Discussion: Fast Food Commercials You Hate

Recently my brother texted me about how much he hates the new McDonald’s commercial where two employees break into song about the $2.50 Double Cheeseburger and Small Fries combo.  I wasn’t familiar, but after I just watched it, I agree with him.

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We’re long overdue for a discussion post so let’s talk about bad fast food commercials.  Whether annoying or corny or just so bad it’ll make you lose your appetite… what are some fast food ad campaigns that you just flat out hate?  Feel free to embed commercials into the discussion thread.

62 comments on “Discussion: Fast Food Commercials You Hate

  1. Brad says:

    Basically any Hardee’s commercial. Nobody wants to see loud chomping/chewing/smacking noises. Literally, it never fails. And the announcer suckkks

    • Raiders757 says:

      Agreed. Their commercials make me not even wish to patronize them. I am sick and tired of the old gruff deep voice overs. That was beyond played out long ago, not long after Miller High Life started the trend, and it’s sad it’s still being used to hamburgers and trucks to this very day.

      The chomping, chewing, lip smacking do them no favors either.

      …and as much as I enjoy a sexy woman, I find the way Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr. uses them rather sad, sexist, and pathetic. Personally, I liked Hardee’s better back when they sold roast beef and had the Roadrunner Racing Team commercials. They were also one of the few to sell buttermilk breakfast biscuits in the morning (yea, I’m old), which made them a extra-special treat for us kids back then.

      I really don’t like the Carl’s Jr. version of Hardee’s all that much at all, other than breakfast. Yea, Hardee’s lost it’s way for a while, and Carl’s Jr. saved them, but it’s just not the Hardee’s I grew up with.

  2. Austin says:

    The newer KFC commercials with Colonel Sanders.

    • Esther says:

      Yes. Those ones. Definitely those ones. They need to be wiped from existence.

    • Chelsea says:

      Oh my god yes…… i hate that guy sooooo much

    • Brent says:

      Second… these commercials are just bizarre.

    • Thistle says:

      I like those, though for a perhaps odd reason. The new Colonel Sanders comes off as seriously evil to me. Every time I see a commercial, I picture him taking over the south and soon after that, the rest of the country. His laugh, the snark in his tone, it’s like he’s not even trying to hide how evil he is.

    • Kaitlyn says:

      yes! i’m glad i’m not the only one! i complain to my bf about those commercials every single time. although, last night i saw a new one with norm macdonald as colonel sanders now, so maybe they’ll be a little more tolerable. the other guy was so creepy and disgusting.

    • Jay Melo says:

      I wanna slap Darrell Hammond when he says “Big Ole Cookie!”. Just read he is being replaced by Norm MacDonald. Even more scary!

    • Raiders757 says:

      Although the old new Colonel Sanders was a bit “creepy”. I still like their new add campaign more than the lame “KFC” tripe they have been passing off as adds over the past decade or so. At least he calls it Kentucky Fried Chicken.

  3. Larry Stork says:

    Dairy Queen: Fan Food not Fast Food. They even trade marked it. What the heck is fan food?

    • Kaitlyn says:

      i hate how they call those lunch deals a “$5 buck lunch” – $5 stands for “five dollar/s” so it’s basically said “five dollar/s buck lunch” – WTF?!

      • JF says:

        Or any commercial that says $X lunch, etc. It’s $X plus tax. Unless you price it at a point where with tax, it is the exact amount you claim, just false advertising.

  4. Fatesealer says:

    Mr Bag from Checkers. Ugh.

  5. Sarah says:

    the newest BK commercial for chicken fries. At the end the chicken whispers “chiiiicken fries”. It is creepy and the Mr. of the house keeps whispering it all day…annoying!

  6. M86 says:

    All of the Sonic commercials with those two idiots in a car attempting to be funny.

  7. Todd says:

    I don’t mind the Arbys commercials. Otherwise, I pretty much can’t stand any fast food joint showing people smiling so big that you can see their back teeth. The food ain’t that good.

  8. ruckus says:

    I don’t like the Carl’s Jr/ Hardees commercials with the sexy women taking a bite out of the burgers. It makes me think of the women clenching my food between their thighs before I get it. I want foods not STDs.

