Boorito Promo Returns to Chipotle for Halloween

The Boorito promo returns to Chipotle this Halloween. Come into Chipotle from 5pm to close on Saturday, October 31st and “add something unnecessary to your costume” and get a $3 burrito.  All proceeds up to $1,000,000 will benefit the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation.  Promo valid in all Chipotle restaurants.  Only one Boorito per person in costume.  By adding something unnecessary to your costume, Chipotle is pointing out how typical fast food adds unnecessary additives and preservatives and they don’t. PastedGraphic-1 (5)

3 comments on “Boorito Promo Returns to Chipotle for Halloween

  1. A says:

    I remember when stuff was free. Kids these days won’t get to enjoy that.

  2. ahecht says:

    I feel like a jerk for complaining about a $3 burrito, but I miss the good old days when you could wrap yourself in aluminum foil and get one for free.

  3. ChrisSh says:

    They probably took quite a hit from people like my college buddies and I that would go through the line 5 times with a piece of aluminum foil on our heads and get free food for a few days.

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