Krystal Introduces the New Vidalia-Q Krystal

Krystal and Vidalia Brands have joined forces to bring us the new Vidalia-Q Krystal.  The Vidalia-Q Krystal features a classic Krystal burger topped with cheese, a Vidalia Sweet Onion ring and sweet barbeque sauce.  The new Vidalia-Q Krystal is a part of the Mix 5 for $5 deal which includes Krystals, Chiks, Pups, Small Fries and Small Drinks.  Available for a limited time only.

Krystal(R) offers a free delicious treat to their Krystal lovers with a Vidalia(R) Q Krystal on Wednesday, September 9! (PRNewsFoto/The Krystal Company)

You can substitute Sweet Vidalia Onion Rings for fries on any combo for 99 cents more, but on Wednesday, September 9th from 11am to close, all participating Krystals will give away one Vidalia-Q Krystal while supplies last.  The secret code to score a free Vidalia-Q Krystal is “Vidalia Me!”. No purchase required.


2 comments on “Krystal Introduces the New Vidalia-Q Krystal

  1. Cummings says:

    government cheese exhaling under the weight of vidalia
    georgia’s finest cash cow
    brings tears to your eyes while the beef sulks beneath the pale wheat

  2. Jane Doe says:

    The only thing that’s going to help Krystal is to go “MADE TO ORDER.” I’ve given UP on getting my order fresh, it’s not even usually hot. Luke warm at best with cold, soggy fries. And the chili is at least 3x too salty. If I wanted that much salt and a stroke, I’d bring my own salt shaker to the drive-thru with me. Worst burgers, bar none.

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