New Redhook Beer-Battered Cod Fish Sandwich from Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s

Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s have teamed up with Seattle craft brewery Redhook to create the new Redhook Beer-Battered Cod Fish Sandwich.  The sandwich features a crispy, beer-battered cod fillet topped with lettuce and tartar sauce on a sesame seed bun.  Some differences between the Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s versions… Carl’s Jr. includes tomato and Hardee’s include a slice of American cheese.  Priced beginning at $3.69 or in a combo meal for $5.69.

Redhook Beer-Battered Cod Fish SandwichThere will also be Redhook Beer-Battered Cod Fish Tacos at Carl’s Jr./Green Burrito and Hardee’s/Red Burrito restaurants. The tacos feature Redhook beer-battered cod fish, topped with spicy Santa Fe sauce, shredded jack and cheddar cheeses, lettuce and salsa, wrapped in a soft tortilla.

12 comments on “New Redhook Beer-Battered Cod Fish Sandwich from Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s

  1. Roberto says:

    Does she come with the sandwich?

  2. monkeyrotica says:

    That depends on how skilled a lover the sandwich is.

  3. Joe B says:

    Redhook is bland. 🙁 I’ll still give it a go though because I like fish sandwiches.

  4. Jay says:

    As a beer snob but a lover of all really bitter ipa’s, I must say that a $5 4 pack of RedHook at my local grocer is a helluva deal on that style of beer.

    Other then that, I have no experience with RedHook.

    But that’s enough to make me want to give this a shot..IF it’s also the same fish they provide in their fish and chips meal option at Hardee’s.

  5. Jonathan Wayne says:

    Had it today, not too flavorful, but not bad. A solid choice for the money if you don’t have a lot of options. I would probably put it at a 7/10. It just needs something more, can’t put my finger on it.

  6. homercles82 says:

    This is a small sandwich with very little beer flavor. Not worth it at all.

  7. JJ says:

    I tried the Carl’s Jr version today. It was ok. I didn’t think it was really small (maybe compared to a 1/2 lb thickburger). It was certainly much larger than a filet-o-fish. Anyway, fish batter wasn’t that crispy. Got more crisp from the lettuce, actually. Tomato didn’t bother me. Typical overly sweet tarter sauce. Pretty average. Better than BK & McD’s. Wendy’s and Arby’s are both better though.

  8. J Bob Stew says:

    This sandwich looked nothing like the advertisement. Usually they are a not as built up but this looked like crap. Huge bun overtaking the smaller fillet. Light colored lettuce and a smear of tartar sauce, not even enough to taste it. Beer battered had no flavor and the fish wasn’t even crispy. Spend an extra 5 and get real fish and chips somewhere.

  9. Fishin Coop says:

    I tried my first RH BB fish sandwich today. After 3 bites riding down the road, and 1 look at what I was eating, I u-turned and took it back to Carl’s Jr., plopped it down on counter (next to the beautiful picture of the sandwich in the ad material), called manager over. I pointed at Ad and pointed at my half-eaten sandwich. It was painfully obvious that the 2 aren’t the same or even close. The sandwich in ad should cost $5, what you actually get should be on dollar menu. The mgr offered to “fix me another one”, I refused and left it on counter. Last one I’ll buy, very disgusted with their marketing promo

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