The McDonald’s Monopoly Game is Back

The Monopoly game at McDonald’s has returned. Oooh, 128,769,022 McDonald’s food prizes! There’s also a couple of trips to the Super Bowl, over $2 million in cash prizes, Redbox rentals, gas cards and a bunch more.  Here’s the list of prizes.  Study up on the rules here.

McDonalds MonopolyBuy a Big Mac, get 2 stamps… buy a Bacon Clubhouse, get 2 stamps… Filet-O-Fish, 2 stamps…Premium McWrap, 2 stamps…20-pc McNuggets, 4 stamps.  Take a look at the full list of qualifying items.  What’s the biggest prize you’ve won playing the McDonald’s game?

18 comments on “The McDonald’s Monopoly Game is Back

  1. Manavee says:

    Hasn’t the grand prize been $1 million dollars since 1986 or so (really a $50K annuity x 20 years)? Come on Mcdonald’s, time to step it up!

  2. Matt says:

    I stopped in today and got a free month of Hulu Plus, so..that’s probably the best prize I’ve won.

  3. Rondoman says:

    Does anyone actually win the big prizes? If so why isn’t McDonald’s parading them around on commercials? I think it’s mostly a scam to be honest.

  4. Never won anything bigger than a sandwich, unfortunately. There actually was a scandal years back, see here.

  5. Duff says:

    I’ve only ever won food prizes. But a free breakfast sandwich once in a while is enough to keep me happy.

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  7. scram says:

    I won a free month of their Sausage Gravy directly injected into my veins

  8. Jonathan Wayne says:

    Waste of time. I think in all the years the most I won was either fries or a drink.

  9. Ben F says:

    I won a 5 dollar walmart card one year…was pretty exciting actually they mailed to to me and everything!

  10. Andrew says:

    This year I’ve won two free Redbox game/movie rentals online, 50 MCR points, and a small frappe/smoothie, and I found a small McFlurry game piece underneath my table.

  11. Mireya says:

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