McDonald’s Answers: “What’s Really in a Chicken McNugget?”

Is it real Chicken? Is the whole chicken used? Those ‘pink slime’ pictures, is it really an ingredient of Chicken McNuggets?  Watch to see what goes into McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets.

6 comments on “McDonald’s Answers: “What’s Really in a Chicken McNugget?”

  1. scram says:

    …but it tastes like pigeons that committed suicide.

    • Robert says:

      No, it tastes like chicken. And McNuggets taste more like chicken than Wendy’s nuggets because, like the video says, it’s bigger chunks of white meat chicken. Wendy’s nuggets are ground much more finely and have a higher fat content, so they’re tasty, but they taste more like seasoning and breading and a bit of broth. It’s hard to admit, due to their crappy beef, but McDonald’s (non-McChicken) chicken is the best of the big burger chains.

      • scram says:

        It’s just a joke.
        I actually think McDonald’s has the best nuggets of the fast food chains, but that is mainly due to their sauces. Really, these are nothing more than carriers of some damn fine Sweet and Sour sauce. Without the sauce, I wouldn’t want to eat them, though.
        ChickFilA has very good nuggets, with a breading that has FLAVOR, no sauce required.


  2. Snackeroo says:

    Burger King has a problem with bone fragments in their nuggets. That’s the worst thing to find in a nugget.

  3. Sascha says:

    Of course it’s chicken. The McNugget conspiracy theorists are nearly as bad as the 9/11 theorists. It’s always been real chicken. It hasn’t always been all white chicken, but the nuggets tasted better then.

  4. Ray says:

    Mc donalds came in at number two for best nuggets in thrillist. Behind only chick-fil-a.

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