New Cinnamon Knots from Papa John’s

Papa John’s introduced Garlic Knots in late April and now they’re offering a sweeter option with new Cinnamon Knots.  For the promo price of $5 get eight knots made from “fresh, never frozen dough”, topped with a cinnamon sugar drizzle and oven baked.

Cinnamon Knots

3 comments on “New Cinnamon Knots from Papa John’s

  1. Burt Macklin says:

    They aren’t very cinnamony. More like sugary dessert pastry covered with apple pie filling. Lots of apple pie filling with actual chunks of apple. Which was strange because I saw no mention of apple in the product description.

    • That Dude says:

      ^Sounds like your Papa Johns made them wrong. Papa Johns does also have a Cinnapie and an Applepie dessert you can order. I guess someone mixed up the applepie toppings with the cinnamon toppings at your Papa Johns. Because what you just described is the toppings of the applepie. Which might I add is disgusting. Definitely just someones screw up. I’ve seen numerous reviews of these and nobody has said anything about apple.

  2. Bekka says:

    Horrible. They should at least come with an icing dipping sauce to make them bearable. Mine just tasted like bread with a tiny bit of cinnamon on it.

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