New OREO Frappé from McDonald’s

McDonald’s is currently promoting a summer long Double Cheeseburger and small fries deal for $2.50.  If you’re lucky enough to be at a participating location, you might come across the new OREO Frappé.  I stumbled upon the OREO Frappé at my local McDonald’s in Maryland and it was priced at $2.89.

OREO Frappe McDonald'sDescribed by McDonald’s like this… “A refreshing sweet treat made from mocha, a hint of coffee and Oreo cookie pieces. Blended with ice then hand topped with whipped cream and a few more Oreo cookie pieces for good measure.”  The 690-calorie (medium) drink can be found on the national McDonald’s website menu so it looks like the national roll-out is starting.

5 comments on “New OREO Frappé from McDonald’s

  1. Darrell Martinsen says:

    Wonder if I can talk them into making a non-coffee version? Lol

  2. alek says:

    I shudder when they said in the description “cookies and cream syrup” why they need to add the syrup since oreos are already sweet and act like cookies and cream

  3. Caitlin J says:

    I tried a small one today and I must admit, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I had hoped! It was completely loaded with cookie pieces on top, and I certainly had no shortage of the cookies in any sip. It was indeed very sweet, but had a strong coffee depth to it and strong darker chocolate taste to it as well to help balance it out, although instead I found the contrasting bitterness from the coffee and sweetness from the syrup to be a little bit conflicting at times. All in all, while I liked it I don’t think I’ll be ordering it again. It was almost too much chocolate for my personal preference and didn’t deliver enough on the whole cream aspect of the cookie for me; I prefer the Dunkin’ Donuts Oreo Coffee (or Vanilla Bean) Coolatta instead, to be completely honest. I appreciate their attempt to keep the strong coffee taste, but I would have liked to see chunks of cream, not just cookie.

  4. Kay D says:

    Had my first Oreo Frappé today. Yum. I don’t particularly like coffee, but a slight coffee taste is good. It is very sweet though.

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