New Honey Mustard Whatachick’n Club from Whataburger

For a limited time, Whataburger is featuring the new Honey Mustard Whatachick’n Club.  This sandwich features crispy 100% chicken breast, lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, Monterey Jack cheese and tangy honey mustard sauce.  The Honey Mustard Whatachick’n Club clocks in at a hefty 355 grams (12.52 ounces) with 850 calories, 43 grams of fat, 1690 milligrams of sodium, 84 grams of carbs, and 33 grams of protein.

Honey Mustard Whatachick'n Club

3 comments on “New Honey Mustard Whatachick’n Club from Whataburger

  1. Steve says:

    Looks good, I look forward to trying it…

  2. Joan says:

    Grilled may work better. I have no problem with crispy, I’d I know its a popular choice. Crap I love crispy. Something about it screams “grilled chicken would rock!” here.

  3. Justin ST says:

    Had it, loved it, it was great. Huge too.

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