Wendy’s Introduces Asian Cashew Chicken Salad and BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad to the Menu

Wendy’s has added two new permanent menu items to its premium salad line – the Asian Cashew Chicken Salad and BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad.  The Asian Cashew Chicken Salad features fire-roasted edamame and spicy roasted cashews while the BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad goes with fire-roasted corn and honey barbeque sauce.

Asian Cashew Chicken Salad Wendy's

Asian Cashew Chicken Salad:  The Asian Cashew Chicken Salad is a full sized, full flavored nutritious option.  The fully dressed full-size salad is only 380 calories, while the half-size has only 240 calories. Wendy’s has gone beyond the predictable canned fruit and ginger dressing found in other Asian-inspired salads in favor of more contemporary, on-trend ingredients like fire-roasted edamame and red peppers sliced fresh in every Wendy’s restaurant.

In addition to the hint of smokiness added by the edamame, Wendy’s brings the heat with spicy roasted cashews dusted with garlic, onion and sea salt, and a Light Spicy Asian Chili Vinaigrette made with chili garlic sauce, roasted peanuts, soy sauce, lime juice and brown sugar. The Asian Cashew Chicken Salad also features freshly sliced cucumbers, a lettuce blend made up of 11 different kinds of field greens topped with a warm, grilled chicken breast fillet chopped fresh to order.


BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad Wendy's

BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad: The BBQ Chicken Salad (580 calories for the full size, 310 calories for the half size) is a big, bold salad that is packed with flavor.  Inspired by the tastes of a good old-fashioned backyard barbeque, the savory BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad uses premium ingredients often found around the grill, such as fire-roasted corn (paying homage to grilled corn on the cob), freshly diced tomatoes and Applewood-Smoked bacon that adds even more crunch.

The salad is served with a BBQ Ranch dressing, made with real buttermilk, parmesan cheese, ancho chili pepper, honey and brown sugar. A warm, grilled chicken breast fillet adds the perfect amount of heat against cool produce, all drizzled with a honey barbeque sauce. The sharpness of shredded cheddar cheese complements the sweetness from the barbeque sauce. The salad also includes 11 different kinds of field greens that give a burst of freshness.

22 comments on “Wendy’s Introduces Asian Cashew Chicken Salad and BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad to the Menu

  1. BigBelly says:

    I’d try them both, they sound good

  2. Andre says:

    Red peppers in one, diced tomatoes in the other. I am way too picky for Wendy’s salads.

  3. Ric says:

    I had the Asian chicken salad today and it was very good. Price was $6.99 though, little high for a fast food salad, but on the back of the receipt is a number to take a survey that gets you $2 off your next full size salad or large sandwich.

  4. Alex K. says:

    380 and 580 calories … and that’s without dressing. Why bother?

    • Robert says:

      Because if they’re like McDonald’s salads, they weigh twice as much as a quarter pounder, even before the dressing. And some people like salads.

    • doctorx0079 says:

      Way more roughage than a sandwich, that’s why. The extra vitamins and minerals are really just a bonus.

    • JF says:

      Why do you think the calorie count is without dressing? I never get a salad from a fast food place, but decided, based on your comment, to check out Wendy’s website. Specifically their nutrition calculator for these two item.

      They both include the included dressing. So you fail, yet again. But I do agree with the why bother. If anyone was thinking about eating healthy, a fast food place would always be the last choice.

    • MP says:

      It’s catering to women & not everyone wants poop sandwiches every single time.

    • laurie says:

      Actually the asian salad is dressed. Im not too sure about the bbq one but yeah.

    • Hannah says:

      That’s actually with the dressing

  5. Nick says:

    I tried the bbq chicken salad and didn’t like it at all. The chicken comes drizzled in a very sickly sweet barbecue sauce and the dressing it came with was even sweeter. I only used one packet of dressing, (they gave me two) but I wish I left it off entirely. This would’ve been much better with the ancho chili ranch if Wendy’s even still has it.

    Speaking of, are these salads replacing the BLT and Southwest taco salads? Those two weren’t listed on the drive thru menu when I went today.

    • Kimberly Watkins says:

      Yes, they are replacing the BLT Cobb and the Southwest salads. I was very disappointed because I really liked the BLT Cobb with the avocado ranch dressing. 🙁 I went today and tried the BBQ Ranch Chicken and didn’t like it at all. Hardly any ingredients seemed to be added(besides lettuce) – I think there were only like 8 pieces of corn (I did get the half size, but come on)and so really, all you taste is the dressing.

  6. Brian C says:

    Alex K. – the description of the 380 cal. Asian salad says that’s the “fully dressed” calorie count. Typically, though, a huge contributor to fast food salad calorie counts is the dressing itself. Remember, too, that not all calories are created equal. 380 calories of vegetables are better for you than 380 calories of Twinkies.

  7. liberalmother says:

    In terms of “why bother” – 1. the Asian Cashew Chicken Salad tastes great. 2. the half-size is more than enough food for a filling lunch for me. 3. the dressing (1 packet is more than I would use) is only 50 calories and 1.5 gm. fat. The salad – including the cashews and dressing – is only 240 calories with 10 gm fat — just 6 WW points. It is just about the best, most satisfying and healthy choice I could possibly make at a fast food restaurant. 4. There are times that a fast food option is the only one that I realistically have available to me for lunch. I always choose Wendy’s because they are the only one that offers such consistently good, fresh and healthy options. My apologies to those who feel the only correct way to eat is to harvest organic fruit that has fallen from the tree into your awaiting hands.

  8. Shell says:

    The Wendy’s I went to today said they do not have the dressing that goes with the Asian Cashew Chicken Salad anymore because it had peanuts in it and some people have peanut allergies. They are coming up with a new dressing and it will be there in a week or two. In the meantime it has no salad dressing to go with it. I was pretty disappointed and just left without buying anything. The Manager apologized to me though. Not his fault.

    • Ashley says:

      I don’t understand why some people having peanut allegies means they have to stop carrying it… MOst people are not allegic to peanuts and those who are should obviously make a difference choice.

  9. priscilla says:

    So is the 310 calories for the half size bbq chicken with dressing or not?If not how many extra calories are in the dressing?

  10. Doris says:

    Both salads include the dressing. I verified this by going to their website and customizing the salad. I actually like the sweet kick in the BBQ ranch chicken salad. In addition I also had the half size and it included more than 8 niblets of corn…. It was more like 20. I guess it all depends on the individual store preparer.

  11. nightmarehippiegirl says:

    BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad sucks! bland, lacking in substance, the vegetables are nearly non-existent, and the dressing tastes like someone waved a little BBQ sauce over some corn syrup. NASTY!

  12. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve tried the Asian Chicken salad several times. If you have to eat fast food, it’s a great choice. Low cal, flavorful and filling! Half size is great. If you have to eat fast food, this is a great option.

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