park with their latest introductions …

    Tried their Broth Bowls?
    It tastes like warm pee.

  5. Taylor says:

    This looks like another turkey train wreck from Arbys. Turkey is good in some applications, but let’s face it, it’s bland and really does not add much in terms of taste or texture.

    The rest of the sandwich looks great, but try it with chicken or beef and I’m game. Otherwise this will be bypassed like their turkey Reuben clone The Rachel and other turkey offerings.

    I love most of the other things Arby’s makes. There should be a rehab for Chicken Cordon Bleu addicts !

  6. EllenO says:

    Should be called guacamole instead of avocado. Tell me if there are going to be peppers on a sandwich so I don’t bother to order it. What a disappointment!

  7. Dan says:

    They also have it in the Harrisburg/York PA market. I got an email coupon for a free one this morning. Actually pretty good, turkey has a nice taste and bacon/avocado go nicely. Wouldn’t pay $7.69 for it though!

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