Gluten-Free Pizza Coming to Pizza Hut on January 26th

On Monday, January 26th, Gluten-Free Pizza will be offered at select Pizza Hut restaurants… about 2,400 locations nationwide to start.  Consumer demand will dictate further expansion.  Pizza Hut’s Gluten-Free Pizza is made with Udi’s Certified Gluten-Free crust and select Pizza Hut Gluten-Free toppings.  More details and a handy FAQ can be found here.

Pizza Hut Gluten-Free

The Udi’s® Certified Gluten-Free crust is stored in a separate container, on a separate shelf in our fridge. The cheese, marinara sauce and pepperoni are stored in a gluten-free designated kit, and every gluten-free pizza is freshly baked on designated parchment paper in our ovens. In addition to these storage techniques, team members who make your gluten-free pizza wear gloves and even use a designated gluten-free pizza cutter to cut your pizza to perfection. For those simply looking to reduce gluten in their diets, we offer a Create Your Own pizza option, which is made on the same Udi’s® certified gluten-free crust. The cheese, pepperoni and marinara come from our gluten-free kit, but all additional toppings are stored at our standard make table.

17 comments on “Gluten-Free Pizza Coming to Pizza Hut on January 26th

  1. Yeats says:

    Only one out of every 133 people in the US (approx. 3 million total) have celiac’s disease. Why are people going crazy to pay up to a 50% mark-up for lousy food?

    • Richard says:

      They do not have much choice when going out of gluten free pizza so they are going to have to pay that massive premium for what you say us lousy food.

    • rob says:

      Cause they have no idea what “Gluten” is, they just know it’s pretty close to “glutton” and they don’t want to be one.

    • Robert says:

      Uh, that’s still a lot of people. Plus plenty more people have general digestive issues related to wheat. And what do you mean lousy?
      In the case of several local mom n pop shops in Chicago (and even Domino’s), the GF variants taste barely any different. My sister has Celiac’s and people constantly accidentally eat her pizza and go “wait, that was gluten-free???“

  2. Snackeroo says:

    I don’t think people worried about gluten would be eating at Pizza Hut in the first place.

    • Anne Sutton says:

      Sure they would….especially those with kiddos! Individuals with celiac disease need options too.

      • Raiders757 says:

        …but there are far better options out there than Pizza Hut for someone who has celiac disease. I have a friend diagnosed with the disease, and trust me, she probably appreciates Pizza Hut making an attempt, but she knows good pizza when she sees it, and good pizza is not something that you find at Pizza Hut anymore.

  3. IH8DUMBA$$#$ says:

    I first met someone with ciliacs disease about 20 years ago./

    To this day, the only one.

    Why he got it, from what he told me, too many hard drugs, aspirin, etc. It all destroyed his stomach lining.

    I am sure others can have the same result without all that abuse.

    But I am certain most people, claim to be gluten free, because they think it is cool, the thing to do, like when people thought being on atkins was cool.

    Seriously, there is only a small percentage of people who really need to be GF. Most are just the fake, plastic people who think it is fashionable.

    I almost hope all those that pretend to be GF have to be, one day. And realize who horrible it can be, and how much of an impact it will be on their lives.

    Seriously people, you want to be healthy, life a better lifestyle, lose weight, whatever.

    Real simple. Consume less calories than you expend. It’s that simple. Always been that way, always will be.

  4. Joe Cool says:

    Well said…Pizza Hut just catering to the fad diet du jour. Can’t wait until this fad dies.

  5. rondoman says:

    Pizza Hut, another relic that actually used to serve good food. Their pizzas are worse than Little Caesars these days. I tried the new offerings and was disgusted by what they’ve become. Kinda like BK.

  6. Anne Sutton says:

    A lot of “gluten free” foods actually have more calories than their counterparts. I also know several individuals who really do suffer from Celiac disease. They also have said it was difficult during childhood. Pizza is very popular among children. This gives kids suffering from celiac disease another popular food option. Plus gluten has been linked to autism. Autism is on the rise. Perhaps slight dietary adjustments for those with autism may help with their disability. This is about attention to an awareness on the behalf of Pizza Hut the way I see it.

  7. zxGriffin says:

    People who eat GF because they think its cool , healthy , and the hip thing to do should take a step back. No reason to unless you have celiacs. It’s more expensive and not only does it not benefit you the ingredients in gluten free items can actually create MORE digestive issues. Just not good unless you have a medical issue. Eat whole clean foods, watch calories somewhat, and hit the gym. Everything will be ok.

  8. zxgriffin says:


  9. Nick says:

    The gluten-free craze is definitely a fad, but it’s not like gluten-free options are harmful to people who don’t have celiac disease or wheat allergies. But the recent popularity of gluten-free food is a huge boon to people who truly can’t have gluten.

    Who cares if some idiots don’t even know what gluten is? There are real people who are benefitting.

  10. Jon says:

    Not a fan of Pizza Hut (the one in my area is HORRIBLE), but I have developed an allergy to gluten and making the switch to eating gluten-free has been a challenge. It’s especially taxing when my family goes out to eat…

    I’m OK at this point as long as I don’t eat too much of it. A slice of pizza won’t kill me… but much more than that and I’m puking my guts out . Doctors say it’ll just get worse as I get older.

    I’m glad to see more places offering a gluten-free menu or at least an option or two for those of us with sensitivity/allergies.

    And yeah, there are people who are treating this like a “fad” diet… those people are idiots. Those of us who can’t help it shouldn’t be lumped in with them, though.

  11. Jonathan Wayne says:

    Considering how many people think they need gluten-free food or they are going to die, it’s a miracle any of us or our parents or grandparents are alive today. We should all be dead since we did not have gluten-free food back then:)

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