99 cent Corn Dogs at Wienerschnitzel on Sunday, March 22nd

Mark your calendars for Sunday, March 22nd… National Corn Dog Day.  Wienerschnitzel is celebrating with 99 cent corn dogs (yikes, they were 2 for $1 last year).  Here’s my Wienerschnitzel Corn Dog review.

National Corn dog Day 2015

2 comments on “99 cent Corn Dogs at Wienerschnitzel on Sunday, March 22nd

  1. Joan says:

    Love corn dogs. I am not high maintenance. These are quite the average, though yummy thing you’d suspect. Just unhealthy, but.. What exactly are you expecting?

    These are yum. However, as long as you can bake em yourself, their damn average. w ain’t providing something I’ve never seen, in the corn dog department. Unless you’re not paying for convenience, don’t worry. You got this, easy. its a fine hot dog, wrapped in fine cornbread.

    Crispy on the outside, soft and crumbling on the inside.. Its just a fine texture. How much do you expect of a freaking corn dog? Its fine. IMO.

    Otherwise, hell yah. Corn Dog in a snap, and just a lil snap in the hot dog, itself. 🙂 im into BOTH ketchup + mustard, personally.

    I know alot of you think these things should”stand alone”. Im happy to sat ketchup + mustard is pretty desired on ANY corn dog.

    Have a nice one 🙂

  2. Joan says:

    oh wait! Did I mention its just fine.. Ha! Ha!

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