Culver’s Brings Back the Pepper Grinder Pub Burger for a Limited Time

The Pepper Grinder Pub Burger (our review) from Culver’s is back for a limited time.

Fresh beef, cooked to order with Real Wisconsin Cheddar and Swiss Cheese, Bacon and our four-pepper mayo, all on our Authentic Pub Bun.

Pepper Grinder Pub Burger

4 comments on “Culver’s Brings Back the Pepper Grinder Pub Burger for a Limited Time

  1. BBB says:

    This burger looks great. Def have to try it this time since I never got to last time it was released.

    • Robert says:

      It’s a tasty burger, but due to the small amount of mayo being the only condiment, it’s kind of a dry burger.

      Culver’s is such a great chain, though. The dining rooms are relatively spotless compared to most other fast food chains — and their employees are somehow as friendly and courteous as a good waiter/waitress would be. They bring your food out to you, check on you once or twice, etc. Really nice.

  2. Dorian says:

    I tried this the other day. I had never been to Culver’s before because it’s pretty far away from my house. I happened to be in the neighborhood so I thought I’d try it. I got this burger because it looked good and it was one of the best drive through burgers I’ve ever had.

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