The Cookout Collection at Subway

There’s a lot of new promos going on at once at Subway, but they’re all regional.  There’s the Kung Pao Pulled Pork, The Mediterranean Collection and I just found out today about The Cookout Collection.  Big thanks to Eric from Junk Food Guy for tweeting me the info originally provided by @Everett_Duke.  The Cookout Collection was spotted in New Hampshire and it features a Veggie Patty sub, Chipotle Steak & Cheese, and the Angus Melt.  Subway doing Angus burgers was something that was originally in limited markets back in 2012.  We’ll keep you posted if this becomes a national release in the future.

Cookout Collection Subway

17 comments on “The Cookout Collection at Subway

  1. M86 says:

    Here in Northwest Arkansas, the local/regional promotion is Steak Subs… Steak & Cheese, Chipotle Steak & Cheese, and the Steak & Bacon Melt. Nothing really unique or exciting.

  2. JF says:

    Denver area has the steak collection:

    Steak & Bacon Melt
    Chipotle Steak & Cheese
    Sriracha Steak Melt

    Haven’t eaten at a subway in over 5 years, but do pass by one on almost a daily basis. Aside fro the Sriracha version, I am pretty certain they’ve always had these on their menu (at least out here).

  3. James says:

    A Subway hamburger?!?! Disgusting!

    In Paris, you can get a baguette sandwich at Paul — practically a foot-long in size — for about $5, give or take the exchange rate.

    I have no idea how Subway stays in business when its product is so gross. God help us… :/

  4. Michael Horne says:

    There’s a “Tuna Collection” going on in Oxford, AL currently. Excitement, adventure, and really wild things.

  5. thehottoddy23 says:

    Nothing says summer cookout fun like a veggie patty… yum! Good grief…

  6. Sascha says:

    I would definitely go for a footlong burger, the other two, not so much.

  7. Ahecht says:

    Gee, my local subway is boring. All we get is the steak collection, which is a steak and cheese, steak and cheese with bacon, and chipotle steak and cheese (i.e. stuff you could always get with their regular selection of ingredients).

  8. ned says:

    Who would ever eat at Subway? There’s so many better options, Jersey Mike’s, Which Wich, Firehouse, Potbelly’s, Jimmie John’s, etc., etc. Yada, yada, yada.

    Ok, that’s out of the way, so Johnny One Note doesn’t have to post it. With that out of the way, Subway’s deli sandwiches are good, but how can they do burgers without a grill?

    • ahecht says:

      The same way they do grilled chicken breasts. They arrive frozen and precooked with grill marks and are then microwaved and toasted.

    • Bubbsy says:

      OK Neddy One Note, we get it: why eat at McDonalds when there are so many other choices: Five Guys, Wendy’s, local diners, etc. Yada, yada, yada. Why shop at WalMart when you can get friendlier service and a smaller selection at an overpriced local mum & pop store? Yada, yada. Speaking of getting things out of the way… maybe you yourself would like to generate a unique thought that hasn’t been regurgitated 100s of times by dull franchise-food-snobs before. Glass houses, or something.

  9. GMind says:

    Subway was apparently happy with the marketing photo of their Classic Angus Melt in 2012. They saved some coin, and used the same photo in the current campaign for “The Cookout Collection”….

  10. Christopher says:

    It is criminal to order a burger from Subway.

    Particularly since the sandwich is most likely to be priced well above the Five Guys, Steak n Shake, price points.

    • ahecht says:

      Really, Five Guys and Steak n Shake offer footlong burgers and have over 25,000 locations in the US?

    • Bubbsy says:

      Sure, Steak N Shake is cheaper with a coupon, but that’s not fast food. And you’ve definitely never even been to a Five Guys if you think Subway is priced “well-above”.

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