  9. Rondoman says:

    Those horrible Max Greenfield McD’s commercials from a couple months ago. I never wanted to punch someone in the face so badly!

  10. Rusty Shackleford says:

    The sonic ads with the cringeworthy two guys sitting in a vehicle

  11. Brad says:

    I can’t believe you don’t like that commercial. It is definitely one of my favorite commercials of all time. I sing it out loud when I am walking down the street, in the office, and even in the shower. People often join in and sing along with me with me. I think you are in the minority my good sir.

    • Annie Benson says:

      If someone started singing to me when I ordered I cheapy burger at McDonalds or anywhere else I’d be annoyed and embarrassed. Being serenaded in public is one of those things that look great on paper, but in real life can lead to some pretty uncomfortable feelings for the recipient.

  12. CA says:

    The Arby’s campaign featuring Bo Dietl. Specifically what I think was the first one where the entire point of the commercial was that Subway doesn’t slice their meat at the store but Arby’s does. Who the heck cares? Unless they screw up, it makes no difference whatsoever. I stopped eating at Arby’s for 3 years over that crappy campaign.

  13. AK says:

    Those two Sonic douchebags.

  14. HonGDB says:

    I’d no idea debate was possible. Carl’s Jr (and likely Hardee’s, too?) has had for years the most vile, least relevant ads I’ve ever seen. Oddly hypersexualized, with revoltingly, almost-literally gag-inducing eating visuals/audio. I wonder who the agency considers the demo for that now-evergreen campaign. Urrrgh.

  15. Steven says:

    Anything from Arby’s now. Ugh I cringe when I hear that forced voice telling me how they have the meats. The ones recently with the bacon were especially awful!

  16. rodney says:

    I’m with you there Brad, except here it’s Carl’s Jr., I remember the commercials from the late 90’s where the focus was on how messy their burgers were to eat. I never understood why loading the burger down with ketchup and mayonnaise to the point globs were falling out was a selling point.

  17. DAvid says:

    I agree with Austin. The new KFC commercials with Colonel Sanders are horrible. Replacing Hammond with Norm McDonald isn’t much better. Ugh!

  18. Scram says:

    Jay Mohr rips the Carl’s Jr guy…


  19. alek says:

    McDonalds instagram posts. I’m sick of the “sponsored” McDonalds ads. Seriously they need to stop.

  20. poe10 says:

    I hate the Arby’s commercial where the guy is yelling about a nasty looking Italian sandwich

  21. Gbob says:

    There’s a sonic radio ad with those same sonic guys, and the dumb one is talking in slang about hot dogs and goes into autotune.

    So awful.

  22. Jay Melo says:

    Any commercial from Sonic. Those two idiots in the car are enough to turn me off going there.

  23. Bill says:

    My peeves:

    1.) Chic Fil A – Not only do I find their commercials incredibly corny and un-funny, but I think it is incredibly distasteful to outright make fun and to make light of the fact that they serve up dead animals. Not that I have any intention of ever becoming a vegetarian or a PETA activist; I am a little bit of a hypocrite here.

    2.) Sonic – These commercials simply feature two guys conversing and acting slightly stupid, and nothing about them strikes me as particularly funny nor interesting. I am not completely sure what kind of image Sonic is aiming for , but I know it doesn’t jibe with me.

    3.) I’ll agree regarding Carl’s JR / Hardee’s – food and sex appeal don’t mix for me and more generally their campaign tactics were played out years ago.

  24. Robert says:

    Y’all are nuts for hating the Sonic commercials. You’re all fuddy duddies. I don’t even LIKE Sonic and those commercials routinely make me laugh.

    My least favorite is watching John Schnaaaaaatter’s stupid face say BETTER INGREDIENTS (wrong) BETTER PIZZA (nope) PAPA JAHN’S. But part of that is that he’s a conservative tool, like all CEOs whose billions were made by stepping on the backs of their minimum wage employees.

