New Premium Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Deluxe Sandwich from McDonald’s

McDonald’s introduced the Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich earlier this year to give the classic sandwich a bit of an upgrade.  The latest transition impacts the crispy chicken in the form of the new Premium Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Deluxe.  The McDonald’s website menu has been updated with the sandwich, but the transition in all the restaurants hasn’t fully rolled out… the Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich was the same way. h-mcdonalds-Buttermilk-Crispy-Chicken-Sandwich

A tender, juicy, filet made with 100% chicken breast meat, real buttermilk and no artificial colors. Plus fresh tomato, crisp leaf lettuce and mayonnaise. All atop our delectable artisan roll.

37 comments on “New Premium Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Deluxe Sandwich from McDonald’s

  1. Tony says:

    This is the best chicken sandwich I’ve had from McDonald’s. $5 but worth it and I’ll never eat a McChicken again

  2. Bryan K. says:

    That actually looks like something I’d want to eat from mcdonalds. Reminds me of a Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich except minus the spice. Too bad because I need my spice.

  3. Alex K. says:

    Effing McDonalds. Got rid of the Southwest Chicken Sandwich (or whatever it was called) and the jalapeno burger dealie… not that I ever went to McDonald’s often before in the first place, but now I won’t be going more than once or twice a year when I get a sudden bizarre craving for a Big Mac.


  4. CB says:

    Very interested to see how this tastes. Never really liked any chicken sandwich from mcdonalds except for the mcchicken and only liked that because it was $1.

  5. Rusty Shackleford says:

    not dogging McDonald’s since they have some good basic stuff, but if I want a good chicken deluxe then I’ll shuffle down to chick-fil-a.

  6. Justin says:

    Do I have to say all that? Sheesh

  7. Jonathan Wayne says:

    Tried it, it was meh and then on top of that cost more than a Chick fil A Sandwich, it is a skip it for me.

  8. Cs says:

    Looks like a McFailure to me!

  9. Scram says:

    Had this today. It was very good, and the best chicken sandwich McDs has ever had. It had a nice crunch due to the excess breading that’s around the edges if the chicken, which I loved. Is it better than ChickFilA? No way. But it’s probably my third favorite chicken sandwich (1st is ChickFilA, 2nd is Wendy’s Spicy Chicken).

  10. L. Eprakahn says:

    to me, it look like a leprechaun to me

  11. Jennifer says:

    Theg still don’t have it in my town a decent sized place of about half a million and none of the employees know what I’m talking about. Why are the employees never informed in any fast food place of a new menu item? They all seem baffled and we want to pay these people $15 an hour

    • Bubbs says:

      What does an employee’s wage have to do with whether or not their restaurant is offering a new food item that hasn’t been brought out in all restaurants yet? These places add things to their menu constantly, it almost never happens simultaneously nationwide. You can order the sandwich when your restaurant starts serving it. You’re not the center of the universe. Just shove another sandwich in your mouth and be grateful for how comfortably obese you’ve become.

      • Raj says:

        Nicely said Bubbs. People like Jennifer are why Fast food workers should spit on their food.

        Source – Executive Team Lead @ Big Retail Store.

      • Sascha says:

        So, of all the idiotic pieces of crap that have come around this site leaving idiotic pieces of crap comments, yours might just be the most idiotic, piece of crap comment yet, congrats.

        And you missed the point entirely. Her $15 an hour complaint wasn’t regarding whether a new menu item is available or not, it was about the dumbfounded look on these kids’ faces when you actually order one that has been clearly added to the menu.

  12. Alice says:

    Had this today and it was AWFUL! The breading was all dried out and my husband and I both agree the Value McChicken Beats this hands down! They changed all their chicken to just something cheap. It’s like they were saying oh, we got rid of 3rd Angus and Southern they weren’t selling. But we’re now bring back something else we think will sell? Sure seems like they WANT the premium Price point but just want to see how cheap they can get away with. My husband pointed out its even more suspicious since they changed All the chicken and isn’t just a new sandwich. It’s just such a shame. They did the same with the burgers (Angus out, cheap in)

    I think those items were popular but they just took them away to find cheaper replacements. And the fries don’t really taste like anything but I have an aftertaste?? Meh, McChicken if you want chicken there. Otherwise Chickfila, or even Arbys has better chicken!

