New Hushpuppy Butterfly Shrimp Coming Soon to Popeyes

Here’s a look at what’s coming next at Popeyes… Hushpuppy Butterfly Shrimp.  Thanks to GrubGrade reader Jody for passing along the restaurant promo poster.  Look for it in late June.

Hushpuppy Butterfly Shrimp


7 comments on “New Hushpuppy Butterfly Shrimp Coming Soon to Popeyes

  1. Mike N. says:

    Those shrimp don’t look butterflied to me! (do look tasty, though.)

  2. scram says:

    Well, I guess the Biscuit Butterfly Shrimp was a bust last year, so Hushpuppy Butterfly Shrimp is next……..

  3. Alek says:

    No chicken and waffles?

  4. […] to GrubGrade, the restaurant is releasing an amalgam of hush puppies and butterfly shrimp. They’re calling […]

  5. Snackeroo says:

    What is hushpuppy butterfly shrimp?

  6. Gary Carver says:

    tried your tv advertised shrimp (4,99) they were at least 1/10 the size shown on tv. Highly disappointed. most likely won’t go back. The advertisement grossly misrepresented the product

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