    BTW the commercial I want to see again is the adorable talking McNuggets they used to bring out for Halloween and Christmas in the late 80s/early 90s. ALSO BRING BACK HOT MUSTARD DAMMIT

  25. JF says:

    Arby’s! I don’t need someone raising their voice and yelling at me.

  26. Raiders757 says:

    I have always hated McDonald’s “I’m lovin’ it” campaign from the get go. How long as it been, over ten years? It began with a hip-hop flair that was borderline classicism, as it was obvious that they were marketing towards lower income minority families and ignorant suburban white kids that forgot their Rock-n-Roll heritage. It gave McDonald’s, dare I say, a”ghetto image. They’ve tried to clean it up over the years, but it’s as old and played out as the gruff/manly voice guy I mentioned in another comment above about Hardee’s.

    Speaking of which, I hate every Hardee’s commercial I have seen over the past several years. They have been geared towards men in a way that almost offends me that they actually think we’re THAT stupid. Fake boobs, slutty women, dripping sauces, slurping sounds, and manly hobbies like working on a car is not going to sell your overpriced burgers to anyone with a decent IQ. It’s like they went out and found the directors of every late 80s Glam/Hair Metal band’s MTV videos, and hired them to do their crappy commercials.

    Then there’s the return of the creepy “peeping tom” magic Burger King ruining my childhood memories even more-so than how they ruined them by replacing the once great Whopper with an imposter.

    Papa John’s? Their pizza sucks and I just want to punch that pompous a-hole in the face every time I see it.

    I would hate the Wendy’s commercials of that red headed chick wasn’t so damn hot. yea, I know, I’m a hypocrite after what I said about Hardee’s, but there’s a big difference. She looks like an actual woman and isn’t slurping her meal down like a fat sow.

  27. Patrick Bateman says:

    I can’t stand commercials where the actors are a bunch of d-bag hipsters. Looking at you Mac-Donalds.


    • Dank meme bro says:

      First urban and now hipsters.

      I’d imagine hipsters have money buying all the ridiculous crap to make them hipsters.

  28. Bob R. says:

    Agree with the Sonic guys. Hit mute, go get a beer.

  29. david says:

    I second enjoying the sonic guys. The Wendy’s chick however….can’t stand her.

  30. Sascha says:

    I like Colonel Sanders.

    I like Arby’s “We have the meats” campaign.

    I like the Sonic guys.

    I don’t have a negative reaction (or a positive one for that matter) to the Hardee’s, Carl’s Jr. ads.

    I even like Mr. Bag, though he reminds me of the oven mitt Arby’s once used.

    I think, honestly, the only commercials I never liked much featured Jared and Subway, especially ones that were done many years after his initial weight loss success. He just never seemed likable,

  31. Alex K. says:

    Yyyyep, without a doubt, the Max Greenfield or whatever commercials. It’s not too often where I get an intense urge to want to hit somebody, but I do whenever I would see one of those commercials. The guy is just such a douche.

  32. GG Allin's Chocolately Chips says:

    I like the Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s commercials specifically because of who they piss off, which is as much of a defined demographic as the one that commercial appeals to. Also, it’s probably the longevity of that campaign that rattles your cages more than anything else, because you know it’s working for them.

  33. Kedro says:

    The KING… If I woke up and he was staring at me with a breakfast sandwich in his hand I would trip! But I would probably eat it…

    • rodney says:

      I really liked those commercials, because they were so weird and surreal, but not enough to actually eat at Burger King.

    • Katie says:

      Yes! Those Burger King commercials with the King. That guy creeps me out! Plus Burger King sucks.
      Also I agree with most posters on here…the Arby’s commercial with the guy yelling at me is so annoying. I hate those commercials.

  34. Eric says:

    These 2 sonic idiots. If I ever see them on the street I will gladly punch them in the face…and run over their bodies on my way to burn down the nearest sonic!

  35. Texastopaz says:

    Sonic ad worst ever
    Both guys r repulsive in appearance & behavior
    With humor geared to 7 yr olds
    Not funny. Not witty. Just disgusting
    Oh well so is sonics food

  36. Texastopaz says:

    Plez poison sonic guys

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