New Smoky Garlic Chile Chicken Coming Soon to Popeyes

Here’s a look at what’s next in line for Popeye’s.  GrubGrade reader Jody sent in this picture of new Smoky Garlic Chile Chicken.  On close inspection of the promo poster, the take down date is 5/24/15 so expect to see the latest Popeyes LTO in a few weeks.

Popeyes Smoky Garlic Chile Chicken


14 comments on “New Smoky Garlic Chile Chicken Coming Soon to Popeyes

  1. Joan says:

    Yumbo. Smokey + Garlic + Chile BATTERED? I wonder what new, and flavorful dipping sauce this could include, if any? Maybe something along the lines of buttery..? I wish they’d try a curry type sauce. I know it doesn’t have a huge demographic, but I love curry spices on almost anything. As long as it has been created well, curry doesnt need be “Indian food” only.

    • CHUY VEGA says:

      The sauce in the picture looks white, I’m thinking it will be a garlic flavored sauce, that sounds delicious.

  2. Justin ST says:

    Dear Popeye’s, your LTO’s are awful, try something else.

  3. John says:

    Agreed. Curry powders are used for cooking in countless cultures.

  4. Sandy says:

    Yum! This sounds delish and worth the calorie and fat splurge.

  5. BigBelly says:

    Sounds somewhat interesting, I was thrilled to see they’re opening a new Popeye’s closer to me the other day, hopefully it will be done before this is gone

  6. Bubbsy says:

    I like a lot of their LTOs, more flavor @ Popeye’s than other FF chicken joints… this one sounds good – they should try garlic chile fried shrimp too – with a lemon wedge and tartar sauce.

  7. Joan says:

    That sounds great, Bubbsy! I still think we should get a curry dip, though!

  8. NateS says:

    Popeyes uses some of the best spices in the fast food game. I hate how people complain about their lto. we only have KFC for fast food . Though I’ll never ever go back their, I would do anything for a Popeyes

  9. lz says:

    How unusual! I just had a pepper-bacon burger with garlic-chili sauce at A&W in Canada this Sunday. Hopefully this chicken will be as good as the burger (which was mainly due to the garlic-chili sauce).

  10. Jan Klincewicz says:

    Popeyes is the best fast food going. Yeah,they may use liquid smoke in their red beans and rice but it is STILL the best side on the planet. Their chicken should make the Colonel roll over in his grave.

  11. jam says:

    How many calories in this meal?

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