Taco Bell Quesalupa Appears on Conan

A glimpse of whats to come at Taco Bell happened on a recent Conan segment.  One of his staffers is a big Taco Bell fan so Conan filmed a remote from the Taco Bell headquarters in Irvine, California.  A stop at the test kitchen shows a new product… the Quesalupa.  Hard to tell exactly what it is, but the packaging appears to mention “Cheese Lover’s”.  So we might be getting some sort of cheesy Chalupa which looks to feature a new cheesy Chalupa shell.

Conan Quesalupa 1

Conan Quesalupa 2

Conan Quesalupa 3Conan fakes a seizure after trying the new Quesalupa and his staffer calls it, “One of the best things I’ve ever eaten”.  Quesalupa ConanThere also appears to be a new Freeze in the works.  Conan calls it a “clown wig”… it might be a Watermelon Freeze or possibly Cotton Candy. Reddish-pink at the bottom and light green at the top, this could just be a combination of current Freezes like Baja Blast and Strawberry Starburst.

Conan Clown Wig Taco Bell FreezeHere’s the full segment below.  What do you think the new products could be?  Would you try the Irish taco… the O’Taco?

7 comments on “Taco Bell Quesalupa Appears on Conan

  1. Sandy says:

    Based on the name, me thinks it’s a quesadilla and chalupa combined.

  2. evan says:

    My guess: Basically a Cheesy Gordita Crunch with a soft taco shell and chalupa instead of crunchy and gordita

  3. MP says:

    Conan is hilarious. No, I would not try the O’Taco. I noticed Taco Bell now uses really thinly shredded cheese but they put a lot on. Wow, Katie’s tall.

  4. alek says:

    The freezes could be a combo of existing flavors. If they are doing a new freeze flavor then one of existing flavor has to go.

  5. Justin ST says:

    It’s sad to see how much Conan has sold out ever since going on TBS.

  6. […] week we posted the video of Conan O’Brien trying the Quesalupa from Taco Bell in their Irvine, California test kitchen.  GrubGrade reader […]

  7. Shannon says:

    Of course I would eat an Irish taco. My name is Shannon.

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