New Crispy Jalapeño Buttery Jack from Jack in the Box

Here’s a peak at a test market product from Jack in the Box courtesy of GrubGrade reader/frequent commenter BigBelly.  It’s the Crispy Jalapeño Buttery Jack and it’s testing in northern California.

Here are a couple of TV screenshots, and actual pictures of what you get (single patty on a premium bun, crispy jalapeños, chipotle sauce, lettuce, tomato, slice of cheddar, and the garlic herb butter). The predominate flavor is the chipotle sauce, as it’s both sides of the bun, the jalapeños added a little crunch, but compared to what they show on TV, they were somewhat misleading (the ad shows a jalapeno being sliced lengthwise, then later, a rather large looking jalapeno chip, but in reality they are small, and were piled mainly in one place). The cheese added little, as it was just kind of sweaty.


6 comments on “New Crispy Jalapeño Buttery Jack from Jack in the Box

  1. Bryan K. says:

    That burger sounds really good! Hope it makes it to the national market. I do have one question for you though Ryan. What in the heck is that in the bottom middle picture because it looks like a mess

    • BigBelly says:

      That is a picture of the underneath of the top bun, Bryan. Those are the crispy jalapeno’s on top of the chipotle sauce. The bottom left picture is a screen shot of the tv ad picturing said jalapenos.

  2. Rene says:

    Where I live Jack In the Box is testing the Bistro Buttery Jack, because of that there not offering the Cheddar Onion Buttery Jack. I liked the Bistro Buttery Jack but I wish I could also try the Cheddar Onion Buttery Jack.

  3. Yup says:

    Had this last week with a BOGO free offer. I really liked it. This and the original buttery jack are some of the best fast food offerings out there.

  4. Phaet says:

    JitB, *please* come back to Chicago!

  5. Sarah says:

    Pretty sure it’s “peek”

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