Half Off Menu-Priced Domino’s Pizzas Ordered Online Through December 6th

Starting today at Domino’s, order menu-priced pizzas online for 50% off.  Promotion runs through Sunday, December 6th.
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10 comments on “Half Off Menu-Priced Domino’s Pizzas Ordered Online Through December 6th

  1. DuhMe says:

    Not worth it here anymore since they no longer take Shoprunner, have a $3 delivery fee and a minimum order total of $12.

  2. Darrell Martinsen says:

    Ah if only they still had Shoprunner free delivery still then this deal would be incredible! Still a great deal though!

  3. rodney says:

    The taste of their pizza now isn’t just bad, it’s actually offensive. I wouldn’t take one even if they were giving them away.

  4. M86 says:

    I might take advantage of this. The local store is literally across the street from me.

    But, Domino’s is just meh to me, and their pepperoni is gross.

  5. Ahecht says:

    You can still get this deal and go pick it up yourself.

  6. Jonathan Wayne says:

    I don’t know what happened to Domino’s, they were pretty decent for awhile then I had it again after sometime last week and it was terrible. Pizza Hut is doing a far better job these days than they are.

  7. Nicejorb says:

    I was excited to see this because their Artisan pizzas came out to only $4.34 the last time they had this deal, but I was soon disappointed to realize that the Artisan line has been discontinued. Oh well.

  8. Matt says:

    I’m taken aback by the hate in the comments.
    In my opinion, Domino’s is much better than Pizza Hut or Papa John’s.
    The chicken bacon ranch pizza from Domino’s … Few pizzas better than that.

  9. Dank meme bro says:

    I wish it was for all items, they have some good non pizza items lately.

  10. SPM79 says:

    Went there again last week, totally different store than the last time and several months later. The pepperoni had the same gamy taste like it is very low grade product.

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