New Croissant Dogs from Sonic

For a limited time only, Sonic will be serving up new Croissant Dogs.

Croissant DogThe Original has a suggested price of $2.99 and the Bacon Double Cheddar Croissant Dog is $3.49.   and features a beef hot dog in a croissant bun and topped with bacon, cheese and spicy or regular mustard.

Bacon Double Cheddar Croissant Dog

4 comments on “New Croissant Dogs from Sonic

  1. Mike S says:

    What’s double about the bacon dog?

  2. Jay Melo says:

    Sonic just keeps pushing these over-priced and underwhelming hot dogs. What they really need is a reasonably priced chili dog that is a permanent menu item. I like the croissant bun but with a sausage and tots for breakfast. Or fill it with bacon and eggs. Maybe some country gravy for dipping?

  3. Raiders757 says:

    Sounds like a large pig in a blanket. I’m intrigued, but I’m not paying $3 for a hotdog.

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