The New Hand-Tossed Pizza from Pizza Hut

Finally the big reveal… it’s the new Hand-Tossed Pizza from Pizza Hut.  Take advantage of the any size, any toppings for $10.00 if you’re interested.  I’ve never been a fan of Pizza Hut pan pizza so I recently started to really get into their hand-tossed style.  Starting today the crust I’ve become fond of is changing and “will never be the same again”.  Life.

Introducing the all-new Hand-Tossed Pizza. A lighter, airier crust brushed with garlic buttery goodness

Pizza Hut Hand-Tossed

12 comments on “The New Hand-Tossed Pizza from Pizza Hut

  1. tom says:

    $11 In the Seattle area.

  2. Blake says:

    It’s funny. The ONLY reason I liked the hand-tossed crust before was because it didn’t have the, how did they put it.. “garlic buttery goodness.” I’ll stick with Domino’s.

    • Echo710 says:

      Same here… I thought the whole point of the hand-tossed crust was that it wasn’t soaked in butter/grease like the pan crust. Now what’s the difference, aside from the pan crust being thicker? I’m disappointed that Pizza Hut made this change.

  3. Brian says:

    So we tried to get them to put this on the buffet at lunch today – but was initially told no… well lo and behold about 15 mins. later the girl comes back by and says we should make one last pass at the buffet. The pizza looked good (simple mush & Pep), but let’s just say that was the end of it… it was hot and fresh and well how does the old saying go? “If you can’t beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em” – Dominos you have nothing to fear – lay the garlic crust live on forever! (Truth in Opinion Statement: PH still has the best thin crust, Thin N’ Crispy – their only worthy product.

  4. D says:

    So I decided to try it today and must say I was impressed. This is coming from a guy that didnt like Pizza Hut and their old hand tossed pizza. The crust is 5-10x better then the original. Unlike Dominos Pizza Hut crust is not overly covered with the garlic spread. Instead its a nice amount. The crust is really good is fluffier and does have a nice crisp crunch and it has a very very slight sweet taste that compliments the pizza well. Will say that I will start ordering from Pizza Hut more often now since I hated the old recipe! It is a try so people go out and get it. Its worth it!

  5. Scrape says:

    Gonna hand toss it right in the garbage.

  6. TT says:

    Ordered this today, it was no different than the old style hand tossed. The restaurant left off the garlic butter seasoning and the crust seemed just as heavy as the old style. All the claims on the box were false when compared to what came inside to it. Big thumbs down. Will see how they respond to my complaint to the store.

    • CL says:

      I ordered it again today to only be let down. The first time it was perfect and every since I have been craving for another one so I ordered one today, Super Bowl Sunday and the crust was heavy and there wasn’t any garlic butter seasoning on the crust (my favorite part) Disappointed. But at least it was hot when I received it but I am still disappointed.

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  9. luci booth says:

    Have the Pizza Hut executive group ever visited NYC and tried real Italian Za at one of Ray’s? Pizza Hut is so far removed from the concept of pizza that they’re now imitating Domino’s from 2010. Both brands are totally irrelevant when it comes to pizza. It’s total slop. Suggest you locate a local Italian pizza merchant in your home town, and enjoy some traditional pizza flavor with authentic mozzarella & pizza sauce on pizza dough that been proofed for 6-8 hours. Pizza Hut & Domino’s serve food that is unfit for humans…..especially if you’re a pizza lover looking for traditional Italian taste & flavor!

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