Free Chicken Egg Roll at Panda Express on February 19th

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with a Free Gold Bar (Chicken Egg Roll) at Panda Express on Thursday, February 19th.  Print out the coupon or show it on your mobile device.

Free Gold Bar Panda Express

7 comments on “Free Chicken Egg Roll at Panda Express on February 19th

  1. Steve says:

    Still not enough for me to get their horrid food. Not even as good as Timmy Chans, and thats dirt cheap. Just super oily food every time i eat there, and really just too many complaints. dont want to rant. So thanks but no thanks PE

  2. Jonathan Wayne says:

    Panda Express, half the food for twice the money.

    • Jay says:

      True dat.

      Plus, I agree with Steve. I haven’t found a dish on their menu that a local chinese take-out sh**-hole doesn’t do better, for less money, and a better portion size.

  3. Raiders757 says:

    i can’t say I’ve ever had anything “horrid” or overly oily at Panda Express like the poster above me mentioned. Everything I have tried thus far, has been rather good and of much higher quality than the dime-a-dozen Chinese take out places dotting my area. Their ‘Beijing Beef’ might be ultra Americanized, but it’s bangin’. The ‘Orange Chicken’ is a bit sweet for me, but it’s still better than what most places have ot offer, unless your talking about a real honest to goodness sit down Chinese restaurant. The only thing that i can say that disappointed me, was the fried rice. It’s the only thing I have tried from them that I found lacking, but it seems everyone else loves it, so I’m in the minority with this opinion.

    I like their chicken egg-rolls and will be in the area that day, so it looks like Panda Express for luch.

  4. June alli says:

    Greasy salty food panda needs higher standards

  5. June alli says:

    High calorie oily food and salty at panda

  6. June alli says:

    Oily salty high calorie

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