    • scram says:

      The fries? Your complaining about the fries? Aftertaste?
      Sorry, but check your palate. Their fries are great. Say what you want about their other offerings, but their fries DESTROY the competition.

      • Jay says:

        Your (sic) sh*tting me right? Their fries have been garbage since around 1989

        • Raj says:

          I’m sorry you’re so old.Let me guess, you’re still using a flip phone because they’re built like a brick and whats all this withcery with these tablets and “THE INTERNET”

          • Jay says:

            If I wanted your opinion Raj I’d dial +91..why you mad bro?

            Sorry you missed it bro. The party is over. I’ll leave all the mediocrity to you.

          • MP says:

            The Entitled Generation seems to think being old is awful. They’ll be old someday too.
            Jay for the win.

        • scram says:

          I guess other places have better fries, right? Then why do Burger King, Wendy’s, Hardees change their fries every 5 years or so? Cause their crap compared to McDonalds.

          • Jay says:

            Sorry scram..they all suck.

            That doesn’t change that fact that at one time, McDonalds had great fries.

      • MP says:

        People are allowed to dislike McDonald’s fries. Having eaten them when they were still made with beef tallow (1989), you could totally tell the difference. Unless you get them piping hot, the fries are EXTREMELY hit or miss & susceptible to being too oily, a big mound of oil, oversalted, or mushy. I’ve eaten enough to say, “they’re overrated”.

    • Chris says:

      I didn’t like it either. Give me the one they replaced with this one any day. And then my value meal cup had a coupon on it saying that if I buy another Buttermilk Chicken, I’ll get the medium drink and fries free. Not even free food is enough to get me to buy a second one of these.

  13. Ralph says:

    Yikes. Does this really run 5$? Those who are forced to eat McDonalds due to financial limitations will get 2-3 McChckens before this thing. Those that have 6-10$ to spend on a lunch will go to CFA. This will fail.

    • VigilanteKangaroo says:

      “Those who are forced to eat McDonalds due to financial limitations will…”

      – Stopped reading right there because the ignorance radar started blooping like crazy.

      • Dank meme bro says:

        It’s cheap, it’s filling. $5 for a fast food sandwich is way to much unless its BOGO.

        Is everyone here a corporate sponsor?

  14. scram says:


  15. Mike says:

    I had this tonight it was very dry seemed like chicken must have been sitting in holding unit a few hours. Waste of $5.29 the price in my

  16. JJJ says:

    I tried this today for lunch and thought it was pretty good.

  17. McD Master says:

    What i say to everybody is that “guess when ghost buster’s 2 came out, 1989”!!! There, short and simple. (hopefully everybody knows who the ghost buster’s are unless your idiots.)

  18. Kate Smith says:

    Artisan chicken so tough I couldnt chew got buttermilk chicken today if u like real crunchy its ok I wish there was some consistencies in their coffee frappes. Last time I ate at McDonalds that was great was the Angus burger and for someone who doesn’t eat beef that’s pretty good

  19. Gigi says:

    blah,blah,blah,blah,blah….there’s good & bad everywhere you eat so it’s a personal preference I think! Try it and if you don’t like it, don’t eat that particular item again; if you do, then great! McDonald’s will not suffer if people don’t like a particular item. They will go on! Enjoy your day all and ALOOOOOHA!

  20. Brian says:

    Here’s an idea McD — make a sandwich with chicken selects.

  21. Sherry B says:

    Tried the buttermilk chicken. I am an avid chicken sandwich lover. Very disappointing. Very peppery tasting similar to the Mcchicken just larger. My husband liked it first but said he would never buy one again. I was expecting a light crispy buttermilk battered filet, not here.

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