Waffle Breakfast Sandwiches Coming Soon to White Castle

The White Castle Facebook page has this trio of Breakfast Waffles Sandwiches featured.  Coming soon?  A White Castle comment on the page says, “Our Breakfast Waffle Sandwiches are available during breakfast hours and the Chicken and Waffles are available all day at participating locations. Feel free to check with your local White Castle for further details!”  Waffles for bread sounds good to me.  We’ll keep you posted with further details.

White Castle Waffle Breakfast Sandwiches

One comment on “Waffle Breakfast Sandwiches Coming Soon to White Castle

  1. rob says:

    To make it even better you could buy a biscuit and sandwich the waffles and chicken in between the two halves of the biscuit, so you have biscuit/waffle/chicken with each bite.

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