New Hot Dog Bites Pizza Coming to Pizza Hut on June 18th

On Thursday, June 18th, Pizza Hut will be releasing its latest creation… the Hot Dog Bites Pizza.  The large one-topping pizza will be priced at $11.99 and feature 28 hot dog bites baked into the crust and served with a side of French’s mustard.

Hot Dog Bites Pizza Hut

34 comments on “New Hot Dog Bites Pizza Coming to Pizza Hut on June 18th

  1. alek says:

    It would be ideal if they sold the hot dog bites alone. But with cheese and sauce in it.

  2. MR Narly says:

    The presentation is horrible. They should have made it the Candian way.

  3. Justin says:

    I saw this being offered in a Pizza Hut in Hong Kong around 2007ish. Never dreamed it would be offered here in the USA

  4. Andrew says:

    uhg…. And I thought the hardee’s hot dog burger was a bad idea.

  5. Esther says:

    Wow the future is amazing

  6. Richard says:

    Wonders how this will freeze???

  7. ruckus says:

    actually, I think this will be a smart move marketing wise. A lot of fast food chains try to please foodies with attempts at an upscale food option. IMO this is more of what fast food should be. A pizza with a hotdog crust.

    • SPM79 says:

      I agree with you 100%. I think sometimes people try and convince themselves that the fast food they are eating is higher quality or even healthy. I see comments about chains like Wendy’s where people actually believe what they are eating is upscale or good for you. I go into a fast food restaurant expecting junk food and try to limit my intake of it. If I want higher quality food I go to a proper restaurant or better yet make it myself.

  8. Dean says:

    I actually want this right now. its like the combo of costco pizza and a costco hot dog rolled up in one item. You can never just get one or the other so it works for me.

    • Raiders757 says:

      Thing is, Costco pizza is a heck of a lot better than anything Pizza Hut has to offer. I can only imagine the hot dogs are as well.

  9. AlexG says:

    Can they just concentrate on making a good pizza with fresh ingredients and real Cheese?

  10. M86 says:

    Wait… I thought Pizza Hut was trying to attract the “Millenial” generation (like me). Sorry, I don’t think this really appeals to my demographic, or any demographic for that matter… Outside of elementary school children.

    I haven’t had Pizza Hut in a while. It’s been well over a year. The pizzas from my last three orders had barely any cheese on them. This won’t lure me back.

    Best thing Pizza Hut could do is do what Domino’s did. Do a complete overhaul. Go back to the 80’s/90’s pizza that actually tasted good.

    • SPM79 says:

      I had Domino’s last week due to the insistence of my son. It had been at least 2 years since I had Domino’s prior to that. I can tell you with full confidence I would take Pizza Hut over Domino’s any day. The Domino’s pizza was inferior to Little Caesars quality and the pepperoni had a gamy tasty. As I waited for my pizza all I could think to myself was the store location had such an industrial feel more akin to a hospital room than a restaurant.

      • rodney says:

        I completely agree, I went to Dominoes a few months ago because of a really cheap online special, and frankly, the taste of their pizza was offensive. I really couldn’t eat it, I ended up just throwing it out after one slice. I had tried it once after their overhaul, I guess I forgot how bad it was, I won’t forget again. I would sooner buy one of those frozen Totino’s pizza’s over Dominoes.

      • M86 says:

        I admit, I’ve always hated Domino’s pepperoni… It does have a very odd taste that I can’t describe, but gamey is a good way to put it.

  11. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Ugh, even though I don’t eat it regulary, Pizza Hut has a special place in my heart just because of their sauce.. though I always order thin crust. Haven’t had it since they “revamped”, but hotdog crust still sounds disgusting.

  12. Sam says:

    First Carl’s, Jr., then Burger King, now this.

    Are hot dogs the new sriracha/salted caramel/red velvet/pretzel bun?

  13. Matt says:

    Anybody else notice the one in the background has pretzel wrapped hotdogs? Not gonna lie…I absolutely hate Pizza Hut and all of the other chain pizza places….although Dominos is good in a pinch…..but for some odd reason, this pizza intrigues me. I may have to try it.

  14. SPM79 says:

    This is an amazing day, I think I am in love

  15. JoeyF says:

    Looks like the one in the back has the pretzel crust on it, thats an idea i can get behind. Pretzel dogs and pizza!

  16. Keith says:

    This actually made me lol. Who eats pizza and is like, “man I wish I had some hotdogs with this” ?????

  17. Emilia says:

    Actually if you have a family with school age kids this does not sound like a bad deal but not all the time as I suspect the sodium and fat count is through the roof.

  18. Devino says:

    I ate something similar to this when I was living in Japan in 2005. So it took ten years to get here. I’m interested in trying the pretzel crust version to see how it tastes. My kids probably wouldn’t touch it because it doesn’t look “normal” but I think they might eat the hot dog crust!

  19. Technosquid says:

    TWiT network’s This Week in Google gave episode 304 the title “Weiner, Weiner, Pizza Dinner” in honor of this.

  20. phil g says:

    Guh-Ross. Why ‘murica, why?!

    • Sascha says:

      Considering “‘murica” is about the last place on earth to get this, and a tamed down version of it at that, you may want to think of something better.

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  22. karubah says:

    I had this for lunch today at an Indianapolis location. The most striking thing I noticed immediately was that the Frenches mustard is too strong. Maybe an odd thing to say, but I think Pizza Hut should have gone with a milder, more generic tasting mustard. Also I found it funny that the staff struggled to cut the pizza into eight equal slices. I found they cut the slices either too big or too small so some slices have 3 hot dog bites and others have 4.

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